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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Kelly Lee - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Kelly Lee Played by Minae Noji on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Minaei Noji (ABC)

    Birthday: May 30 1973
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Real Name: Minae Noji
    Web site:


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    Hello, Daddy!

    Friday, February 01 2008

    Carly arrives at the hospital and asks Dr. Lee for a pregnancy test. She is very excited about the chances of pregnancy and they go to take the test. After the test Carly gets in her car, crying. She tries to make a call.

    The Game of Hard Ball.

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Patrick is stunned to hear that Robin is pregnant. It takes a minute, but finally he offers his congratulations. He says that he wants her to be happy and gives her a kiss. Cassius, Leyla, Kelly, Ian and Epiphany are nearby and Patrick announces Robin's big news. No one seems to know quite how to react, so Cassius congratulates Patrick! Patrick quickly says that he's not the father and Robin rambles something about going to a sperm bank. Kelly looks confused and Leyla looks relieved. After the crowd disbands, Ian tells Patrick that he looked terrified for a minute there. Kelly immediately corners Robin and asks why she lied to everyone about the sperm bank. Robin says that she didn't want everyone to know that she had sex with a guy from a bar. Kelly looks annoyed and walks away.

    Secrets Are Out!

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    Over at Jake's there's a little happy hour forming. Leyla and Ian arrive and Lainey, Kelly and Nadine are at the bar. Lulu and Logan are shooting pool. Ian tells Leyla that he's aware that she's using him to make Patrick jealous and is happy to oblige. After talking for a while, Leyla says that he's too much like Patrick for her to be interested, and then leaves. Johnny shows up for a bite to eat and Logan gets in his face. Lulu puts on some music and takes Logan to dance.

    Coop Steals the File!

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Kelly and Robin are working the night shift and they agree that it's pretty much a ghost town. Kelly starts to talk about Robin's pregnancy, but Robin tells her to "Shh!" Just then, Patrick comes up from behind and asks Robin why she is keeping things from him. It turns out that he's talking about Nikolas's treatment. Robin hastily tells him that she just doesn't want Nikolas to be another notch on his OR belt just like all of the notches on his "other" belt. Patrick says that it's a good thing they broke up because they would've deteriorated to this level down the road anyway.

    Sadness is in the air.

    Monday, January 21 2008

    Robin thinks Kelly is joking about her being pregnant. Kelly tells her that she's four weeks along, which means the baby was conceived right about Christmas time. Robin sits down and Kelly asks why she's not thrilled. Robin says that she wanted to be pregnant, but in her way - in a controlled way. Kelly says that this could've happened in one of three ways. Either she already went to a sperm bank, had unprotected sex, or used a defective condom. Robin says that she would never have unprotected sex! That's when she realizes that her pregnancy is the result of a ripped condom. Kelly says that Robin has to tell the father that he was put at risk for HIV, even though her viral load is undetectable at this point.

    At GH, Leo and Patrick are in the locker room (and don't know that Robin is, too.) Patrick tells Leo about his recent tryst with Leyla and how confusing it was to him. Leo says that if he's not getting back with Robin what's the problem? He adds that it's a good thing he ran HIV tests after the broken condom incident a few weeks ago. Patrick says that now that he knows he wasn't infected, he and Robin don't have to have an awkward conversation. He says that Robin will go to a sperm bank, get pregnant and that will be the nail in their coffin. Robin promptly finds Kelly and says that the guy she was with was tested and isn't HIV positive. Then she asks Kelly to keep her pregnancy a secret.

    Unexpected Behavior.

    Friday, January 18 2008

    Back at the hospital, Kelly and Robin are at the nurses' desk and Kelly asks how Robin is feeling. Robin says she's tired of the subject already. Kelly tells her that soon they'll be ready to go to the lab and start her pregnancy plan, so she'd better get used to being fussed over. A few minutes later, Kelly finds Robin in the hallway and tells her that her blood work is in and that she's pregnant!

    Jason Rolls the Dice.

    Thursday, January 17 2008

    Just as Nikolas is about to go nuts on Joe, Jason thinks quickly and knocks him out. Agitated, Joe tells Sam to find out how his wife is because if something happens to the baby, he will lose the last reason he has to live. Kelly comes out and says that she can't find any good news for him until she is able to give Angela some tests and she needs help. Joe agrees to whatever she needs and Kelly goes to find Monica to help her.

    Down the hall Monica is chugging vodka from a flask. Kelly finds her and she says she'll be right there. Right after she fills her water bottle with vodka.

    Back at GH, Kelly and Monica tell Angela that her baby is swollen and could be suffering from heart failure. Angela is worried, but they don't say much. Out in the lobby, Jason gets gutsy and decides to challenge Joe. As everyone urges him not to, he reaches for the hand that holds the detonator. Finally he wrestles it away from Joe's grasp and announces that it wasn't a real bomb. Jason tells Joe that after hearing him talk about his son, there's no way he would risk his life that way. Just then, Mac and the cops come in and take Joe away.

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