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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Kelly Lee - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Kelly Lee Played by Minae Noji on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Minaei Noji (ABC)

    Birthday: May 30 1973
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Real Name: Minae Noji
    Web site:


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    Robin Finally Listens to Someone's Advice.

    Wednesday, April 08 2009

    Later, Kelly finds Robin on a park bench and asks her to come to yoga with her. Robin asks if Patrick sent her, and Kelly jokes that no one talks about anything but her. Robin laughs and then says how embarrassing it is not to be able to take care of her own baby. Kelly promises her a good night out after she gets a handle on her sickness and Robin says that she doesn't understand why one more pill a day should be so hard for her to take. She admits that the HIV drugs help her, but the antidepressant makes her feel like she's losing control. Kelly takes a firm stand and tells her to take the damn pills and let other people care for Emma for the time being. She says that today is a good day and Robin needs to find little ways to get 'back to her joy'.

    If Robin Flapped Her Wings In China...

    Wednesday, November 26 2008

    Fresh from Paris, Robin gets off the GH elevator and is greeted by her roommates, Kelly and Lainey. They excitedly fill her in about the hot new neurosurgeon on the staff. Later, Robin meets him face-to-face (kind of) when she comes across him in the shower with Leyla!

    Later, Patrick finds himself at Jake's and hooks up with Carly after a quick game of pool. Robin, Lainey and Kelly are slamming tequila and scoffing at his smooth moves.

    You Did This!

    Wednesday, November 05 2008

    At the hospital, Kim orders Patrick to start CPR and then orders everyone else from the room. They watch from the door as Patrick, Kim and the other doctors work to save Robin. After they have Robin's pressure back up, Kim tells Patrick he has to go now. Matt leads him from the room. Anna and Mac ask what is going on; Spinelli and Maxie watch from a few feet away. Patrick can't talk so Matt tells them that Robin's blood won't clot and they might lose her. "No, we won't," Anna says and stalks away. Mac sits down and Spinelli offers to get him something to drink in his Spinelli way. Mac turns him down and starts talking about Robin and Patrick. "She's come close to happiness and something has always happened to take it away," he says. Spinelli tells Mac that Robin is strong and will be okay.

    Emma's Bittersweet Birthday

    Tuesday, November 04 2008

    Things are tense in the delivery room as everyone waits to hear Robin's baby's first cry. Finally, she does and Kelly announces that she's healthy. After a big sigh of relief, the proud mom and dad hold their little girl. Epiphany allows Anna, Mac and Maxie in so they can all be together. Patrick jokes that the baby's name is Millicent, but then tells Robin to do the honors. She announces little Miss Emma Grace Scorpio Drake. When Patrick holds her for the first time, his face grows somber as he says that she has a tiny nick on her ear. Robin's face falls because she realizes that could mean the baby was exposed to HIV.

    Cliffhanger Monday!

    Monday, November 03 2008

    Things are tense in Robin's labor and delivery room. Kelly explains that, although the baby's heart rate is dropping a C-section isn't going to be easy because of the baby's position. Kelly fears that cutting right through the placenta might cost Robin too much blood. They decide to wait just a little longer and hope the baby's distress corrects itself.

    Sonny Swims With the Fishes!

    Friday, October 31 2008

    At the wedding, the minister asks for a doctor and half the congregation stands up. Kelly steps forward and takes charge; the crowd is dispersed. Kelly says they can't wait for an ambulance and they commandeer a limo to get Patrick and Robin to the hospital. Anna drives while Patrick, Robin and Kelly are in the back; Robin tells Anna to slow down but she just keeps driving faster!

    Anna, Robin, Patrick and Kelly arrive at the hospital; Kelly and Elizabeth takes Robin and Patrick into a delivery room. Kelly sees that the baby's heart rate dropped and says there could be problems. She tells Robin they have to move the baby and asks Patrick to support Robin so they can work quickly. Kelly calls for an O-R but they are booked. Epiphany and Liz look at one another. Kelly leaves to clear a room, just in case they have to do a C-Section there. Patrick tells Robin things will be okay; she has another contraction and screams. The baby becomes more distressed.

    Tequila Time!

    Wednesday, October 22 2008

    Patrick brings Robin in to Jake's and all of her friends are there for a surprise bridal/baby shower. Lainey, Kelly, Liz, Epiphany, Nadine and Coleman all have margaritas, but give her a 'virgin' one. Coleman makes a crack about a pregnant virgin, while Liz gives a lovely toast. Then they do a 'lick it, slam it, suck it' for old time sake with tequila shots.

    Fevers & Spinelli are an Odd Combination.

    Thursday, August 28 2008

    Robin gets off the third floor elevator and sees her friends huddled around talking. She approaches them and loudly says that it's not fair of everyone to push her into a proposal that she doesn't want to accept. Kelly pulls her away from the desk and points out that Patrick heard what she said.

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