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    General Hospital CAST - Kate Howard (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kate Howard (Past) Played by Megan Ward on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Megan Ward (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: September 24 1969
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Michael Shore (1995). Son Oliver (2001), daughter Audrey (2006).
    Real Name: Megan Ward
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Jerry is Free. For Now.

    Monday, May 28 2007

    Kate and Carly are in a verbal cat fight when Sonny comes home and finds himself enjoying it. Sonny eggs them on and Kate spits back at him. Then Carly realizes that Kate and Sonny are flirting. "How well do you know each other?" she asks. Sonny says that they just met and have been arguing over her helicopters that fly over his house. Kate tells Carly that she doesn't live there so it's none of her business. Carly informs Kate that her children spend time there so that makes it her business. Before they can get any further, Carly gets a call from Jax to meet him at the Metro Court, so she leaves right way. After she's gone, Sonny continues to taunt "Connie" but she insists that Kate is her own woman and she didn't marry into a dime, unlike Carly. Kate starts to make fun of Carly's ostentatious diamond and Sonny informs her that Jasper Jacks bought it for her. Kate recognizes the name and can't believe that Carly is married to him. Sonny continues being his charming self and asks her if she has carried a torch for him all these years. Kate says that she refuses to romanticize the past. She says that she couldn't wait to get away from the place where boys referred to going to jail as "going on vacation." The more she talks about Benson Hurst, the more upset she gets. She tells Sonny that she's glad he has done well for himself and then leaves.

    Mac Cuffs Jerry.

    Friday, May 25 2007

    Leticia called Carly over to Sonny's because the boys had a little trouble. It seems that their toy helicopter flew over the marble wall into the new neighbor's yard. They crawled over the wall and ended up walking all over the wet cement. Before Carly can absorb what's happened, Kate enters and tells Carly to keep her delinquent kids off of her property. Carly tells Kate that she's in her town now and that she is Sonny Corinthos' ex wife. Kate spits back that Carly is nothing but a classless wannabe. Carly spews, "Which makes me perfectly suited to kick your butt back to Manhattan." Kate comes back by saying that Carly came from nothing, married a wealthy man and still hasn't figured out that money can't by style. As they keep fighting, Sonny comes home and says, "Don't let me interrupt."

    Bye Bye Lorenzo.

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    Sonny's very important neighbor, Kate Howard, is walking through the palatial foyer of her new home and ordering her assistant to have the entire house redesigned from the ground up. Starting -- with the giant gray marble wall that lines the grounds of the home next door. The assistant points out that the homeowner might not be too happy about it and Kate says that he has never dealt with her before!

    Another helicopter drops off some magazine layouts to Kate's house as Diane and Sonny come into her house and tell her to stop with the helicopters already. Kate and Sonny are both surprised to learn that they are neighbors and Kate says, "I suppose this explains the penitentiary next door." He tells Diane to leave them alone so they can talk.

    Sonny has finished his phone call and Kate asks if he just ordered a hit or something. He says that he landed a coffee shipment, that's all. Diane comes into the room and gushes over Kate's March (Couture Magazine) issue, and then announces that the injunction has been put into place and helicopters are banned from within a mile radius of Sonny's house. Kate informs her that she and Mr. Corinthos were just about to arrange a compromise. Sonny assures Diane, in private, that he just likes to watch Miss Howard beg and that he won't give in. Soon, a lovely lunch complete with wine is served on the terrace and Sonny asks Kate if she can arrange for the helicopter to come on the South side of the grounds instead of her roof. Kate says it's workable, but he has to tear down the prison wall in exchange for a pretty white fence.

    It's a Good Thing They Had Fiji.

