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    General Hospital CAST - Alice Gunderson

    Full detailed profile on Alice Gunderson Played by Bergen Williams on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bergen Williams (ABC)
    Alice Gunderson

    Actor: Bergen Williams

    Who played Alice Gunderson over the years

    Bergen Williams (2006 - present)

    Useful information on Alice Gunderson

    *She is the housekeeping at the Quartermaine mansion.
    *She's honest, loyal and says exactly what she means. (Which means she sticks out like a sore thumb at the Quartermaine house.)
    *She has a soft spot for men and lights up when a male visitor comes to the Quartermaine house.
    *She moonlights as a female wrestler that performs on under the name of "The Dominator."
    *She has a crush on "Mr. Luke" Spencer.


    Current: She is the housekeeper (and bouncer!) for the Quartermaine family estate.


    Alice has been the loyal, yet outspoken housekeeper at the Quartermaine mansion for years. She has a crush on Luke, who she refers to as Mr. Luke, and waits on him hand and foot, much to Edward's annoyance.










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    Wednesday, September 18 2013: A Decision You Can Live With.

    Morgan and Kiki make love at the cabin. While getting ready Morgan shares the news that Alice has an in with the Quartermaines and they can stay. Later, Alice shows up with the news that they have to go - the free ride's over.

    Tuesday, August 06 2013: I Love You Captain.

    At Metro Court, AJ, Liz and Michael toast Alice to thank her for her vote. It was Alice’s pleasure - she always does what’s best for the family. She has to rush off, but first tells AJ how proud his grandfather would have been. Next, Michael leaves Liz and AJ alone. AJ attributes Liz for making him want to be a better man. He really believes his grandfather would be proud and he owes it all to her. He wants their relationship to grow and asks if she is ready to spend the night together. She admits she is nervous but wants to take that leap with him. They kiss and AJ takes her home.

    Morgan surprises Kiki with a romantic meal set up outside the boathouse. Inside, there is a new gown for her to wear. He tells her he loves her and instead of replying she rushes off to try on her dress. Alice runs up, apologizing to Morgan for being late. He admits to her that the evening has been good, not great. Later, Alice serves them, but Kiki is too full to eat one bite. Morgan encourages her to take one look first. He lifts the cloche and there is an engagement ring underneath. She loves it but insists he return it because they can’t afford it. She pushes to know how he got the money and he tells her his dad. He doesn’t want to force her into it if she’s not ready. He fell for her headfirst, but if she is not there yet he understands. She tells him that she loves him and they make love.

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