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    General Hospital CAST - Diane Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Diane Miller Played by Carolyn Hennesy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carolyn Hennesy (Carolyn Hennesy)

    Birthday: June 10 1962
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Carolyn Hennesy
    Web site:


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    Poor Spinelli.

    Monday, August 13 2007

    As Jason is being cuffed and transported back to lockup, Diane thanks Jerry for his part in uncovering the new evidence. He tells her he happens to know that Mr. Alcazar will be transferring money from his Singapore accounts at any moment. Jason is taken away, but not before Carly tearfully forces him to admit that even though he's mad at her, he still loves her.

    Jerry Comes Through!

    Friday, August 10 2007

    At the courthouse, Ric asks his witness, again, what he saw. Mr. Mancini, a landscaper in Alcazar's neighborhood, explains that he saw Jason put Lorenzo's body in the back of his SUV. He adds that Jason didn't show any emotion at all. The judge calls a recess before Diane takes her turn. In the hallway, Mayor Floyd asks Ric the witness will hold up under cross examination. "He has personal reasons for hating Morgan," Ric sneers. Meanwhile, Jason tells Diane that the witness is lying because, hypothetically, if he killed someone he wouldn't use his own SUV. Diane asks Jason why this so-called witness would make things like this up. "Because, hypothetically, I killed his brother," Jason says. As they continue strategizing, Spinelli comes rushing in and tells Jason that the Valcary fled the country with the "Unhinged One." He explains that they went to Venezuela and now Sonny is going to kill him for letting it happen. Jason asks what he did wrong and Spinelli admits that Carly came to him for bank records before she left. Jason turns to Diane and asks if he can get a deferral and Diane says that Carly can get herself out of this!

    The court has come back together and it's Diane's time to examine Mr. Mancini. She gets in his face and asks why he did nothing when he thought he saw Mr. Alcazar dead. She asks what Lorenzo was wearing and whether he was clean-shaven or not. Mr. Mancini gets confused and she ends up asking him why he has it in for Jason Morgan? As she finishes her cross examination, Mr. Mancini proclaims that Mr. Alcazar deserves justice because he can't speak for himself. Ric is very pleased with the way his witness has testified and is clearly ready to sit back and relax. Just then, a man with an envelope comes in and whispers in Diane's ear. She stands up and tells the Judge that she has proof that Mr. Alcazar is still alive.

    Sonny is One Persuasive Guy.

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    Skye is put back on the stand and Diane is able to get her to say that there was no blood or any kind of disturbance in her home the night that Lorenzo disappeared. She also says that Lorenzo disappeared often in order to avoid the dangerous people who he was involved with. Diane asks if Skye has seen any evidence that would prove -- beyond a reasonable doubt -- that Lorenzo is dead. "No," Skye says. Ric isn't pleased. Next, Diane starts to "establish a pattern" by getting Skye to tell the jury about the time that Lorenzo found a woman to act like Sonny's dead wife Lilly. She asks if it's plausible that Lorenzo set up his own death and framed Jason. Skye is allowed to answer, "Knowing Lorenzo, it's not only plausible, but it's entirely possible." Next it's Ric's turn. He makes Skye recall that her relationship with Lorenzo was complicated and that he was a difficult man. He reminds her that Lorenzo had just taken her baby away from her and suggests that perhaps she was the person who let the killer in. Next, Ric calls Amelia to the stand. He wants to know about the night of Jason's transfer when she was caught up in the shootout between Jason and a gunman. "All I know is the defendant saved my life," Amelia says. She is also able to communicate that Jason was acting in self defense. Ric points out that the only reason she was shot at in the first place is because Jason is a mob hetman.

    Skye Takes The Stand

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    Diane meets with Jason at the jail, advising him to stay calm and cool throughout the proceedings today. She suggests the recall Elizabeth but Jason refuses. Liz arrives and Jason tells her not to testify again. Liz is determined, though, and won't back down.

