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    General Hospital CAST - Lady Jane Jacks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lady Jane Jacks Played by Barbara Tarbuck on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Barbara Tarbuck (ABC)

    Birthday: January 15 1942
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
    Marital Status: Divorced, 1 child
    Real Name: Barbara Tarbuck


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    Nikolas is down to five hours.

    Wednesday, May 02 2007

    Nikolas enters his study and finds Craig's cell phone is ringing -- so he picks it up. It's Lady Jane and she demands to know who it is. Nikolas offers to help her in any way, but he wants to know who she's trying to reach. Craig comes in, slams the phone down and screams that this mistake will cost Nikolas! Nikolas tells him that whoever it was sounded really concerned. He asks Craig if he has is mother or a sister? Craig is extremely agitated as he tells Nikolas that Spencer will be an orphan by 9 p.m. He says that he has liked the current arrangement, but Nikolas has forced his hand. He announces that he's leaving town and won't leave any of the counter agent. What's more, he waves a syringe around and says that on his way out of town he's going to visit one of Nikolas's loved ones and shoot them with the same poison. Nikolas struggles with him and ends up stabbing the syringe into Craig's thigh. Craig laughs and says that it was only saline, but Nikolas wasted about an hour of his energy on their final game. "Farewell," Craig says as he leaves Nikolas a bloody, panting mess.

    Lady Jane is staying at Carly's house and helping with the boys. As she sits alone working on a photo album of the wedding, Jax calls from his honeymoon. She tells him that the boys are behaving beautifully. She replies to his question that no, she hasn't heard from Jerry. She tells them to stay in Fiji as long as they want to and sends her love. After she hangs up, Jerry comes by…to say goodbye. Jane brings him inside and begs him to stay. He says that he can't and this time there's nothing Jax can do to pull him out of the fire. Jerry says that he's been a terrible brother and son and he needs to go as far away as he can if only to protect them.

    Sonny May Not Be The Groom, But He's Doing Okay.

    Monday, April 30 2007

    Jax is out on the terrace talking to Jerry on the phone. For a moment he thinks that Jerry is calling from within the wedding reception, but Jerry says that he has to go. Jax laughs and yells into the air that he'll simply dial Jerry's number and see if he can hear it ring. Before he can do so, Lady Jane comes out and tells Jax to go inside and dance with his bride. Jax goes in, retrieves Carly from Jason and thanks him for being here today for Carly's sake.

    Jax tries to get everyone's attention so that he can make a toast. Carly helps by playfully yelling as loudly as she can. Jax proudly says, "That's my wife!" His toast is about how their respective previous marriages have led them to each other. Jax tells them to enjoy their evening and how much they all mean to them. Ned asks when they are leaving and Carly says, "Right now!" The guests all line the terrace so they can see the bride and the groom off. While out there, Lady Jane spots Jerry. She follows him into the bushes and asks him what he has done to his face. At first Jerry tries to change his accent and tell her that his name is Brosnan. Lady Jane doesn't buy it and finally Jerry softens and says, "Sorry Mom." He says that he can breathe much better through this new nose and Lady Jane says it's no joke. She's worried that whatever he's done to require a whole new face must've been very dangerous. He assures her that it can't be traced back to her and Jax. Then he makes her promise that Jax never find out that he's come to town. He tells his mother that he's sorry that he couldn't join his little brother for his wedding, and then asks her if she likes Carly. Lady Jane says that she loves Carly and tells him that at some point, he has to tell Jax about his new identity.

    White Lace and Promises.

    Friday, April 27 2007

    Jax takes his mother a flute of champagne and she tells him that it's Jerry's loss for not being there. Leticia brings the boys over to say goodnight to Jax and Carly. Jax's cell phone rings and she can't believe that he has it on at his own wedding! It's Jerry calling to see how the wedding is going, so Jax takes the call outside on the terrace. As they talk about the wedding, Jax says that he can hear the same music through the phone that is playing at the reception. He laughs and says, "If you're trying to surprise me brother then you're doing a good job. Show yourself!"

