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    General Hospital CAST - Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Coleman Played by Blake Gibbons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Blake Gibbons (ABC)

    Birthday: June 21 1961
    Birthplace: Bakersfield, California
    Real Name: Blake Gibbons


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    Too Much Damage.

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    Johnny dares Lucky to shoot him at Jake's. Lucky realizes what he's doing and backs off, apologizing. Coleman offers free drinks as Ethan walks in. Lucky orders another drink, but Ethan wonders if that's such a good idea and warns him he might cross a line he can't come back from. A shook up Lucky never thought he'd be the one who explodes for no reason and doesn’t know who he is right now.

    More Than Biology.

    Monday, February 08 2010

    At Jake's Elizabeth tells Lucky she was hoping to see him there, but he says she's humiliating herself. He rips into her and she apologizes for hurting him and everyone else. He doesn’t care if Nikolas is hurting and asks if she used protection. She loves him and wants to know if there is hope for them. She wants to try, but he doesn’t have anything left to share with her. He's not feeling the love and all he has left is his beer which takes the edge off and helps him sleep at night. He suggests she figure out who she is and what she wants, but she'll have to do it without him because he's done. She asks about the boys and if he's out of their lives too. He thinks she should have asked herself that before she slept with Nikolas. She doesn't want him to punish the boys and wants to know what to expect so she can prepare them. He says to tell them he loves them and he will see them soon. He will have a lawyer call her when he wants to visit them because he thinks the less they see of each other the better. He can barely stand to look at her right now, so she leaves. Lucky continues to drink and threatens to shut Jake's down if Coleman doesn't continue to serve him. Coleman reluctantly does so, but warns there's a point when alcohol stops numbing the pain and just makes you stupid. He adds Lucky has decided he has nothing left to lose, but hopes he doesn't let it be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Johnny comes in and sits at the bar drinking, as he badmouths the PCPD to Lucky. Johnny continues to goad Lucky until he throws him on the bar and puts a gun to his head.

    Classing Up the Joint.

    Tuesday, December 15 2009

    Coleman is happy to see Kate walk into Jake's and pours her some champagne he ordered just for her. They discuss the movie "Nine" because he has a poster of it hanging up and Kate says it classes up the joint. He tells her she does that all on her own and Kate offers to get tickets for them to attend the movie premiere. Lisa and Robin walk in after losing their patient. Lisa acts detached from it and orders a shot of tequila. They sit at a table and discuss Lisa's past as a doctor and then talk about Patrick. Lisa thinks he will believe he could have saved her patient and fears he may be right. Back at the bar, Kate discusses Maxie failing to get Franco to do the photo shoot, but Coleman sticks up for her. He does say that Kate could have sealed the deal though and she flirts with him. Coleman thinks Maxie reminds Kate of herself and makes a few astute observations. As they talk, they move in closer and he kisses her.

    Sending a Message.

    Monday, December 14 2009

    At Jake's Maxie apologizes for neglecting Spinelli and wants to focus on them tonight. She turns off her phone to prove how important he is to her. A sad Spinelli wonders if there is something else she wants to tell him and when she doesn't confess anything, he says he has important things to do and leaves. Maxie talks with Coleman about Spinelli when Lulu walks in. Coleman says drinks will be on the house as long as they put in a good word with their sassy boss. After Coleman walks away, Lulu says she feels patronized by Dominic and Maxie asks Lulu for her help with Franco.

    Can I Call You Jason?

    Thursday, December 10 2009

    Johnny sits at the bar at Jake's and tells Coleman Olivia is in love with Sonny, as well as with him. As he cleans, Coleman says he doesn’t think he should dump her just because she has an 'itch' for someone else. Later, Olivia walks in and Johnny isn't thrilled to learn that Coleman is playing cupid. Coleman suggests he be grateful for what he has and leaves the two of them alone. Johnny wonders how many times he'll let himself be played for a chump before he walks away, but all he cares about is being with her. Olivia wishes she could stop feeling what she does for Sonny, but she can't. He can either take her the way that she is or end it. She hopes he doesn't do the latter, but maybe he should. Johnny gets up and says he should run in the opposite direction, but he's always been a little nuts and kisses her.

    Good For the Soul.

    Tuesday, December 08 2009

    Michael comes to Jake's and Coleman refuses to serve him. Michael throws his Corinthos weight around, but Coleman isn't swayed.

    Stray Cat Strut.

    Wednesday, December 02 2009

    Patrick and Lisa go to Jake's to celebrate after their successful surgery, as Robin walks in. Robin gets them some drinks and Lisa learns Robin isn't drinking because of her meds, but doesn’t get the specifics. Coleman stops by their table and hits on Lisa and tells Robin he has a spot reserved for her for karaoke. Patrick encourages her to take it. Luke drags Tracy into Jake's for karaoke, as Lulu joins them. Tracy is none too pleased so she orders Coleman's finest scotch. Mac and Alexis walk in together and Mac encourages an uptight Alexis to have fun. He says it's not a date, just friends out for the evening. Diane and Max make their presence known and Ethan joins his family as Coleman announces he has a bottle of Puerto Rican rum for the best karaoke act. Over at the bar, Diane tells Max she missed him and that she has a song in her heart for him. Coleman introduces Diane and she belts out "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" to her man. After she's done, Diane encourages Alexis and Mac to sing and they perform a duet of "Dancing in the Streets," which gets the whole crowd up and dancing. As they dance around, Alexis lays a kiss on Mac. After a sullen Dante has shown up to sit with Lulu, Luke and Ethan sing "Stray Cat Strut," much to an apparently drunk Tracy's delight who even gets on stage and dances. After karaoke is over, Max plays a song on the jukebox and dances with Diane, as Mac asks Alexis to the dance floor and Patrick and Robin follow suit. Ethan offers his hand to Lisa and they take a twirl, as do Luke and Tracy, after Luke has won the bottle of rum.

    You’re Something Special.

    Tuesday, November 17 2009

    Patrick comes home and finds Robin with a tub of beer his ex-girlfriend, Lisa, sent him as a thank you for the consultation. Matt, Mac and Coleman join Patrick to partake in the beer and he tells the guys about Lisa as they watch the game. Louise comes by and Patrick asks Robin to tape a video of the guys and Louise thanking Lisa for the beer. As they watch the game, Louise impresses the men with her football knowledge. Robin comes out with food and asks Mac if he can babysit on Friday, but he sheepishly tells her he goes out for Karaoke on Fridays. Patrick gets a call from Lisa and Robin takes note when he tells Lisa, "I wish you were here too."

    Jason and Michael Get the Goods on Claudia.

    Friday, October 23 2009

    Kate comes to Jake’s, much to Coleman’s delight and asks for a beer with a shot of whiskey. Coleman asks what she’s upset about and she talks about work and then says someone she loves is hell bent on destroying herself and the people around her. Kate wants to blow the secret wide open, but there would be too much damage.

    Run Don’t Walk.

    Wednesday, October 14 2009

    A distraught Carly asks Kelly what her baby’s chances of survival are if she is born tonight. Kelly says there are steps they can take to stop her premature labor and tells her to calm down and think positive thoughts. Kelly leaves and Johnny and Coleman try to reassure Carly and Jax that everything will be alright.

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