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    General Hospital CAST - Lady Jane Jacks - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lady Jane Jacks Played by Barbara Tarbuck on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Barbara Tarbuck (ABC)

    Birthday: January 15 1942
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
    Marital Status: Divorced, 1 child
    Real Name: Barbara Tarbuck


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    Who Does Liz Love?

    Tuesday, June 05 2007

    Jax tells Jerry that he will keep his identity a secret. Jerry tells Jax that he is too sentimental and should have written him off long ago! Jax prepares to leave but Jerry stops him by telling him that he regrets destroying his brother's innocence! "You finally understand that everything is expendible," he says, "and I'm sorry." Jax leaves. Lady Jane arrives at the hotel room, wondering how she can make things right between the brothers. Jerry sees through her, realizing that Lady Jane doesn't want to heal the rift - she wants to ensure that Jerry never comes back to Port Charles! Lady Jane tells Jerry that she stopped worrying about him long ago but admits that she does still worry about Jax. The admission angers Jerry, especially when Lady Jane tells him that Jax made the right choices and he has only made bad choices! Jerry tells Lady Jane that Jax has already written him off, which means that she doesn't need to worry that Jax will be hurt because of his brother. Lady Jane is still worried, though, and begs Jerry to leave. When he doesn't immediately jump in line with her plans, she storms from the room.

    Jax sees Lady Jane in the lobby of the Metro Court, reassuring her that Jerry won't be connected to Mr. Craig. She wonders how he did it and warns him to stay away from his brother. She compares Jax to his father, who wasn't always the most honest man but still had good intentions. She wonders where they went wrong with Jerry, who has nothing but bad in him. Lady Jane asks Jax to promise to stay away from Jerry and make his family with Carly his only priority. Carly returns, telling Jax that she wanted to use Jerry to get Jason out of jail. He can't believe it. She admits that she couldn't make the connection and then tells him about her meeting with Jerry upstairs.

    Jerry is Free. For Now.

    Monday, May 28 2007

    At the Metro Court, Mac wants to arrest Jerry for being "Mr. Craig", but Lady Jane says that his name is Jerry Jacks. Mac is livid as he accuses Jerry of shooting his niece and allowing Alan Quartermaine to suffer irreparable heart damage. Jerry continues to deny knowing anything about this James Craig person. He contends that he only came back to Port Charles to surprise his mother and brother. Emily, Nikolas and Alexis are holding their breath waiting to see what unfolds. Mac asks Jax if this is his brother or not and finally Jax says that he's sure his brother had nothing to do with the tragedy at the Metro Court. Alexis speaks up and says that she will represent Jax's brother in this matter. "Do you really want to defend a man who would blow up his own brother's hotel?" Mac asks Alexis. Emily speaks up and says that this man is certainly not James Craig. Mac asks Nikolas and he quietly says that Emily is right. Alexis tells Mac that he can't place a wrongful arrest and should let her client go. Ric arrives and Mac asks if he recognizes Jerry's voice from his negotiations on the phone that night. Ric can't be sure. Ric suggests that they do a DNA testing in order to be sure.

    At the Metro Court, Jane can't believe that Jerry is actually planning to stick around. She tells him that she knows he is James Craig, right? She says that she's glad his father isn't there to see what he's become. She can't believe that Jerry has asked Jax to risk his reputation to defend him. "You have crossed the line from bad behavior to evil and you don't seem to even care!" Jerry is very curt when he says, "When have I cared about anything, mom?"

    Mac Cuffs Jerry.

    Friday, May 25 2007

    He marvels over how well little Emily Quartermaine has grown up and then tells Alexis that he heard she was feeling much better. The sirens are getting louder and louder until Mac and the cops come rushing in the door. He looks at Nikolas, Jax and the others and says, "It's time for me to go public." Mac busts in the door and tells "James Craig" that he's under arrest and Jerry asks who James Craig is? Just then Lady Jane returns to the lobby and Jax tells her to go up to her room. She can't help but to see what's going on and she asks Jerry what he's gotten into now?

    Liz Wakes Up.

    Friday, May 11 2007

    Jax and Carly are out on the front porch discussing how to handle Jerry's visit. Jane comes by and they lay into her for telling the boys to lie. She says that she simply wanted to protect her son, that's all. She says that certainly Carly would do the same if one of her boys turned out well and the one struggled with right vs. wrong. Carly doesn't disagree. Jane says that Jerry must be in serious trouble because he's had plastic surgery to change his appearance! She says that she recognized his eyes on the terrace at the wedding. She explains that he came by the house to say goodbye, that's all. Jax says that he wants her to call him and set up a meeting. Jane says that Jerry came to his wedding and is leaving town, maybe it's as simple as that. Jax insists that they have to get to the bottom of this, and Carly agrees, so Jane leaves Jerry a message to meet her in the park.

    Things are Dicey for Elizabeth.

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    Jerry ducks behind the sofa at Carly's house as she Carly comes home early from Fiji. She tells Lady Jane that Jax stopped by the Metro Court. Before she can settle in and look at the wedding pictures, Bobbie calls her to come sit with Lulu, who is upset about Elizabeth. Carly quickly leaves for the hospital and Jerry comes out from hiding and thanks his mother for covering for him. Lady Jane offers to help him get out of whatever trouble he's in, but he tells her that he's leaving town and will call her when he can.

    Lights Out.

    Friday, May 04 2007

    Michael and Morgan have discovered that Jerry has stopped by, so he comes inside and plays with them for a little while. He tells them about some of the games that he and Jax played when they were little. After a while Jane sends them off to bed, but before they go, Jerry tells the boys that Jax would be sad to learn that he came while he was on his honeymoon. They agree not to mention it. As he says goodbye to Lady Jane, she asks how long it will be before she sees him again. "Depends on how my business deal works out," Jerry says as he rushes out into the storm.

    Thunder. Lightning. And Sonny.

    Thursday, May 03 2007

    Lady Jane protests as Jerry tries to leave, but he says that he doesn't want to involve her and Jax in his problems. Just then, Sonny knocks on the door. Jerry hides and Jane tells Sonny that the boys are playing Ninja video games. He says that he can't take them to dinner, but he wants to see them for a while. Before she gets the boys, Lady Jane tells Sonny that she doesn't want him to put any strain on Carly and Jax's relationship. Sonny says that he wants Carly to be happy and he won't interfere anymore. (Jerry is listening from the kitchen hallway with his gun drawn.) Michael and Morgan come downstairs and Sonny tells them to be good for their new "Grandma Jane." Michael asks Sonny if he's really okay with Carly being married and Sonny says that Jax is a nice guy and will be a good step dad. He assures them that nothing else will change and they'll see each other all the time.

    As Jerry makes his way to the door to leave, Lady Jane begs him not to leave the family again. She calls his name and Michael comes down the stairs and says, "Jerry? You're Jax's brother?"

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