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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Kelly Lee - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Kelly Lee Played by Minae Noji on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Minaei Noji (ABC)

    Birthday: May 30 1973
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Real Name: Minae Noji
    Web site:


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    Robin Faces the Music.

    Monday, April 27 2009

    Back at the hospital, Patrick has found Kelly to get her point-of-view of what happened with Robin. She explains their scene at the top of the stairs and comes out and tells him about Robin throwing her meds away. She tells Patrick that Robin is in denial and the slightest thing, like their argument, can set her off. Patrick is more determined than ever to try to get through to Robin and asks Kelly for her help. Then he calls Liz, too.

    And Down She Goes.

    Friday, April 24 2009

    "The test confirms that you have ZBT," Kelly tells Carly over the phone. She lists all of the problems that could result and tells her to come see her right away. After Carly hangs up, Jax asks why she went pale? Carly blames it on hormones and leaves it at that. She tells him that she needs to go to GH to wait for Michael to arrive and he tells her to take all the time that she needs.

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Kelly is giving Carly a dire warning. "The only way to guarantee your safety is termination," she says. Carly says that is out of the question and asks what else she can do. Kelly says there's a one in two chance that she'll develop a serious clot or an embolism. Carly sees that as a 50% chance that she and the baby will be just fine. It is Kelly's strong opinion that she tell her husband, but Carly says that she'll get a new doctor who will help her if she won't. Kelly promises to help as best she can, but warns Carly to avoid stress. When Carly steps into the hallway, Epiphany tells her about Jason's accident.

    Robin took Emma to see the pediatrician alone since Patrick had patients to deal with. Kelly runs into them and coos over how cute Emma is. Robin is in a good mood and brags that she is doing it all by herself because she's not taking her meds. Kelly calls that very careless! Robin doesn't appreciate being treated like a child and tries to walk away. Instead she ends up pushing Emma's stroller down the staircase.

    At the Risk of Repeating Myself - Boom!

    Thursday, April 23 2009

    "You're gonna need Jax's support," Kelly tells Carly over the phone when she gives her the test results a few minutes later.

    Ric's Scared for his Life.

    Wednesday, April 15 2009

    After Patrick is chastised by Robin for making sure that she's okay, he leaves her alone. When Kelly joins her Robin asks if she can prescribe something different for her than the antidepressants that Dr. Brown ordered. Kelly tells her that Dr. Brown's professional opinion needs to be respected and that she needs to give the meds time to work. Later, Robin finds Patrick talking with Elizabeth about his problems and Robin explodes at him for not respecting her privacy. The entire lobby is listening to their dirty laundry. Finally, Robin pushes Patrick far enough for him to explode with, "You're the one who drove to Rochester and slept with some stranger!"

    Helena Appears Like The Wizard of Oz.

    Tuesday, April 14 2009

    Later, Robin grumbles to Kelly about seeing Patrick in the park with Liz. Lee reminds her how long they've both been friends with Liz and Robin admits that she's wrong once again. Across the hall, Patrick gives Liz one of his toy racecars to pass on to Cameron.

    Maxie Pays the Piper.

    Monday, April 13 2009

    Over at Metro Hospital, Claudia sees that Carly is eavesdropping on her conversation with Kelly so she acts as if she is trying not to get pregnant to abide by her husband's wishes. She gets up and leaves Kelly to speak with Carly. Carly reminds Kelly that it's been a year since her miscarriage and she's unclear why she was advised not to get pregnant again. Kelly recalls her last round of tests and says that it isn't a good idea for her to try for another baby because she could be conducive to forming blood clots. Carly says that she might already be pregnant and Kelly tells her that her life and her baby's could be at risk. "If I am pregnant and I have this disorder, would I have to terminate the pregnancy?" Carly asks.

    The Truth Comes Out.

    Friday, April 10 2009

    Claudia goes to Mercy hospital to ask Kelly how long it might take for a healthy woman to get pregnant. Kelly tells her it could take a week or a month and asks what's her rush? Claudia doesn't answer, but asks if she should start fertility drugs. Carly comes in, sees the two women together and raises an eyebrow.

    Robin Finally Listens to Someone's Advice.

    Wednesday, April 08 2009

    Claudia forces Dr. Lee to make time for Mrs. Sonny Corinthos and asks her how quickly she can find out if she's pregnant. Kelly tells her that she'll have to wait 10 days after conception for a blood test to show a pregnancy and that a home pregnancy test isn't accurate until after she misses a period.

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