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    General Hospital CAST - Diane Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Diane Miller Played by Carolyn Hennesy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carolyn Hennesy (Carolyn Hennesy)

    Birthday: June 10 1962
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Carolyn Hennesy
    Web site:


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    Kiss And Tell.

    Friday, July 26 2013

    Back at ELQ, Diane reviews votes online. Tracy tells Alice to vote for her when she arrives. Kiki's upset that while her father's in surgery they are fighting over ELQ. She's ready to vote with AJ and Michael. AJ knows he lacks the majority. Tracy brags she has majority when Diane announces AJ won the vote.

    Party's Over Brad.

    Wednesday, July 24 2013

    At GH, Felix interrupts Brad to say he knows what he did to Michael. He also knows why Brad backed off and tries to find out the truth about Britt's paternity test. Brad's certain Felix won't tell Monica about him because then he'd tell everyone Michael's banging his own cousin. Morgan steps off the elevator in time to overhear the exchange. Morgan's surprised to learn that Brad saw Kiki and Michael kiss. He claims he's marrying her and leaves them. Felix pushes Brad up against the wall ready to punch him for ruining people's lives. Sabrina stops him. Alone Felix tells her what Brad's been up to and why. Meanwhile, Diane approaches Franco's room and is stopped by an officer. She's surprised to hear he's been sedated after kidnapping Danny and trying to kill himself. Inside, Franco wakes up and remembers the previous night's events and how Carly talked him down while confessing how much she loved him. He calls her name but Diane comes in and wants to know what he was thinking. He only wants Carly. Near Danny's room, Sam thanks Carly for saving Danny and Franco. Carly's surprised that Sam cares Franco is still alive. Silas is as thankful as Sam since Franco may be the last chance at finding a donor. Sam wants to know why Carly didn't let Franco kill himself. Diane interrupts to let Carly know Franco wants to see her. She's surprised to see Silas friendly with Sam. In conversation he shares Franco's condition with her. Diane is excited to learn about the brain tumor and begins planning for trial. Alone, Silas promises to Sam to do the best to stabilize Danny. Ava sees the exchange in the hallway. She interrupts and wants to make sure Silas is clear about her and her daughter. She's surprised when he tells her to hurry up if she wants to see Franco. He's about to have surgery. Silas leaves not believing a word she's told him about Franco or Kiki. He joins Sam as Brad arrives to confirm Franco is a perfect match to save Danny. Back in Franco's room, he asks Carly questions about the night before. He wants to know why she stopped him from killing himself. He knows she hates him, why would she say she loved him? She tells him he thought he was Jason. Patrick arrives and Carly thinks he should tell Franco why he's confused. He explains and warns him before signing the consent form that surgery could kill him, otherwise he can die a slow and painful death without the procedure. Franco signs the consent. Outside, Morgan is stopped by the officer who assures him Kiki isn't in there. He's not surprised. When Kiki shows up he's surprised she doesn't know what's going on as Franco's wheeled out. Franco tells Kiki he has to have surgery so he can be her dad. Kiki asks Carly if he's going to die. Morgan will support her especially since she will be his wife. Carly is surprised at the news. Ava catches Franco before surgery. He wants her to think about the value of his art if something happens. Ava pushes him to sign a proxy so she can vote for him at ELQ. After, she watches as they take Franco to surgery.

    I Know What You Did.

    Thursday, June 13 2013

    Franco bothers Alexis at Kelly's, complimenting her on how hot she looks sitting atop her high-horse. She asks him to go away but stops when he brags about surviving the latest attempt on his life. She questions him when he thinks Olivia got shot instead of him. Franco explains Sonny's in custody. She doesn't believe Sonny has anything to do with Olivia getting shot, but Franco suggests maybe one of his men did. Alexis reflects on Shawn's lies from last night. Diane approaches her and Alexis says Sam won't be in court because Danny has leukemia. Alexis leaves for GH. Franco is shocked, as is Diane that he even cares.

    Back at Kelly's Diane discusses Franco's case with him. He's not interested in getting a psych evaluation and might feel safer behind bars. Diane steps away when Silas arrives to change their court plans. He refuses and believes it's in Sam's best interest if he gets custody of Rafe.

