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    General Hospital CAST - Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Coleman Played by Blake Gibbons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Blake Gibbons (ABC)

    Birthday: June 21 1961
    Birthplace: Bakersfield, California
    Real Name: Blake Gibbons


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    Man Up.

    Thursday, August 11 2011

    At Jake's, Coleman suggests he, Alexis and Diane play strip pool. Alexis is wary, but Diane assures her she is a practically a pool shark so they won't be the ones stripping. As the game gets underway, Coleman is left shirtless, while Diane prances around in her lingerie. Alexis remains dressed and gets excited as her next shot forces Coleman to take off his jeans, just as Mac walks in.

    Single And Ready To Mingle.

    Wednesday, August 10 2011

    Diane and Alexis take shelter at Jake's after getting stranded in the storm. Although the bar is closed, Coleman is happy to see the ladies and whips up a couple of "Cole-tinis" for them. Alexis tells Diane Sam and Jason are engaged, which turns into a conversation about the sad state of Alexis' love life. Coleman interjects to make sure they know he and Kate are on a break. Diane encourages Alexis to put herself out there before all the good men are taken. Coleman sits with the "cougars," declaring he's single and ready to mingle. Diane shoos Coleman away, as she continues to encourage Alexis to let loose a little and just hook up with someone. Alexis defends her single status to her friend, but Diane wonders who she's trying to convince. When Alexis finally gets reception on her cell, she gets a call from Sonny. He needs to know if she's heard from Jax since he left town. She says no and he immediately hangs up. Coleman serves the ladies one more drink and tells them the bridge is closed so they are stuck there. He has an idea of how they can pass the time though.

    The Gift Of Hate.

    Monday, June 13 2011

    Patrick saddles up to the bar at Jake's and discusses Lisa with Coleman. He tells him how different Lisa was in college. Coleman thinks he had the best of both worlds back then and asks if he misses it. Lisa enters the bar in disguise and listen as a now present Robin gives Coleman advice on keeping Kate. The Drakes then declare their love to each other, as one of Anthony's men meets with Lisa.

    Communication Is Key.

    Friday, April 29 2011

    Matt talks with Coleman at Jake's. Coleman bemoans how his tiger blood wasn't enough for his absentee girlfriend Kate. He wonders how Matt landed Maxie. Matt says communication is key and notes he is not intimidated by her ambition. He thinks Coleman had problems with that regarding Kate. Maxie walks in and smooches Matt and asks if they can appreciate the fun stage of their relationship. As they make out, Robin and Patrick walk in challenging them to a game of darts. Maxie notes it's nice they are all happy at the same time. As Maxie and Matt canoodle, Patrick and Robin play darts until Patrick gets called back to work.

    The Decoy.

    Wednesday, December 08 2010

    Dante saddles up to the bar at Jake's set on getting drunk. He tells Coleman it's a woman who gets you every time. He talks about his past and how it hasn't stayed there, so it's ruining his present. As Dante continues to drink and ponder not taking action until it's too late, Coleman calls Michael from Dante's phone and tells him to get to Jake's right away. Michael arrives to pick up a drunk Dante and takes him home.


    Monday, November 15 2010

    At Jake's, Coleman tries to smooth talk Siobhan, but she's not taking the bait. Olivia walks in and bemoans Carly's interest in Johnny to Coleman. At a nearby table, Lulu is surprised to see Siobhan, who says she's safe, but Brenda is still in danger. Dante walks in and stops by to talk to his mother at the bar before he sits with Lulu. He tells Coleman to put his mother's food and drink on his tab and then goes to his girlfriend, who tells him she's staying at her place tonight. He wonders if he did something wrong. She was just thinking about the conversation she had with Brenda about losing yourself fin someone. She thinks they should figure out where one stops and the other starts. He agrees to it, but she doesn’t think he gets it, assuming he never lost his mind over someone. Jason bursts into Jake's looking for information from Siobhan on The Balkan. She reminds him the men who held her were speaking Croatian, but she could understand some of it. However, while they were trying to speak in English, they mentioned a man named Jack.

    Waking Up In Vegas.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    Siobhan walks into Jake's and asks Coleman for a job. She starts right away and her first customer is Maxie, who learns she knows Lucky and is in town to see how things go with him.

    Taking A Life Changes A Life.

    Wednesday, October 06 2010

    After returning to Port Charles, Nikolas and Brook Lynn go to Jake's. He offers to pay her to escort him to a few more parties. Elsewhere, Kate watches as Steve and Olivia have a beer. She walks over and makes disparaging remarks about her cousin. Olivia stands up, takes off her earrings and the women go at it. Steve gets in between them and then Dante walks in to try and help break it up. Coleman restrains Kate as Olivia welcomes her son home. Dante goes to get some food and then leaves to get back to his girl. Olivia sits back down with Steve, as Kate flirts with Coleman at the bar. Olivia goes to the bar for another beer and starts bickering with Kate again. Brook starts singing and tells the women to shut up. Nikolas seems impressed with Brook as she belts out a song while sitting at their table.

    Emergency Contact.

    Tuesday, September 14 2010

    Kate brings Coleman a gift at Jake's and they start flirting and making out. Patrick comes in for a beer as Lisa also walks in. Patrick goes to the table Lisa sits at and Coleman offers to give Kate a proper welcome home. As much as she'd like to, Kate has an emergency at work and runs out. Patrick and Lisa talk about their situation as Robin walks up enraged. Robin lashes out at both of them and walks away. Patrick tells Lisa he's done being the bad guy and there's nothing else he can do about Robin. Robin sits at another table and Steve joins her. She tells him about her and Patrick's plan and that they need his help. She wants him to help her pretend she's interested in him, but Steve is uncomfortable with that because it could make things worse. Across the way, Lisa tells Patrick she thinks Robin is trying to make him jealous with Steve. Steve offers to drive Robin home and they exit Jake's as Lisa and Patrick watch. Patrick tells Lisa maybe things are turning out for the best. Carly comes to Jake's for a beer. Coleman asks what they are drinking to and she says, "To keeping what's mine." She bemoans her issues with Brenda to Coleman and tells him she will not be sharing Sonny, Jax and Jason with her.

    Particularly Potent.

    Tuesday, August 17 2010

    Dante gets smashed at Jake's as he talks with Brook. He knocks over her purse and finds a bottle of pills. She says they're for her allergies and he warns she shouldn’t mix those with alcohol. As he slurs his words, he wonders if the beer is particularly potent tonight. Dante and Brook discuss their past and growing up together. She says she had a crush on him and it's getting worse now that they're all grown up. Dante marvels at how she's filled out over the years. He says he thinks of her as a friend or as her brother, but suggests she start wearing more clothes around him because he's only human. Brook says they're such good friends she will take him home and put him in bed. After they've left, Lulu comes in and learns from Coleman she just missed Brook and Dante. Lulu leaves and Maxie comes in to meet Lucky. She asks him to do a background check on Lisa, who is hung up on Patrick like she was once hung up on him.

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