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    General Hospital CAST - Coleman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Coleman Played by Blake Gibbons on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Blake Gibbons (ABC)

    Birthday: June 21 1961
    Birthplace: Bakersfield, California
    Real Name: Blake Gibbons


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    Can She Really Do That?

    Wednesday, May 14 2008

    The "manhood" tutorial for Spinelli is still underway at Jake's. A woman walks in and Spinelli approaches her in spite of Coleman's warnings. He awkwardly strikes up a conversation and Jake calls Jason to come keep Spinelli out of trouble. Meanwhile, Spinelli asks the girl about her special skills and she asks him what he likes. He orders a shot of whiskey for himself and a vodka shot for the lady. Jason arrives and asks him what's going on. Spinelli shakes him off and delivers the drink to his new female friend. She takes it and says, "It'll be $250." Spinelli thinks she's asking for a loan and he says he can offer a shoulder to cry on or a small loan, but that's a lot of money. The woman lowers her price to $200 and Jason walks over and gives her the money. She leaves and Spinelli is angry that Stone Cold sent his new friend away. Coleman and Jason explain that she's a working woman and finally Spinelli gets it. He's upset that hookers weren't on Dr. Patrick and Coleman's list of advice. He laments that he is doomed to love from afar unless Jason shares his secrets. Which he doesn't.

    Fathers and Sons.

    Tuesday, May 13 2008

    Spinelli goes to Jake's and fumbles around at trying to be cool. He orders a "cold one" (orange soda) and when he pulls out his money to pay, it's all coins. He tries to shoot pool, but ends up sending the cue flailing across the room. Coleman asks him what's up and Spinelli admits that he's trying to figure out Stone Cold's "chick magnet coolness." He admits that he's worried that Maxie is close to running away with another Romeo. Coleman takes pity on him and tries to help. He demonstrates how to take a shot like a man, but Spinelli sprays it out his nose. Patrick bellies up to the bar next to them and Spinelli decides to ask him for advice too. Patrick jumps right in with his pearls of wisdom and ends up talking about how not to act when your girlfriend is pregnant.

    The Morgue Gets a New Body.

    Monday, April 28 2008

    Patrick continues his rant about Anna's hotness to Coleman as Robin takes it all in. Coleman loudly welcomes her in order to shut Patrick up. Patrick scrambles to try to clarify his words and says that Anna is just a "butt-kicking fantasy woman" that's all. That doesn't seem to help. Coleman tells Robin that he thinks she's hot and Patrick tells him not to mess with his baby mama. Robin chaffs at the term and asks Patrick if he's at all hot for her? He says that he is and that she is over thinking what he said about Anna. Lainey and Kelly show up and Coleman puts their drinks on "Baby Daddy's" tab. Robin tells her friends that Patrick is hot for her mom. They all have a good laugh and Patrick gives up and leaves. Robin orders a pile of fries and Lainey tries to assure her that it's no big deal that Patrick is attracted to her mom. She says that mothers and daughters share attributes and it's natural, but Robin can't think of one thing she has in common with Anna.

    Bon Voyage Dr. Devlin?

    Friday, April 25 2008

    Patrick has bellied up to the bar and is talking with Coleman. He is grumbling about Anna and how unconventional she is. He says, "My baby mama's mama is pretty much the hottest thing I've ever seen." What he doesn't know is that Robin has just come in the door and heard him.

    After Denial Comes Rage.

    Thursday, April 10 2008

    Alexis and Diane show up at Jake's for "one drink," according to Alexis. Diane tells her that she's a mess and will thank her for this later. Diane and Coleman flirt a little as she orders something "sweet and sticky" and Alexis simply asks for a chardonnay. Diane tells Alexis that Coleman is a pure dose of testosterone and insists that Alexis admit that she has thought about him once or twice. "Twice," Alexis admits and then blurts out all of her fears about her girls ending up like poor Michael. She says that she slept with a dangerous man and had his baby so it's all her fault. After another drink, the women discuss their propensities for bad boys. Diane decides that they should get in touch with their inner rebel and go buy big, fat Harley's. They stand up to leave and run right into Patrick. The women sober up quickly and ask about Michael. He tells them that his version and Carly's is entirely different, but he has learned not to get between a mother and her instincts.