    Money And Publicity.

    Wednesday, June 05 2013

    Franco meets Diane in the courtroom. She is doubtful the judge will grant bail. Diane considers him a monster who has brought nothing but pain on people she loves, including Jason. He asks why she took his case and she gives him two – money and publicity. Court is called to session and the DA – Lazaro - arrives a bit late. The judge goes over the lengthy charges and Franco pleads not guilty. Lazaro has no problem with that and the judge sets bail at $100,000. Franco thinks it was too easy.

    A Bigger Piece Of The Pie.

    Monday, June 03 2013

    Sam, Rafe, Danny, Molly and Alexis meet at the courthouse. Alexis asks Sam privately if it's true that Franco's alive. She's relieved that Sam wasn't raped and the video was just a setup to hurt Jason but doesn't understand why Franco couldn't just stay dead. They enter the courtroom where Silas is waiting. Sam wants Silas to let this go, but he won't. Alexis hopes Silas has a good lawyer. Diane Miller walks in claiming to be the best. Diane and Alexis make their statements and the judge requests a statement from Rafe. He discusses feeling safe and at home in Port Charles with Sam. Diane reminds the court that Silas' looks shouldn't be held against him and then makes the move to prove Sam an unfit mother. The judge overrules Alexis' attempt to defend Sam and allows Diane to produce a history of Sam's crimes. Sam takes the stand and shares how she's changed her life around. Court is adjourned and the judge will render a decision in the morning. Sam confronts Diane for trashing her friend and client. Silas lets Sam know it was his decision. Sam wants Silas to work things out with her. He notices something is wrong with Danny.

    Ava and Franco greet each other at lockup. She's surprised he's alive after reading he was shot and burned to death. Franco's very well and not going anywhere. He asks after his daughter and promises to find her as soon as he's out of prison. With all his murders and kidnappings she doesn't think he'll get the chance. He taunts her to deny she didn't know his daughter was an heiress. Franco recounts the story of his and Jason's origins and how the trail to find his daughter would end with her. She lies that anyone approached her. He inquires why she's in Port Charles and threatens he might have a problem with her using their daughter. He reminds her she's forgetting that Lauren (Kiki) is not the only lost Quartermaine. Ava tells him to go to hell and leaves when he tries to make a deal with her to get Lauren's shares. Diane visits Franco but claims she doesn't need the money bad enough to defend him. He just wants to get out.

    A Fertile Bunch.

    Friday, March 08 2013

    Todd is hounded by the press outside court and makes a statement to Carly. He tells her he loves her, they belong together and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Diane ushers him inside and tells him she tried to get Johnny to call off his goon but he wouldn’t agree to anything. Todd has waived a jury for a bench trial so the judge will decide his fate. He looks horrified as Heather is called to the stand but she swears on her son Steven that Todd Manning is innocent. She winks at Todd and steps down. They call the next witness, Pete Fillmore. He runs in late and testifies he saw Heather switch the babies all alone. Diane moves for all charges to be dismissed. Later, Starr and Michael arrive and Diane tells them Todd is free.

    The Kid’s The Key.

    Friday, February 15 2013

    Connie meets with Diane at Kelly’s about her case. Diane is certain she can get the manslaughter charge dismissed, but her other charges also carry jail time. Diane thinks they should pin it on Kate but Connie refuses to go back to Shadybrook. She wants Diane to come up with something else and she will - for more money. Connie considers Johnny’s assets and assures Diane she will get the money. Meanwhile, Shawn joins Sonny, who thinks it is time for a hostile takeover on everything the Zaccharas have. He wants Shawn to find out who else is looking for Johnny’s hidden assets. Later, Sonny asks to join Connie and they joke about how romantic it is to plan a defense in a diner on Valentine’s Day. Sonny recalls Valentine’s Day last year that Connie was already in the picture. He was so happy to be with Kate he didn’t question it. Connie hated him then and she tells him what a difference a year makes. They reminisce fondly about high school.

    Alexis brings a new client to Diane at lockup – Rafe. Diane is not impressed by the penniless urchin. Alexis tells her his mom was a Barrington so there should be a trust fund somewhere. Diane takes him on.

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