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    General Hospital CAST - Logan Hayes

    Full detailed profile on Logan Hayes Played by Josh Duhon on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Josh Duhon (ABC)
    Logan Hayes

    Actor: Josh Duhon

    Who played Logan Hayes over the years

    Josh Duhon (March 7, 2007 - September 2, 2008 )

    Useful information on Logan Hayes

    *He served in Iraq.
    *He was in the same combat group with Cooper Barrett.
    *Although his parents weren't revealed at first, it was later determined that he is the son of Scott Baldwin.
    *He's always looking for an easy (and not necessarily legal) way to make some money.


    Past: Anthony Zacchara's private security guard
    Past: A security guard at the Metro Court.
    Past: A military man


    Logan appeared in Port Charles in 2007 in order to find his old military buddy, Cooper Barrett. He said that he simply wanted to give Coop his share of some quick cash they made while running a scam while overseas. But he stuck around. At one point he told Coop that his father was from Port Charles, but then he said that he made it up.

    He fell in love with Lulu Spencer but blew it when he slept with Maxie Jones on a bet. Lulu left him and starting dating Johnny Zacchara. Logan never recovered and ultimately died as a result. (He tried to force Lulu back with him and she stabbed him by accident.)










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    Tuesday, September 02 2008: Liz and Jason Revisit Their Decision.

    Lulu is sitting with Laura at Shadybrook when Logan appears again. Laura quickly figures out what's going on and cradles Lulu's head. She urges her not to give Logan power over her. Lulu says that he appears every time she starts to feel hopeful. Laura tells her that isn't Logan at all, it's her own mind. She tells her to look at Logan and tell him why he died and that she's sorry, but she is not going to give up the rest of her life for him. Lulu is afraid, but Laura urges her to relive every feeling she had the night Logan died. Lulu puts herself back into that night and as she gets angry, Laura excitedly tells her to tell Logan to leave her alone. "Stop!" Lulu yells at the wall. She yells that he wouldn't listen to her until he finally shoved himself onto the knife and died. She forgives him but tells him to leave her alone so they can both be at peace. Logan turns and walks away and Lulu collapses into her mother's arms.

    Friday, August 22 2008: Dr. Robin Drake?

    Jason and Lulu have arrived at the PCPD and Jason assures Detective Harper that Lulu's been searched and is okay to see Johnny. Meanwhile, Johnny has seen her through the window in the interrogation room and already opened the door. Claudia objects, but Johnny orders her to leave so Lulu can come in. Claudia steps out and gets in Jason's face for bringing Lulu. She doesn't have to do it alone for long because Lucky storms in and takes over.

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