    Skye arrives at the courthouse. Ric tries to get her to admit that she knows more than she has said about Lorenzo's disappearance. She insists she is innocent. They go inside and Diane begins questioning Liz about her marriage to Ric. Elizabeth tells the court that Ric has been set on revenge against Sonny for a long time. Ric objects but the judge allows Diane to continue. Under redirect, Ric gets Liz to admit that she lied to Lucky about sleeping with Jason. Skye is called to the stand. He asks her about the day Lorenzo disappeared and Skye takes him through the chain of events. She explains that they were leaving town because Lorenzo feared for his life and then tells him about the listening devices. Diane questions her about her feelings for Alcazar, and Diane manages to get her to admit that Alcazar had no other relatives and that their daughter stands to inherit if Lorenzo is declared dead. She also gets Skye to lie on the stand about Jason's being at the house (she says he wasn't) and what she heard or didn't hear (a thump in the house). Ric begins questioning Skye about Alcazar's family members who were killed in P.C. and Skye tells the court Lorenzo wouldn't have left town and his daughter behind. Ric's next witness is a criminalist whom he questions about the tape of the "murder" and then plays the tape.

    It Must Be National Kissing Day.

    Friday, August 03 2007

    On the courtroom stand, Ric asks Liz directly, "Is Jason Morgan, the defendant, the father of your son?" She pauses for a minute and replies, "My baby's father is my husband, Lucky Spencer." Ric asks if she took a paternity test and Diane asks how these questions are relevant. Liz is forced to respond, so she says that she did take a paternity test. She goes on and tries her best to set the record straight that Jason is a good friend to her and that he not only saved everyone in the Metro Court, he risked his own freedom to rescue her son when the PCPD couldn't. The judge orders them back on track, so Ric poses the only question that is pertinent to the case at hand. He asks if Jason received a phone call while visiting her in the hospital. Liz says that he did and that he said that he would take care of "it". Next, Diane takes her turn questioning Liz. She is able to get Liz to point out that Jason often has phone calls and then takes off to take care of things. The Judge says that this seems like a logical place to stop, so he adjourns for the day. Liz walks off the stand and heads towards Lucky, but he sadly turns and walks away.

    "Is Jason Your Baby's Father?"

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    Liz is still on the stand in the courtroom. Ric asks her how long she has been Jason's lover. She says that it was one night, but Ric insists that she tell him which night. "Just after you had sex with your step daughter," Liz cracks. The judge makes her answer and she reluctantly says that it was last August. Diane objects to Ric's next question and the judge asks to see the lawyers in chambers. Lucky is sitting next to Mayor Floyd looking sad or angry; it's hard to tell which. After the lawyers return, Diane tells Jason to cool the outbursts because Ric is going to end up looking like he's biased. Allowed to proceed, Ric compliments Liz on her new son, Jacob Martin. He asks how old the baby is and when he learns that Liz's son is three months old he surmises that the baby was conceived in August - "around the same time that you shared that one night with the defendant." Ric asks if it's possible that the defendant is the father of her little boy.
    Outside the courtroom door, Sam and Nikolas are waiting. She tells him that when Lucky walks out of there, he may not have a wife anymore.

    Ric Pops The Question.

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    Carly shows up in the courtroom, again, and begs Diane to let her testify. "Things are bad enough for Jason without you making them worse!" Diane says. Carly plants herself in a seat and declares that she's not leaving. Jason tells her that if Ric gets her on the stand he'll remind the jury of every lie she has ever told. He reminds her that she has shot Tony Jones, had a nervous breakdown, and even covered for Sonny by marrying him so that she wouldn't have to testify against him. Tears roll down her checks as she realizes that he's right. For once in her life, Carly listens to logic and leaves.

    Who's This Girl?

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    In the courtroom, Ric asks for permission to play the tape in slow motion. Diane objects, reminding them that Jason was simply protecting himself from the gunmen. "My client was in police custody. Handcuffed and shackled," Diane reminds the judge. He backs up Ric and allows the tape to be played in slow-mo. When he stops the tape, Ric tells the jury that an image of Jason with a gun was the last thing Lorenzo Alcazar saw! The judge orders the statement stricken from the record. Ric calls Liz to the stand. The judge calls a recess for the day. Diane tells Jason that they are in a lot of trouble now that the jury has seen the tape. "We need all the help we can get," she says. Diane leaves. In the hall, she tells Carly that they are in huge trouble. Carly offers to testify on his behalf, so that she can be inside with Jason! Diane refuses but Carly won't give up. "He needs someone who loves him and believes in him," Carly says.

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