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    General Hospital CAST - Alice Gunderson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alice Gunderson Played by Bergen Williams on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bergen Williams (ABC)

    Birthday: July 14 1959
    Birthplace: Inglewood, California
    Marital Status: Married partner Elender on November 1, 2008.
    Real Name: Bergen Williams
    Height: 6' 1"


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    A Decision You Can Live With.

    Wednesday, September 18 2013

    Morgan and Kiki make love at the cabin. While getting ready Morgan shares the news that Alice has an in with the Quartermaines and they can stay. Later, Alice shows up with the news that they have to go - the free ride's over.

    I Love You Captain.

    Tuesday, August 06 2013

    At Metro Court, AJ, Liz and Michael toast Alice to thank her for her vote. It was Alice’s pleasure - she always does what’s best for the family. She has to rush off, but first tells AJ how proud his grandfather would have been. Next, Michael leaves Liz and AJ alone. AJ attributes Liz for making him want to be a better man. He really believes his grandfather would be proud and he owes it all to her. He wants their relationship to grow and asks if she is ready to spend the night together. She admits she is nervous but wants to take that leap with him. They kiss and AJ takes her home.

    Morgan surprises Kiki with a romantic meal set up outside the boathouse. Inside, there is a new gown for her to wear. He tells her he loves her and instead of replying she rushes off to try on her dress. Alice runs up, apologizing to Morgan for being late. He admits to her that the evening has been good, not great. Later, Alice serves them, but Kiki is too full to eat one bite. Morgan encourages her to take one look first. He lifts the cloche and there is an engagement ring underneath. She loves it but insists he return it because they can’t afford it. She pushes to know how he got the money and he tells her his dad. He doesn’t want to force her into it if she’s not ready. He fell for her headfirst, but if she is not there yet he understands. She tells him that she loves him and they make love.

    Mouse Has Begun To Roar.

    Monday, July 29 2013

    The votes are tallied at ELQ - in favor of AJ. Someone flipped and Alice admits she voted for AJ. Tracy reminds Alice about her promise to Luke to always side with her. It came down to family for Alice, and Luke isn’t family. Alice calls Tracy a bully for even having the vote while Franco is in the hospital. Tracy goes for Alice’s throat but Alice has her in a sleeper hold in seconds. Kiki taunts Ava for her plan failing. Michael and Kiki hug just as Morgan walks in. He asks Michael to congratulate him on his engagement before telling Kiki that Franco is awake. Sonny calls Morgan, demanding to see him and he leaves. Then, AJ throws Tracy and Ava out. Tracy warns him this isn’t over and fires Alice. AJ kisses Liz and they make plans to celebrate.

    Kiss And Tell.

    Friday, July 26 2013

    At GH, Kiki worries with Morgan about losing the father she just met. Silas interrupts. Morgan gets upset when he wants to talk to her alone. Silas doesn't think Morgan's old enough to marry Kiki when he mentions he's the fiancé. He stops short of calling her his daughter and pulls her away. Alice brings food to Morgan. Nearby, Silas tells Kiki he's updating her medical history and asks for her date of birth. Ava pulls her away wanting news about Franco before she answers. Kiki's needed at ELQ for a shareholder meeting. Silas joins Morgan and Alice. He's interested if the couple is old enough to get married. Morgan says they're both 19 but Alice is certain Kiki is 21. Alice receives a call to get to ELQ. Alone, Silas thinks if Morgan loves Kiki he'll tell her the truth. Carly joins Morgan as Patrick comes out of surgery.

    Back at ELQ, Diane reviews votes online. Tracy tells Alice to vote for her when she arrives. Kiki's upset that while her father's in surgery they are fighting over ELQ. She's ready to vote with AJ and Michael. AJ knows he lacks the majority. Tracy brags she has majority when Diane announces AJ won the vote.

    Redemption Over Revenge.

    Monday, June 17 2013

    Morgan's surprised when he realizes he's at the Quartermaine's. Alice confirms it is Kiki/Lauren's family's home and that the Quartermaine's still live there. It dawns on Morgan that Kiki/Lauren is a Quartermaine. He realizes Kiki/Lauren and Michael are cousins when he learns Franco is Kiki/Lauren's father. He laughs, relieved that he doesn't have to worry about Kiki/Lauren and Michael becoming an item. Alice becomes the confused one but is happy to learn he's little Morgan. Morgan gives her a great big kiss. In the living room, Tracy offers Franco a chance to get even with AJ by siding with her. Franco humors them, allowing both to share their horrid tales about each other. Franco likes Tracy's tales better and notes that she didn't try to kill him on the Haunted Star. She suggests that AJ might have been the one who tried to finish him off at the Metro Court. AJ sympathizes going through the same struggles as Franco about having their kids kept from them. He's certain an alliance between the two of them would be good for them and both their children. AJ offers Franco a chance at redemption over revenge and Tracy gets worried that Franco's sold on the offer. Alone, Tracy hears that Franco is thrilled to use AJ as a means to get a relationship with his daughter. She tries to convince him that she's been getting to know Kiki/Lauren and they both should do something to ensure her future with ELQ. She waits for Franco to shake on it when Alice brings Morgan in and introduces him as Kiki/Lauren's boyfriend. Franco's happy to meet his brother's namesake. AJ meets Lauren at the door when she arrives looking for Morgan. He wants to talk to her about her cousin but is interrupted by a call from Michael. Michael's upset about kissing Morgan's girlfriend. AJ requests that he come over and meet his cousin first. Kiki/Lauren joins the family and is surprised that Morgan knows them. He tells her Michael is one of them. Tracy leaves as AJ brings Michael in and introduces him to Kiki/Lauren, his cousin.

    I Know This Place.

    Friday, June 14 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Franco's introduction to Alice fails when she closes the door in his face. He doesn't give up easily and the two of them struggle with the door. In the living room, Kiki/Lauren calls Morgan to share her good news of living in the lap of luxury. Morgan doesn't think they'll be that bad off that he'll have to move in as he plays online poker. She cuts Morgan off when Franco arrives and tells him she'll send a car to pick him up. Kiki/Lauren throws something breakable at Franco when he asks for some sugar. Alice is hesitant to leave Kiki/Lauren alone with her father when she asks Alice to pick up her boyfriend. Kiki/Lauren is certain she can handle Franco and gives Alice the address. Franco is pleased they are alone so they can get to know each other. Franco pours his heart out to her about all he's lost and sacrificed. He hopes they will be able to reconcile. Kiki/Lauren is so moved that she runs off to be alone when AJ interrupts them. Franco is disturbed by AJ's blundering moment that tears his daughter away from him. Tracy overhears and offers Franco a way to get even by using his shares.

    Morgan gets off the phone and concentrates on the poker site at Michael's. When his credit card is denied he inputs Michael's. Michael comes home and thinks Morgan's hiding porn when he slams his laptop shut. Michael doesn't think Morgan needs to move out when he starts to pack, but he remembers the awkward moment when he almost kissed Kiki/Lauren. Michael shares his problem of having to go suck up to his newly found cousin and retreats to the shower. Alice arrives and carries out Morgan's heavy luggage. He recognizes the female wrestler, the Dominator, and wants to introduce her to Michael. Alice hurries Morgan along and they're gone before he exits the shower. He's half-dressed when Kiki/Lauren arrives crying. She's confused by what she was told growing up and what she knows now about her father being alive.

    Morgan arrives at Kiki's family's home psyched to be living with the Dominator. He stops in his tracks when he realizes he's at the Quartermaine's.

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