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    General Hospital CAST - Diane Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Diane Miller Played by Carolyn Hennesy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carolyn Hennesy (Carolyn Hennesy)

    Birthday: June 10 1962
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Carolyn Hennesy
    Web site:


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    Sam takes the Stand.

    Monday, July 30 2007

    In the courtroom, both sides are preparing to see the footage from the ambush. Diane instructs Jason not to look at the monitor. Mayor Floyd is thrilled to learn that the jury will see Jason kill three men in cold blood. "The jury is about to see Jason a professional killer," Ric sneers.

    Jason's Trial is On!

    Friday, July 27 2007

    Across town, Sonny is trying to get a handle on how Kate would like to proceed with their relationship. He acknowledges that what happened the last time they were together was like putting the cart before the horse, but he'd like to take her to dinner and spend more time with her. Kate puts on her practical face and says that it's really simple -- she took hormone enhancing pills and now she has to send a bigger donation for the fund raiser that she missed. She tells him that they aren't teenagers anymore and sex happens between consenting adults. Nothing has to change, she assures him. "What if I want it to?" Sonny asks. He gently tells her to let her guard down and just be real for a minute. He says that he knows she's not the same girl from high school and that he wants to get to know who she has become. Kate is clearly uncomfortable, but touched and intrigued all at the same time. Before she can speak Sonny's phone rings. Diane tells him that either somebody just tried to kill Jason or his plan to break Jason out just blew up in his face.

    Diane has gone inside to talk to Jason. She says that now he'll look like a trained killer, not to mention that the whole thing was caught on videotape. She suggests that Ric set the whole thing up. Jason says that he thinks the shooters were trying to avenge Lorenzo's death. Diane leaves so that she can get started on the newly complicated case for Jason.

    Ric and Diane are standing in front of the judge. Diane makes her case that the PCPD transfer was so bungled by the DA's shameless desire for media attention and the jury pool is now tainted. Ric says that it's highly likely that Jason's business partner tried to break him free and as an established flight risk, he doesn't want to delay the trial any further. The judge proclaims that he's heard enough. "I'm prepared to close the trial to spectators and media, but the motion for a change of venue is denied." The case starts tomorrow.

    Jason's Transfer Goes Bad!

    Thursday, July 26 2007

    Outside the police station, Jerry is checking things out. Carly arrives, worried about why Jerry is there. He asks her what goes in to her being his new best friend. Angry, Carly tells him her friendship will keep him from being killed by Milo or someone else. Jerry tells her he'll help her. He leaves. Ric walks up, surprised to see Carly and telling her that she needs to leave. He mentions the news story and Amelia's involvement, angering her. Amelia walks up with her cameraman. She asks to stay on the ground rather than up above. Carly tells Ric that as soon as the camera starts rolling, she is going to spill the beans about what he did to her in the panic room! Ric walks away and Carly follows, threatening to tell the whole truth. Diane walks in, angry now that she knows Ric has had Jason shackled. Ric defends his actions, telling the women that Jason deserves to be shackled.

    The guards get Jason ready for transfer as Diane watches. She makes a note of Jason's condition and warns the guards that she'll be checking Jason out again when he arrives at the PCPD. On the drive to the PCPD, one of the guards sits with Jason, telling him that he doesn't want any trouble. As he talks about his family vacation, scheduled to start as soon as Jason is delivered, Jason thinks about his own problems, his own family and the decisions he has made. The guard asks if Jason has any kids. They finally arrive at the police station. Masked men hurry out of a black car and begin firing on the guards! Seeing Amelia could be hit, Jason hustles her to the ground to protect her from the bullets. One of the guards goes down and his pistol slides across the concrete, coming to rest not far from Jason!

    Lulu Hears an Echo.

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    At the Penthouse, Carly tells Sam that she'd like to kick her ass and then takes her down on the couch. They wrestle and tumble until Sam breaks free and is able to swing a pool cue at Carly. She retaliates by throwing a vase of flowers towards Sam. Diane walks in and slams a book on the desk to get their attention. She tells the women to stop it because the police are on their way. Sam and Carly cool it and Diane explains that the cops have a search warrant and are coming to look for evidence to tie Jason into the Alcazar murder case.

    Mac and his team have just finished scouring Jason's apartment to find "quite an arsenal." Diane points out that Jason has all of the necessary permits to own and carry his firearms. Just then, Scott arrives to make sure that the police department finds what it is looking far. "Or are you hear to plant evidence?" Carly accuses. Diane drags her out in the hallway and urges her to calm down. She says that she is the lawyer here and she is the one who will handle the DA's office. Carly simmers down a little, but tells Diane that she needs to keep her eye on Sam. She explains that Sam is angry at Jason now and could say things to incriminate him.

    Diane goes to see Jason to tell him that he'll soon be transferred back to Port Charles, but the trial will start the next day. She tells him that Ric has added Donald Clooney and Elizabeth Spencer to his witness list. Jason tells her to get Elizabeth off the stand as soon as possible, and keep the conversation on anything but their personal relationship. "Ric knows that Elizabeth and I slept together," he explains. He says that if asked, Liz will have to admit that Jake is his son and then everyone will get hurt. Diane worries that if Liz mentions the phone call that he took that night, the jury will likely draw the conclusion that it was his order to take Lorenzo out. "I will do whatever it takes to protect my son!" Jason insists. Diane asks, "Even if it means that you'll spend the rest of your life in prison?"

    Anna the Groupie!

    Friday, July 13 2007

    Diane goes to Pentonville to ask why Jason why a police detective under the name of Spencer visited him earlier. Jason admits that it wasn't a detective, it was Elizabeth. "What did Mrs. Spencer want?" Diane asks. Diane says that she went to great lengths to get bail for him, but he threw it all away to save Liz's baby. She says that the DA has very damming evidence against him -- a tape of Lorenzo's final moments. She says that Lorenzo says "Morgan" then there is a shot and a thud. She plans to argue that it was a set up, but first she needs Jason's focus. Diane says that she knows Jason must love his child and he probably loves his mother, too. She suggests that Jason just tell her those three little words and be done with it.

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