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    Sonny and Kate are walking in the park and discussing what it's going to take to get her flash drive back. He tells her that he wants her to show him her hopscotch moves. It turns out that Connie used to think she was the best at everything, especially hopscotch. She tries to get out of it, but he flashes his dimples and insists. She takes his keys, throws them on the sidewalk and demonstrates her best hopping in spite of her heels. They talk as they walk and end up back at his coffee shop. She whips him up a cappuccino and he tells her that if the couture gig ever falls through, she can work for him. She says that she knows he's much more than a coffee importer. She dazzles him with all the info she has dug up on him and his organization. She does have one question for him though, "Is it my fault that you're in this life?" Sonny doesn't have the answer to that. He says they could've had a big fight after they ran away with each other, or they could be married with five kids by now. But one thing he knows is that he has three beautiful children that he wouldn't trade for the world. She says that they both got what they wanted then, once she has her flash drive, that is. He gives it to her and she says, "Bye Dimples."

    Sam Learns the Truth.

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Kate Howard has barged into Sonny's office and interrupted a make-out session between Sonny and Amelia. She and Amelia recognize each other and Amelia says that neither of them wants to be caught in a mobster's office. She buttons up her blouse and leaves. Kate tells Sonny that she left her flash drive and he probably stole it so that she would come back. He threatens to keep her property if she's not nice to him. He dangles the flash drive in front of her and says that he'll give it back, under one condition - that she go for a walk with him. She gives in and he gives her a little walking tour of Port Charles. He admits that he came to town to run a strip joint. She scoffs at that and he points out that runway models and strippers aren't all that different. Then, he asks if she recognized him when she pushed into his office the other night. She says that his dimples gave him away, but she was determined not to let on that they knew each other. He tells her that she left the flash drive because she was flustered. They reminisce about old times and she holds firm to her belief that her new life is better than her old one.

    Liz Wakes Up.

    Friday, May 11 2007

    After Amelia and Sam arrive in Port Charles, Amelia tags along with Sam to Sonny's office to look for Jason. Sonny says that Jason's doing some business, but then fills her in on what's going on with Elizabeth at the hospital. Sam leaves for the hospital and Amelia stays behind. She unbuttons her blouse and tells him that she wants to celebrate her hit show. He immediately kisses her and starts pealing off his clothes. He has her bent over flat on his desk when Kate Howard barges in and asks if she's interrupting.

    Things are Dicey for Elizabeth.

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    Sonny grabs the phone from Kate's hand and tells the French designer on the other end that she'll call him back. Then, he tells "Connie" which street she lived on in Benson Hurst and she quickly denies it. He makes her swear on the Virgin Mary that she isn't Connie Falconeri. Kate tries to deny it one more time, and then admits that she changed her name when she was 18. Sonny is starting to remember everything about her, how she studied French and how they had a couple nights that "almost got hot". Connie/Kate tells him that she remembers how cocky he always was. She tells Sonny that his memory "…is becoming a big unnerving." He asks her why she is so ashamed to use her own name?

    Sonny and Connie/Kate continue their conversation. She says that before she started Princeton, she changed her name to Kate Howard so that she could fit in better. She chose it from Katherine Howard - who was the 5th wife of Henry VIII. She wanted to create an image of social standing so that she could fit into the fashion industry better than an Italian girl from Benson Hurst. She tells him that Connie Falconeri no longer exists. Sonny says, "Connie Falconeri was supposed to run away with me but she never showed up. Why?" He goes on to tell her that he waited all night for her all those years ago. He says that he watched her house all night long, and she left in the morning. She admits that she went out for ice for her eyes because they were puffy from crying all night. She says that her parents didn't catch her; she caught herself…from running away from her dreams. She tells him that she was afraid he'd talk her out of it, so she just didn't try to explain. He says that she was in high school; he decided to leave her alone and get on with his life. He says that he got his first job with Joe Skully. That was the best way he could think of for his quest for power and money and a life out of Benson Hurst. She tells him that he appears to have done well for himself. He teases her for her "uptown" manner of speaking and she says that it comes naturally to her now. Just then, Kate's assistant comes in with news that their car is repaired, so the women leave. On her way out, Kate bumps into Carly, who flips out a few seconds later when she realizes that Kate Howard was in Port Charles.

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