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    General Hospital CAST - Ned Ashton

    Full detailed profile on Ned Ashton Played by Wally Kurth on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Wally Kurth (ABC)
    Ned Ashton

    Actor: Wally Kurth

    Who played Ned Ashton over the years

    Kurt McKinney (1988 to 1991)
    Wally Kurth (1993 to November 28, 2007)

    Useful information on Ned Ashton

    *Tried to take the blame for driving the car that gave Jason brain damage instead of making drunken A.J. own up to it.

    *He married Katherine Bell even though he was already married to Lois Cerullo.

    *Tried to protect Alexis by saying that he was the father of her daughter (instead of Sonny).

    *He dropped out of corporate life and became a leather pants-wearing rocker named Eddie Maine.


    Current: C.E.O. of L&B Records, Singer/Songwriter
    E.L.Q. Shareholder
    Past: CEO of E.L.Q.
    Past: tennis instructor at Green Meadows Spa


    As an employee at the Great Meadow Spa in 1988, Ned had an affair with a lovely older woman named Monica. Later, he realized that she was married to his Uncle Alan Quartermaine. Later he moved back to Port Charles and met Monica's long-lost daughter Dawn and fell in love with her. On their wedding day she learned of his fling with her mother and left him before the wedding. Alan found out about the affair and punched his own nephew. Next on Ned's love roster was Jenny Eckert. But she loved Paul Hornsby, his mother Tracy's husband! She ended up marrying Ned, but they divorced soon after. Then he had an affair with Julia Barrett.

    An old college buddy named Damian Smith came to Port Charles and he and Ned tried to start a toxic incinerator business, but Ned learned that Damian had mob ties.

    Frustrated with being a businessman, he allowed an intoxicatingly beautiful record producer named Lois Cerullo talk him into starting a music career. He pretended to be a pharmaceutical salesman named Eddie Maine because he didn't want her to know he was a spoiled little trust fund baby. He fell in love with Lois and was happy being her lead band when he wasn't juggling his life as a Quartermaine and ELQ businessman. He had to get involved with Katherine Bell, not for love, but because he was blackmailing her. At one point, he was married to both women and lost Lois when she learned of his double life. He finished with his scheme against Katherine and divorced her and ultimately won Lois back. She became pregnant and couldn't adjust to the craziness of the Quartermaine family. Edward wanted his CEO back and Ned wanted to be left alone to run R&B records with his wife. Lois befriended Jax and had to fend off his advances. She was able to get him interested in Brenda Barrett and all was well in their marriage - for about a minute. He went back into the corporate world and she couldn't take it. She took their daughter, Brook Lynn back to her home town of Brooklyn.

    In 1996 Ned met a talented attorney named Alexis Davis. They became good friends because they had a unique common ground. She, too, was from a big and troubled, wealthy family and they both considered themselves to be the "gatekeeper" of their respective clan. They fell in love.

    Soon Ned's good friend Brenda was killed in a car accident and Ned ended up becoming very close with her fiancé, Jax. Alexis and Jax crashed in his private jet and Ned frantically searched for them. He refused to continue as ELQ's CEO, no matter how hard Edward tried to persuade him. Soon, a family friend named Chloe Morgan came to Port Charles. She was to inherit a fortune, but there was a stipulation in the will that dictated that she marry ASAP. Ned offered to help her and be her groom, and Alexis gave her blessing because it was only to be a brief union. Jax had started to fall for Chloe, and in order to make sure that the pretend marriage was "for real"; Jax and Alexis married so that the foursome could spend time together (and switch partners when no one was looking.) Eventually, the inheritance was lost to Chloe because her fake marriage was exposed, and the Ned got his divorce from her so that he could be with Alexis again.

    Ned needed to tend to his record label, so he donned his leather pants and went on the road again. When he returned to his hotel in Detroit after a concert, Alexis was waiting for him in a negligee. She didn't realize that he had a camera crew following him that night and her picture was splashed all over the tabloids. She became known as "Eddie's Angel" and she couldn't shake the paparazzi. Ned thought if he and Alexis got married then the press would lose interest in his clandestine love affair with "Eddie's Angel".
    A gala event was planned and Nikolas walked his aunt down the aisle. Alexis loved Ned, but had a panic attack about becoming a Quartermaine and she ran out leaving Ned at the altar.

    Ned was heartbroken and confused. He went on a worldwide tour, but rushed back to Port Charles when he heard that Alexis had been shot at while defending Sonny Corinthos. She was only mildly injured, but they just couldn't put their relationship back together. Ned focused on running L&B Records, in spite of Edward's constant protests. His old friend Jax returned to town with a mysterious lady friend named Kristina. He convinced Ned to let Kristina stay with him in the Quartermaine guest house. The surprise was that Kristina was the long-lost sister of Alexis and Jax found her and brought her back to make Alexis happy. Ned learned that Kristina could sing and he convinced her to record under his label. He also started a romantic relationship with her. He learned that Alexis was pregnant by Sonny Corinthos, and he agreed to tell the world that he was the father so as to protect the baby from having mob ties. Kristina was upset because she thought that Ned had been unfaithful to her. Then she learned that he was covering and the baby was Sonny's. She went to Sonny's warehouse to tell him and ended up dying in an explosion on his property. Alexis and Ned were devastated, and Alexis named her baby after her sister. Ned continued to keep up appearances as the baby's father, even though he had started an affair with female mobster Faith Rosco. That didn't last long because even though Ned has been known to have ethical issues, he's a good guy at heart.