    Here Comes the Bride. Really.

    Thursday, April 26 2007

    Lulu goes by Carly's to see if she needs any help. Carly is a nervous wreck with flopped hair and "who-chi-mama" earrings instead of "bride" earrings. Lulu tells her to relax and she'll turn her into perfection. Carly says that Jason is not her good luck charm and she doesn't even need one for that matter. As she turns around to face the mirror, her compact crashes to the ground turning her pressed powder into a pile of very loose powder with a cracked mirror. Lulu is able to create an awesome hair style but Carly says that it doesn't feel right. Lulu asks if she's sure that Carly isn't referring to Sonny? Carly doesn't want to hear his name today. Just then, Bobbie and Lady Jane come over on their way to the ballroom. Bobbie brought "something old" - the first piece of jewelry she bought with her money as a surgical nurse. Jane has brought "something new". It's a lovely black negligee even though that's not a traditional gift. "You should see what my mother-in-law gave me!" she giggles. Lulu has something "borrowed". It's Laura's engagement ring for Carly to wear on her right hand. Lulu says that she never saw Laura as happy as when she wore it, and she knows Carly will be too. Then, the ladies realize that there's nothing "blue" and they start to panic.

    Everyone is starting to gather in the ballroom. Monica is missing Alan. Robin and Nikolas "clink" champagne glasses. Emily tells Patrick that she knows the truth about Nikolas and Robin. Dillon, Milo and Spinelli are arguing over Lulu, and when she walks in they stop and stare. They start to fight over her again and she chooses to go hang out with her two other dates, Michael and Morgan. Ned finds Alexis and they laugh at the memory of the last time they were at a wedding together (she left him at the altar!). He asks her if she'll be his date and she hugs him and laughs. Jax is in another room looking out the window, not worried that Carly won't show, but wishing that his brother would.

    Jax asserts that she wouldn't do that, and he goes out to kiss his mother and stand at the altar. Carly and Jason arrive and Alexis tells Carly that she would've stabbed her with a pitch fork if she stood Jax up! Carly beams, "I'm here!" So, Alexis takes her walk down the aisle, waving at her friends and hugging Jax when she reaches him. As Jason and Carly stand at the back of the ballroom, one more guest arrives.


    Spinelli Stands In for Jason.

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    Jax and Lady Jane are talking about Jerry (without knowing that he is outside the door listening.) She says that she worries about her eldest son and that it breaks her heart that nothing seems to matter to him. She says that she was hoping that he'd put his own adventures aside for once and come charm his way back into her heart. Jax says that he feels sorry for Jerry because he has a hollow life with no one to share it with.

    The wedding rehearsal is getting underway but Carly hasn't arrived yet. Lulu tells Bobbie and Lady Jane that Carly is upset because Jason isn't in town. Bobbie explains to Jane that Carly is very superstitious about things like this. Just then a sparkly Carly arrives excited to begin. The pastor asks who will be walking her down the aisle and Carly says there is a change of plans. Just then, a low voice deadpans that he will be walking Carly down the aisle. They all turn around and see Spinelli who is drowning in Jason's suit and wearing slicked-back hair. Jax mumbles to Carly that he didn't realize that the "Jerkel" was part of the wedding. Carly corrects him "the Jackal. It's the Jackal." Lulu tells them not to hurt Spinelli's feelings, so Carly agrees that he can "be" Jason. For today. They practice walking down the aisle and it's hilarious. Then the pastor explains the vows. Alexis has a little frog in her throat during the "forever hold their peace" part. Carly tells her to speak up today instead of tomorrow, so Alexis admits that she's worried that Carly isn't over Jax. Carly tells her not to let the door hit her in the a-- (Jax stops her before her language gets bad). Jax tells Alexis that he wants his best person to support him, so Alexis promises to be good. After the pastor finishes with the rehearsal, Jax makes a toast to Carly. She returns a toast and everybody smiles as they kiss.

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