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    General Hospital CAST - Diane Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Diane Miller Played by Carolyn Hennesy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carolyn Hennesy (Carolyn Hennesy)

    Birthday: June 10 1962
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Carolyn Hennesy
    Web site:


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    Eye On The Prize.

    Thursday, January 20 2011

    In her office, Diane gets word about Claire personally giving Sonny the contracts to sign. She goes off about Claire and Sonny's relationship and how Claire is behaving like a lovesick schoolgirl, which is bad for business. Theo takes it all in.

    You Never See The Surprises Coming.

    Friday, January 14 2011

    Diane doesn't believe Carly's claims about Brenda and Dante while in Spinelli's office. Carly assures her it's true and whether Diane helps her or not, the wedding won't happen. Diane asks for details, so Carly spills what she knows and shows her the paperwork Dante signed giving up his rights to the baby. Carly needs the legitimate copy so she isn't accused of fabricating evidence. Diane points out Sonny will fire her if he finds out she helped destroy his world, so she wonders what's in it for her. Carly wants her to think about what happens if Sonny finds out after they get married. Or if Brenda is disappointed in her life after marrying Sonny and turns to Dante. Diane agrees to help, but she insists her ass is covered every step of the way. Jason walks in demanding to see 'it.' Carly and Diane panic, but then learn Jason is talking about Spinelli and Diane's book. Jason warns Diane if he is in the book she will be suing herself on his behalf. She assures him if he is portrayed in the book, it will in a much more sophisticated way than he really is. Diane leaves and Jason demands to know why Carly is there, assuming she's plotting against Brenda. They argue a bit and then Carly kisses him on the cheek, smiles and prances out.

    Diane returns to her office and finds Theo looking at a photo of his son and Brenda. He drops it and Diane offers to pick it up. Theo grabs it before she can look at it and then Brenda walks in. Diane leaves them alone so they can go over the case. Theo tries to trip Brenda up as he questions her about Banovic's death. Brenda gets emotional as she recalls the events. Theo asks her who Aleksander is.

    Interesting Theories.

    Thursday, January 13 2011

    Diane enters Sonny's office with a prenup. He's offended she is suggesting his marriage will fail before it even starts. Diane wonders if he's having doubts himself. He shares his concerns about the people in his life getting hurt, but Brenda knows what could happen and feels he's worth the risk. Diane wonders if he does as well. Sonny says after everything he put her through, she deserves to be happy and he won't back out. Dante stops by after Diane has left. Sonny asks him to be his best man at the wedding. It means a lot to Dante, but he says he can't, as Brenda walks in.

    In Spinelli's office, Diane works on the novel, as Carly runs in. She tells Diane Dante and Brenda slept together and had a child. She needs help getting her hands on a legitimate copy of this proof.

    Elizabeth Makes her Move.

    Wednesday, January 12 2011

    Spinelli and Diane are over at Jackal P.I. headquarters working on their mystery book. Before long, Lucky shows up asking what they found out about Jerry Jacks and/or the Balkan.

    Above Reproach.

    Monday, January 10 2011

    In the P.I. office, Jason demands Spinelli run a background check on Theo. Diane is offended Jason thinks she would bring a shady lawyer onboard, but Jason wants it done now. He thinks Theo is pushing Brenda too hard and it's making her crazier. Diane declares Theo is beyond reproach, as Spinelli gets to work on Theo as well as Brenda's wedding.


    Friday, January 07 2011

    In his office, Spinelli explains what he wants Diane to memorialize. He reverts to his private dick voice and sets up a scene. Diane senses the tone he wants, but then Spinelli gets a call from Brenda, who summons him back to the penthouse.

    Spinelli returns to the office with Diane and asks her to collaborate with him. She agrees and reads an introduction she wrote for the book, which he doesn't like. He calls it pedestrian, flat and vapid. She's offended, but asks what he suggests. Spinelli does his shtick, which makes her smirk. Spinelli tries to demonstrate something he has in mind, which looks compromising as Jason walks in needing their help.

    She's A Stripper?

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    In her office, Diane and Theo discuss Brenda and Dante's case. Spinelli bursts in to talk to her about her writing skills. Spinelli sneezes ,which sets Theo off on a rant about spreading disease and germs. Theo threatens to walk off the case because of Spinelli, so Diane shoos him out. She then assures Theo Spinelli is a good kid and she will keep him out of his way. Theo says, assuming his immune system has not been compromised, he has a witness to interview.

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