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    General Hospital CAST - Diane Miller

    Full detailed profile on Diane Miller Played by Carolyn Hennesy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Carolyn Hennesy (Carolyn Hennesy)
    Diane Miller

    Actor: Carolyn Hennesy

    Who played Diane Miller over the years

    Carolyn Hennesy (January 3, 2007 - Present)

    Useful information on Diane Miller

    * Sonny Corinthos brought her on as his attorney after he was charged with shooting Lorenzo Alcazar.
    * She is on call 24/7 to defend Sonny and Jason for their various arrests.
    * She was uncharacteristcally "gushy" when fashion mogul Kate Howard showed up in Port Charles.
    * She likes a good biker bar from time to time.
    * She once turned down a proposal from Max Giambetti, but he didn't really mean to propose in the first place.
    * She and Alexis Davis were adversaries at first, but have formed a friendship in spite of the fact that they are often on opposing sides of the courtroom.


    Current: High-Powered Attorney for Mobster Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan.


    We don't know anything about her background. She is a legal pit bull who has been able (so far!) to keep Sonny out of prison. After Jason jumped bail to go find Jake Spencer, she wasn't able to keep him from being shipped to Pentonville to await his trial for the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar.

    In 2008, Diane and and fellow female lawyer Alexis Davis were both nominated for the pretigious 'Litigator of the Year' award and ended up on the same flight to NYC. Through various foibles, they ended up sharing a rental car to get to the city in time for the ceremony. In the process, they were able to get past their adversarial roles and becomes BFF's after office hours. These days, they often drown their respective sorrows together over martinis.

    Diane let her guard down long enough to let her lust for Max Giambetti, Sonny's bodyguard, develop into a romance. Their relationship later cooled along with her exclusive ties to Sonny's organization. Diane took a break from the legal field after co-authoring a book with The Jackal, Damian Spinelli. She served as a gossip columnist before returning to her legal profession where she went after her best friend's daughter, Sam Morgan, in Rafe's custody hearing for Dr. Silas Clay. Diane couldn't help herself and soon after was representing Sonny's enemies, Franco and AJ Quartermaine, against his wishes.

    She continues to practice her brand of sassy representation to just about anybody in Port Charles who isn't being represented by her friend, Alexis.




    Max Giambetti (ex-Lover)






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    Wednesday, November 19 2014: GH Recap: I Drink Alone.

    At court, Bobbie slaps Scott. Diane warns Carly to keep quiet. Sonny talks to Carly. Diane jumps in and reminds Carly to stay quiet until she pleads not guilty. The press bug Bobbie and Scott. Scott has them removed. Bobbie tells Scott, "We're through." Court convenes and Carly pleads not guilty. Diane tells the judge she's not a flight risk and requests bail. Scott has no objection, but the judge denies bail. A recess is called. Bobbie assures Carly she'll care for Josslyn and they'll figure this out. Sonny tells Carly he's sorry. It's not his fault. Scott approaches Bobbie, who tells him, "Too little, too late." Sonny and Diane discuss a plan. Sonny wants to talk to Scott. Court reconvenes and Sonny is asked how he pleads. Bobbie and Carly, now outside the courtroom, worry about what's going on in there. The doors open. Sonny tells Carly she's going home. Diane and Scott emerge. Diane announces Sonny pled guilty. She trusts Scott will be lenient in sentencing. Scott tells her not to hold her breath. Sonny expresses love to Carly. Michael watches Sonny being taken away.

    Tuesday, November 18 2014: GH Recap: Clearing AJ.

    At the PCPD jail, Sonny asks Shawn to deliver the recording to Michael. Shawn agrees, noting the silver lining is that it will bring Ava down as well. After Shawn leaves, Diane shows up as Sonny has hired her. Diane knows of the recording and says they can use it to get leniency for Sonny. Sonny however says he has given it to Michael and he won’t use it to save his own hide. Diane is furious and leaves to deal with Carly’s arraignment. Alexis then arrives, fresh from Duke’s arraignment. Alexis says Duke’s been sent to Pentonville pending a trial, and she says Carly is likely next.

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