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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Kelly Lee - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Kelly Lee Played by Minae Noji on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Minaei Noji (ABC)

    Birthday: May 30 1973
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Real Name: Minae Noji
    Web site:


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    Setting Limits.

    Tuesday, October 13 2009

    Jax comes to the hospital and finds Johnny and Coleman with Carly. The men explain what happened in unison and Kelly walks in saying they need to discuss the possibility of a C-section because the baby could be born tonight.

    Private and Confidential.

    Thursday, October 08 2009

    Sam brings an embarrassed Kristina to the clinic and assures her the clinic is about preventing unwanted pregnancies and STDs and they are all about privacy. Kristina points out if their mother had been responsible, they wouldn’t exist. If she ever did get pregnant, she wouldn’t give up her baby for adoption or keep him/her away from his/her father. Sam tells her they can’t judge her and that Alexis loves them, but Kristina feels too much pressure from her and doesn’t want Alexis to know she is at the clinic for birth control. They see Kelly walk by and Kristina worries she will tell their mother.

    Kelly assures Kristina her appointment is completely confidential, so she won’t be telling Alexis. Kelly leaves and Sam reiterates that she thinks Kristina is too young to be sexually active, but she is by her side. The nurse comes to get Kristina and she goes in for an exam.

    Sorry For Your Loss.

    Monday, July 27 2009

    Jax finds Kelly and tells her about Michael, but he doesn't think Carly should know about it. Kelly agrees, saying it could make things worse.

    Kelly comes to see Claudia and offers to have Dr. Winters come to talk to her. Claudia asks why exactly the baby died and Kelly tells her it was due to the seatbelt’s force during the accident. Kelly asks if there is anyone she wants to have called and Claudia says she wants to see the person who ran her off the road.

    Elizabeth tells Claudia she is sorry for her loss, but Claudia is sick of hearing those words. Johnny returns after Liz leaves and she asks if he thinks she would have been a good mom. Johnny does and they talk about their past and how much she wanted to give her baby everything they didn’t have. Kelly returns to perform a D&C and Johnny leaves.

    Bad News All Around.

    Friday, July 24 2009

    Morgan listens in as Kelly tells Carly and Jax that her blood pressure is dangerously high and could be fatal. Morgan runs off as Kelly reminds Carly to avoid all tension and stress if she wants the baby to have a chance. Kelly leaves and Jax comforts and reassures his wife. He tells her nothing is worth her life, but Carly says it won’t be an issue because she will remain calm.

    Johnny sits with Claudia until she wakes up. Kelly comes in and says the surgery had no adverse effects on the fetus, but the seatbelt she was wearing caused severe trauma, which has compromised the baby. Kelly says the baby’s heartbeat has had a steady decline and the fetus has sustained damage to a vital organ and there is nothing they can do. Claudia breaks down as Johnny tries to console her and then leaves to find Sonny.

    No Pressure.

    Thursday, July 23 2009

    Claudia won’t risk her baby’s life by taking the medication, but the doctors tell her it’s the best treatment option for her. Patrick says they can perform surgery, but there are a lot of negative side effects, including death. Johnny wants Claudia to take the medication, but Sonny tells him he’s not helping. Johnny wonders why he is risking Claudia’s life for a baby he doesn’t even want. More debate ensues and Claudia says Patrick is the best and will do for her what he did for Michael. Patrick goes to prep the OR, as Johnny continues to try and get Claudia to change her mind.

    Kelly comes to Carly’s room and Jason and Morgan go out in the hall. Morgan tells Jason that Michael is going to the police to turn himself in for Claudia’s accident.

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