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    General Hospital CAST - Kate Howard (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kate Howard (Past) Played by Megan Ward on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Megan Ward (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: September 24 1969
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Michael Shore (1995). Son Oliver (2001), daughter Audrey (2006).
    Real Name: Megan Ward
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Bring It On.

    Thursday, May 06 2010

    Mike comes to the restaurant and finds Sonny on the couch in his dark office. He tells his father he couldn't sleep thinking about how one son arrested his other son. Mike thinks he's handled things well so far, but Sonny worries this will haunt Michael the rest of his life. What hurts him the most, is that Dante thinks Michael would be better off in prison than with him. Sonny assures his father he doesn't hate Dante, but what he did. Mike suggests he show Dante he can be good for his kids, which would be good for everyone. After Mike leaves, Kate comes to the office and Sonny realizes she knew Dante was his son the whole time. He wonders how she could claim to love him and not tell him. She says it wasn't her secret to tell, but she begged Olivia to tell him. She can finally face the truth now about Michael and about them. She thinks she wouldn’t have been happy knowing what she knows and that they weren't meant to be, but there is a lot of good in him and she hopes one day he can have a relationship with Dante.

    No One's Getting Voted Off.

    Thursday, April 01 2010

    Kate and Coleman walk out of his sequestered hotel room in the Metro Court and make out. They get caught by the judge and Kate scampers off. The judge orders Coleman to use some restraint or he will have to live with the repercussions.

    Downstairs at the Metro Court, Olivia shows Johnny a brochure of a resort stay she won and he's excited, but he can't go until after the trial. He leaves and Kate walks up to her cousin wondering whose side of the trial she's on. Olivia reminds her Sonny shot their son, a cop, and she's done making excuses for him. Carly approaches and has words with Kate about her knowing Dante was Sonny's son. After Carly walks off, Kate warns Olivia if he gets acquitted, Sonny will come at her with his charm in full force in order to build a bridge between him and Dante. Olivia says he can put the pressure on until Hell freezes over, but it's up to Dante if he wants a relationship with his father.

    A Lesson in Living Large.

    Friday, March 19 2010

    Floyd walks into court and trades barbs with Diane. Claire walks in and finds Jax and tells him she's prosecuting this case for herself and not for him, but promises he won't be disappointed. Alice and Lisa report for jury duty, as a dressed up Coleman appears with Kate as well. He thanks her for the wardrobe and for the moral support, but doesn't think he will get picked to be on a jury. Alice is excited to do her civic duty, but Lisa isn't as enthusiastic and thinks she'll be excused anyway because she's a surgeon. Sonny walks up and sees Kate kissing Coleman goodbye. He questions her choice in men, but she doesn't want to talk about it with him and just wishes him luck. Sonny walks into court and the jury selection process gets underway, with Lisa, Alice and Coleman all getting picked. Opening statements are made and Diane says Sonny did in deed kill his wife.

    Civic Duty is Hot.

    Thursday, March 18 2010

    Kate comes to Jake's and plants a kiss on Coleman. She thinks it's time for her to reevaluate her priorities since her assistant landed in the hospital. He asks her how he can get out of jury duty because he doesn’t want to get up early in the morning, it will take away from their afternoon lovin and he doesn't want to decide some guy's fate who was dumb enough to get caught. Kate tells him showing up to do one's civic duty is hot and she will help him with his wardrobe.

    Who Did This?

    Monday, March 15 2010

    Kate and Lulu bring a coughing Maxie to the hospital. Epiphany and Robin tend to her and then call Monica. As Monica checks Maxie out, Kate berates herself for not knowing Maxie was sick and tells Lulu to take the rest of the rest of the night off. Kate and Lulu leave and Spinelli comes to Maxie's room concerned for her.

    Serious Trouble.

    Friday, March 12 2010

    Lulu returns to Crimson to find a demanding Kate who says they are pulling an all-nighter because they got scooped by another publication due to Maxie's no-show earlier. Lulu calls Maxie and puts Kate on the phone, who threatens if Maxie isn't there in one hour, she will be fired.

    Back at Crimson, Kate yells out instructions to Lulu, but then brings up Dante. She tells her employee, if her love life interferes with her job performance, she needs to be happy some place else. Maxie walks in coughing, as Kate fills her in on getting scooped. Kate tells her to decide what she wants as Maxie insists her job means everything to her and that she won't let her down. As they go over work issues, Maxie starts coughing uncontrollably.

    Classing Up the Joint.

    Tuesday, December 15 2009

    Coleman is happy to see Kate walk into Jake's and pours her some champagne he ordered just for her. They discuss the movie "Nine" because he has a poster of it hanging up and Kate says it classes up the joint. He tells her she does that all on her own and Kate offers to get tickets for them to attend the movie premiere. Lisa and Robin walk in after losing their patient. Lisa acts detached from it and orders a shot of tequila. They sit at a table and discuss Lisa's past as a doctor and then talk about Patrick. Lisa thinks he will believe he could have saved her patient and fears he may be right. Back at the bar, Kate discusses Maxie failing to get Franco to do the photo shoot, but Coleman sticks up for her. He does say that Kate could have sealed the deal though and she flirts with him. Coleman thinks Maxie reminds Kate of herself and makes a few astute observations. As they talk, they move in closer and he kisses her.

    An Exercise in Futility.

    Thursday, December 03 2009

    Kate surprises Sonny when he returns home looking for approval for her to expand on her property. Sonny says it's fine and Kate realizes he came from a run-in with Olivia. Kate wonders if he ever thinks about what would've happened if he hadn't get involved in the mob. Sonny says no because he never would have been with Kate if Olivia hadn't broken up with him and he wouldn't trade that for anything. Kate wonders if they ever should have gotten together at all. She tells him being with him was an exercise in futility from the moment he and Olivia laid eyes on each other again. Sonny informs her she and Johnny are together, but Kate thinks all he has to do is run over there and declare his feelings and destiny will be fulfilled. Kate thinks it's ironic that she is the one to tell him the truth, as Dante walks in. Kate leaves and Dominic tells Sonny it's all good on the Joey Limbo front and then quizzes him about Claudia. Sonny gets irritated with all the questions and wonders if Dominic is trying to find out if he killed Claudia.

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