    All Paths Lead to the Hospital.

    Monday, January 14 2008

    "You're a pig" Tracy spits at Coleman when he suggests that they take a roll in the hay for old time's sake. She has come to Jake's looking for Luke and isn't in the mood for his sliminess. She proceeds to sit down and get drunk. Across the room, Jax arrives to meet with Jerry. He wants to know what the big deal that he's working on is about. Jerry won't talk. Jax says that he and Carly are having a hard time and most of it has to do with Jason, Sonny and the craziness that goes with it. He says that he wants to stop worrying about Jerry and focus on his wife. Jerry tells Jax to take a trip, and then leaves. Jax sees that Coleman is getting fresh with Tracy and goes to her rescue. She promptly passes out and he sits with her for a while.

    "Is Jason Your Baby's Father?"

    Thursday, August 02 2007

    Spinelli shows up at Jake's and informs Logan that the game of pool started as a way for people to play croquet inside. He subtly pokes at Logan's lack of intelligence and then tells him that The Blonde One confides in him and she won't be drawn into his form of "James Dean social rebellion." Logan looks amused and Spinelli says that he won't stand by and let Logan hurt his friend. Logan suddenly gets it, and tells Spinelli that he's about to be a whole lot more (than a friend)." They continue to take verbal jabs at each other and Coleman advises them to "keep their balls on the table." Lulu arrives and asks Spinelli what he's doing there? He tells her that when she finally learns that Logan isn't worthy of her, he won't judge her. She thanks him and then he leaves. She tells Logan that they should get their stupid pool challenge over with.

    Amelia Tells Jason Everything.

    Tuesday, June 12 2007

    The group at Jake's are pouring tequila shots and talking about babies. Robin admits that she loves holding and smelling them. She says that she always wanted to be a mother until she learned that she was HIV positive. She says that things have changed and now she can consider it. Someday -- but not now. So "everybody" can relax she says in Patrick's general direction. Patrick tells everyone that he's selfish, or too much of a kid himself, but he doesn't want to be a dad. Kelly slurs that Robin can choose be a mother all on her own - thanks to the advances in her own profession! Stan pipes up that a mother raising a child on her own isn't easy. Robin makes a toast Uncle Mac - who raised her single handedly. Patrick says that he was raised by his dad who focused on work only and they all had a good laugh because now Patrick has turned out the same way. They ask Coleman who raised him and he said that he had 5 daddies. Lainey asks Stan what it was like to be raised by Epiphany. He says that he loves his mama, but he knows that a father would've made a huge difference for him. Lainey says it's unfair for a woman to give up being a mother just because she's with a guy who doesn't want children. Stan says that if they listened to his mother he'd be dating Lainey. They all have a good laugh at that one and keep on pouring toasts. Robin walks over to Patrick's side of the bar and puts her arm around him. He recalls how "Sweet Little Miss Scorpio" changed his mind about commitments, but it stops there. Lainey tells them that she is hailing them a cap so that they can continue their conversation at home, and then she pushes them out the door.


    Monday, June 11 2007

    Patrick has bellied up to Jake's bar and is joined by Stan. They immediately start to complain about women and motherhood in general. Coleman pours a shot on the house. Patrick and Stan don't get why woman can't just be in love without diapers and cul de sacs. Stan says that women are like a computer virus. They attract, open and destroy. Patrick tells Stan that he never wants to be a dad and then turns to see that Robin and the girls have just arrived. Robin tells them to carry on with their conversation. Patrick says that they were just saying that all men aren't cut out to be fathers, that's all. Lainey asks Coleman for some tequila. All five of them pour a shot and Robin makes a toast "To having the freedom to be how you truly are." They all drink to that. Lee tells Patrick not to assume that all women want kids because she doesn't. She says that when she sees her future there's not a baby in it. Stan says that most women are just like Robin, waiting to convert her man into a dad. (Patrick snorts tequila out of his nose over this one.)

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