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    General Hospital CAST - Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Coleman Played by Blake Gibbons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Blake Gibbons (ABC)

    Birthday: June 21 1961
    Birthplace: Bakersfield, California
    Real Name: Blake Gibbons


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    Run Don’t Walk.

    Wednesday, October 14 2009

    Alone with Jax, Carly expresses how scared she is. Coleman and Johnny return with ice chips and a storybook for them to read to the baby. Carly and Jax both thank them and Coleman leaves. Johnny offers to stick around in the waiting room if they need anything, but Carly tells him he should go home and sleep it off because everything will be better in the morning. As Jax comforts Carly, Johnny pensively looks back at them.

    Setting Limits.

    Tuesday, October 13 2009

    Johnny tries to keep Carly calm as she experiences contractions in Jake’s parking lot. She yells for help and Coleman comes out with a gun telling Johnny to back off. Johnny tells Coleman she’s not in danger; she’s in labor. Coleman calls 911, but learns they won’t get there fast enough so Coleman offers to drive Carly himself fearing Sonny, Jason and Jax’s wrath should something happen to her.

    Johnny and Coleman bring Carly into the hospital and Epiphany pages Dr. Lee.

    Coleman and Johnny sit with Carly as Kelly tends to her. Carly appreciates the guys being there because they are so annoying, they’re distracting. Kelly says the baby is at a good weight and looks to be healthy, but Carly tells her she has to do something to stop the labor.

    Jax comes to the hospital and finds Johnny and Coleman with Carly. The men explain what happened in unison and Kelly walks in saying they need to discuss the possibility of a C-section because the baby could be born tonight.

    Close to the Finish Line.

    Monday, October 12 2009

    Johnny watches as Carly pays Coleman to give her some fries. She explains she needs more than tofu and that real food brings her stress levels down. She asks Johnny why he’s drowning his sorrows and brings up Olivia. Johnny doesn’t buy her breaking up with him and won’t accept defeat because tomorrow is another day. Johnny says there is no way Olivia dumped him for Sonny. He talks about how unhealthy Claudia’s attachment to him is and Carly starts to tell him about Sonny and Claudia at the hotel. She then has a contraction, but says it’s too soon for her to have the baby.

    Cutting Loose.

    Tuesday, September 29 2009

    Coleman brings Kate a glass of champagne and suggests they sing a little karaoke. Kate declines so Coleman says he will sing and she can just dance in the background. She again declines but relishes his sweet talk that follows.

    Kristina flirts with Ethan telling him how great he was singing, as Coleman tries again with Kate. Coleman excuses himself when he sees Kristina and Ethan and drags the Aussie away. He says, “Do you know who that little girl is? Can you say jailbait?” Kiefer finds Kristina and thinks it’s cool to be in a bar without a fake I.D.

    Dante walks by Kate and Coleman and Kate thinks she recognizes him. Kate walks over to Dante and says she knew she recognized him, but then Coleman introduces Morgan and Molly as the next singers. The kids sing The Jackson 5’s “ABC.”

    Milo gets on stage to introduce Mac and Patrick who come out with their shirts unbuttoned and collars flipped up singing The Village People’s “Macho Man.” Coleman stops them and does his own rendition, much to Kate’s delight. The three men then get the whole crowd involved, except Jason who of course wants nothing to do with singing or dancing.

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