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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Russell Ford

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Russell Ford Played by Richard Gant on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Richard Gant (
    Dr. Russell Ford

    Actor: Richard Gant

    Who played Dr. Russell Ford over the years

    Richard Gant (February 6, 2007 - July 22, 2008)

    Useful information on Dr. Russell Ford

    *He aspires to be the Chief of Staff
    *He has an eye for the hospital's finances, even if that means turning patients away.
    *He has an argumentative relationship withDr. Noah Drake.
    *In a rare moment of gentleness, he told Alexis Davis that he lost his wife to cancer many years ago.
    *His death (played out on GH: Night Shift) was as a result of a car crash.


    Current: Doctor


    Dr. Ford arrived at GH early in 2007. He's a no-nonsense doctor who likes to keep his nose to the rulebooks.

    He died when a car crashed through the E.R. and killed him.


    Wife's name unknown (deceased)








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    Friday, February 29 2008: Life-Altering Moments.

    Before Patrick can press Robin into a conversation, Dr. Devlin comes out of the OR and says someone needs to break the news to Joe right away. Robin turns and leaves. Dr. Ford brings two guards to apprehend Joe and Dr. Devlin and Patrick go off on him for not being human.

    Thursday, January 17 2008: Jason Rolls the Dice.

    Back in the ER, Mayor Floyd, Dr. Russell and Edward quarrel about how to handle the situation while Joe sits with Sam and explains how things got so bad for him. Jason takes it all in as Joe and Sam reminisce about an antique car that used to sit on his lot.

    Dr. Ford immediately orders Angela to be taken to County General, but Cassius speaks up and asks why it always has to be about money to him. Jason rushes to Liz's curtain area and finds Lucky, Jake and Liz holding Jake and marveling over how much better he is doing. Epiphany tries to get back to work but breaks down in tears. "Oh it hurts!" she sobs as Cassius sits next to her. Down the hall, Sam finds Lucky and says that she'd like to go home, but Lucky says that he wants to make sure things are okay with Liz and Jake for a while.

    Patrick tells Nikolas about the blood tests that they ran on him (after they provoked a rage), and Nikolas doesn't appreciate being a test animal. Angry, he walks over to Dr. Ford and says that if he sends Angela to County he'll withdraw every dime he's ever donated to the hospital. Dr. Ford quickly signs her papers to let her stay. Nadine tells Nik that Emily would be pleased, but she would also want him to take care of himself. Nikolas turns to Patrick and says that he'll admit himself and wait for those blood results.

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