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    General Hospital CAST - Kate Howard (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kate Howard (Past) Played by Megan Ward on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Megan Ward (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: September 24 1969
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Married Michael Shore (1995). Son Oliver (2001), daughter Audrey (2006).
    Real Name: Megan Ward
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Where's The Truck?

    Monday, January 26 2009

    Frustrated with Sonny's revenge tactics, Kate says he belongs with Claudia. Sonny insists he is doing all of this for her but she doesn't care.

    Carly gets to the Metro Court to find Lulu waiting. She asks Carly again to get Johnny a job without letting him know that Lulu put Carly up to it. As they are talking Kate comes down and tells Lulu she can't just leave work whenever she wants. She threatens to fire Lulu but Carly says she can't! Carly gives Lulu some time off, telling her that Jax won't let Kate fire her. Kate turns on Carly, saying she couldn't stand to see Sonny happy and she got her wish – because now Sonny is married to a woman who might kill him! Carly says Sonny doesn't want to be saved and that he married Claudia as penance for Michael, not as revenge for Kate! She brings up the benefit, saying Kate is the reason Michael is in the condition he is in! Kate wonders if Michael would agree with Carly's decision to cut Sonny out of the kids' lives. Carly gets her things and storms off but Kate stops her, asking why Claudia is better than she is. "You are irrelevant," Carly says and storms off.

    Who's Minding The Baby?

    Friday, January 23 2009

    At the Metro Court Kate overhears Olivia confirming some details about the benefit. She gives Olivia the watch she planned to give Sonny as a wedding gift, asking her to give it to him. Olivia wonders why Kate isn't delivering it herself; she says Sonny won't care who delivers it.

    Sonny goes to the Metro Court and tries to give the watch back to Kate. She says she doesn't want it either because it will only remind her of her wasted year. He says the year wasn't all bad; she reminds him that he lied about the mob and then married Claudia. He vows again to find out who shot her. She says it won't change anything. "I promise you whoever it is will pay," he whispers.

    Nikolas! Turn Your Head!

    Monday, January 19 2009

    Kate finds Jax in the lobby at The Metro Court to ask what kind of dealings Jerry had with Claudia. Jax says that he doesn't' know, but they are certainly both psychotic enough to have had something going on. He then tells Kate an awkward truth - that he and Carly are working on their marriage. Kate is sorry to hear that and tells him that he deserves better.

    Kate is on to Claudia.

    Wednesday, January 14 2009

    Claudia is devouring Sonny's bedroom for the next DVD that Jerry left. She only gets a second to herself before Kate busts in and demands to know what she's doing. Claudia insists that this is her room now, but Kate isn't buying it and won't be thrown out. She tells Claudia that Sonny has made it very clear that she is welcome in his room, and life, anytime she pleases. Claudia tells her that love doesn't rate as high as power does on Sonny's list of priorities and the best she can be at this point is Sonny's mistress. On her way out, Kate says that she is going to tell Sonny that his wife was searching his room. Once she's gone Claudia quickly continues her search and finds the DVD.

    Separated at Birth?

    Friday, January 02 2009

    Jax and Kate go into Kate's office and check out the layout of the next Crimson cover. Kate isn't happy with the model so Jax draws a mustache on the face. She is playfully trying to get it from him when Sonny comes in. He tries to get Kate to come for coffee, but Kate tells him to give her best to his wife.

    Things are Looking Up.

    Monday, December 22 2008

    Kate runs into Jax at The Metro Court. She's surprised to hear of his plans to spend the holidays with his mother and says that she was hoping to spend them together since they are both Christmas orphans this year. She says that Olivia is spending the holidays in Benson Hurst and she doesn't feel like joining them for more family arguing. Jax insists that Lady Jane needs him and Kate says that at least she knows he won't end up with Carly.

    The Jackal Will Not Abandon Stone Cold!

    Friday, December 12 2008

    Sonny arrives at the hospital as Kate is visiting Mike; she gets up to go and they immediately start arguing about Sonny's marriage – again! Sonny tells Mike that he only married Claudia to find out who shot Kate but Kate isn't interested in his reasons any longer. Mike tries to logically figure out who in the Zacchara family would have shot Kate but can't figure it out. Kate says that is because the Zacchara's didn't shoot her and Sonny married Claudia to get back to the mob wars. Sonny says if she was over him she wouldn't be so mad; she says she slept with Jax! "That's not right," Sonny says. She says their relationship is over and walks away. Mike tells Sonny he can fix this; Sonny says he is fixing things – by taking over the Zacchara operation and finding out who shot Kate. Mike asks what happens when this ends. Sonny says this isn't going to end because no one is going to want Anthony back at the helm when he is done! Mike is worried about Claudia; Sonny says he has Claudia figured out and is just playing her to learn the Zacchara secrets. Mike says none of this will change how Kate feels; Sonny says he has to know the truth.

    On The Same Page?

    Thursday, December 11 2008

    Claudia is none too pleased to find Olivia strolling around her living room. She tells her that if she's well enough to roam around snooping, she's well enough to go home. Sonny walks in and Olivia asks if his wife speaks for him? Sonny yells at Claudia, but admits that Olivia would be better off anywhere but here. He offers to get her a car, but she says she can manage to stroll across the football-sized lawn over to Kate's place.

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