    Ned continued to grow close to baby Kristina. Alexis was convicted of killing mobster Luis Alcazar and Ned got custody of the little girl while Alexis was in psychotherapy. Ned started dating Skye Quartermaine, who also bonded with "his" little girl. Alexis eventually was proven "cured" from her mental lapse that caused her to kill the mobster, and she wanted custody of her daughter back. She and her half-brother Stephan schemed to muddy Ned's reputation so that she could win her custody case. They framed him in a sexual assault case. Ned was taken through the ringer in trying to prove his innocence and ultimately he learned that Alexis had a hand in it. He sued her for defamation of character and together with Skye, sought sole custody of Kristina. In the end, Ned didn't have the heart to take the little girl away from her mother, and he dropped the case.

    Ned took another crack at being the CEO of ELQ, but A.J. ended up stealing all of the family's assets and skipping town. There was a horrible hotel fire in Port Charles and then Ned partnered with Tracy (his mother) in an effort for her to win control of the family business. The plan didn't work out and Ned went back into the music business, once again. He hired his half brother Dillon to direct music videos.

    In 2005, Ned decided to move his business to NYC so that he could be closer to his daughter Brook Lynn. He came back to Port Charles every once in a while for special occasions.


    Jenny Eckert (divorced)
    Lois Cerullo (divorced)
    Katherine Bell (invalid)
    Chloe Morgan (divorced; deceased)


    Monica Quartermaine
    Dawn Winthrop
    Julia Barrett
    Alexis Davis
    Kristina Cassadine
    Faith Rosco
    Skye Quatermaine


    Lawrence Ashton (father)
    Tracy Quartermaine (mother)
    Dillon Quartermaine (maternal half-brother)
    Edward Quartermaine (maternal grandfather)
    Lila Morgan (maternal grandmother)
    George Quartermaine (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)
    Ida Quartermaine (paternal great-grandmother; deceased)
    Harold Morgan (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)
    Alan Quartermaine (maternal uncle)
    Charlie Prince (paternal half-uncle)
    Bradley Ward (maternal half-uncle; deceased)
    Jimmy Lee Holt (maternal half-uncle)
    Alan Quartermaine Jr. (maternal cousin; deceased)
    Jason Morgan (maternal cousin)
    Emily Bowen Quartermaine(maternal adoptive cousin)
    Skye Quatermaine(maternal adoptive cousin)
    Justus Ward (maternal half-cousin)
    Faith Ward (maternal half-cousin)
    Herbert Quartermaine (paternal great-uncle)
    Alexandria Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed)
    Quentin Quartermaine (paternal first cousin once removed)
    Celia Quartermaine (paternal first cousin twice removed)
    Lila Rae Quartermaine (maternal adoptive cousin once removed)


    Brook Lynn Ashton (daughter with Lois)


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    Tuesday, October 07 2014: GH Recap: No Cot.

    At the Metro Court restaurant, Monica’s date Judge Walters stops by Maxie and Nathan’s table. He read about what happened to them and asks Maxie if she stopped to think what impact her death might have on her child. She’s always thinking about Georgie but he says her choices have impact on her character. Nathan calls him out for blaming the victim. Walters thinks Maxie is flaunting her relationship with a man who lied in the court, and if she hopes to see her daughter again she’ll have nothing more to do with Nathan. Meanwhile, Ned joins Monica at her table and tells him about her internet date. He’s proud of her for putting herself out there and says he’s doing a little dating himself, with Alexis. Olivia appears and thinks they are on a date together. She offers to get them something, but Ned scoots off to get his own table and Olivia realizes how wrong she is. She tells him he needs to take Alexis to see “The Equalizer” but he knows she doesn’t do blockbusters. Olivia would go with him again - if it was okay with Alexis. Alexis arrives, orders a martini from Olivia and tells Ned what she had to say isn’t important anymore. Walters returns to Monica and they make a second date. By the elevator, Maxie fumes about having her personal life dictated. Nathan won’t be the reason she won’t see Georgie. This isn’t what he wanted but they have to go their separate ways.

    Monday, September 29 2014: GH Recap: Evil Eye.

    At the gym, Ned laughs as Olivia knocks into him. He's not upset when a beautiful woman lands in his lap. They talk about Dante and Lulu being reunited. Ned says he invited Alexis to join him but hasn't heard back. Ned admits he came to the mixed martial arts class due to action movies. They head into class together.

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