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    General Hospital CAST - Kate Howard (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kate Howard (Past) Played by Megan Ward on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Megan Ward (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: September 24 1969
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Michael Shore (1995). Son Oliver (2001), daughter Audrey (2006).
    Real Name: Megan Ward
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Kate Takes Over.

    Tuesday, August 11 2009

    Kate comes to Olivia's place and brings up Bensonhurst, but Olivia doesn’t want to reminisce. Olivia knows Sonny is working his way back into her life and says sooner or later she will have to tell him about Dante. Olivia will never tell them about their connection, but Kate thinks she isn’t giving Sonny and Dante a choice. Kate says she’s homesick and starts talking about the past again and accuses Olivia of still being in love with Sonny.

    Maxie and Spinelli go back to Jason’s place and Maxie tells him she loves him but they shouldn’t rush into the wedding. She then worries about telling Kate and then Johnny comes in wondering if they heard from Jason. They tell Johnny they are engaged and he is happy wondering when the big day is. Spinelli and Maxie have differing views on when that will be. Kate then knocks on the door and she enters with Lulu who filled her in on their engagement. Kate has decided to make her wedding a Crimson event. Johnny leaves and Kate lays out her plans, complete with a wedding date and a makeover for Spinelli. Kate ignores Maxie’s disdain and orders Lulu to start making appointments. Kate also dictates that Jason won’t be invited and they will be getting married in January in some posh locale. Spinelli tries to protest on Maxie’s behalf, but Kate continues with her plans, so Maxie says they already picked a date in September.

    Kate’s Back!

    Thursday, July 16 2009

    Kate goes over photos of a shoot she set up, but that Maxie changed while she was away. Maxie tells her the shoot’s location was flooded, so she had to make changes and Lulu defends her saying Maxie saved the October issue. Kate says she will look at the proofs and they better hope she’s pleased. After the girls leave, Kate slowly exhales and looks worried.

    As Lulu reassures Maxie about the shoot, Kate summons Maxie back in the office. She tells her assistant the shoot was not what she envisioned, however, they’ll have to go with it. Maxie assumes she’s fired, but Kate promotes her to junior editor instead and hopes Spinelli won’t be a distraction. Maxie assures her she has no life outside of work and Kate leaves the office. Maxie gushes to Lulu about her new position and thinks this is the perfect out with Spinelli. She thinks she can have the perfect balance between career and Spinelli, as Spinelli's voice comes over the PA system addressing Maxie.

    It Happens.

    Friday, June 12 2009

    Lulu and Maxie go to a spa to meet Spinelli who followed Kate there and is ready to crack the case! They overhear Kate and scramble to hide, as she walks by. Spinelli thinks Kate will reveal what's going on while her guard is down as she gets a facial. However, Spinelli is roped into getting a full body wax first. Giselle walks by and they wonder why Kate’s rival is at the same place as Kate. Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli listen in as Giselle instructs Kate to continue to do whatever she asks or else she will go public with the truth about Crimson.

    Have a Little Faith.

    Thursday, June 11 2009

    Lulu, Spinelli and Maxie debate the Kate issue and their boss comes out instructing Lulu to follow her. They leave and Spinelli thinks maybe they should back off the investigation, but Maxie is intent on blowing Kate out of the water.


    Wednesday, May 13 2009

    Lulu and Maxie anxiously wait for Kate to come to work, fearing they will be fired because Spinelli couldn’t find the culprit. Lulu thinks they need to show Kate they are more valuable than the shoe collection. Kate gets off the elevator and the girls enthusiastically offer their assistance. Kate only wants to know who the leak is and fires them when they can’t come up with a name. Maxie and Lulu try to save each other’s job, but Kate says it’s too late they are fired. Spinelli then runs in declaring he cracked the case! He gets on his laptop and shows them the footage of surveillance cameras, while Kate panics. Warren calls and Kate goes to her office to take it. Spinelli shows Maxie and Lulu the videotape and the girls are stunned at who they see.

    Spinelli shows Kate the video of Clarice who seems to have stolen the layout. Kate makes plans to fire her and then orders Maxie and Lulu around. After Kate goes in her office, Lulu and Maxie fawn all over Spinelli because he saved their jobs.

    Kate tells the girls to book her a massage at her apartment tonight and leaves. After Kate gets on the elevator Spinelli discovers that Clarice is innocent. He then sees the video of Kate carrying the layout and Maxie and Lulu are outraged!

    Plan B.

    Tuesday, May 12 2009

    Maxie calls Lulu and leaves a message for her to call her back. She then bemoans the situation with the stolen layout to Spinelli. Spinelli blames himself for not catching the perpetrator and thinks of a new way to catch the person who is stealing the Crimson layouts. He hacks into the hotel security cameras to call up the footage from the last three hours. Kate comes in and tells them to find the spy or she will have two new assistants tomorrow.

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