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    General Hospital CAST - Max Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Giambetti Played by Derk Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Derk Cheetwood (ABC)

    Birthday: October 8, 1973
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married Cari Costner in 2006, daughter Kylie (2008)
    Real Name: Derk Cheetwood


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    Out Of Whack.

    Thursday, August 25 2011

    After Jason sends him as backup, Max finds The Jackal hiding out in a dumpster outside Luzetta's Bakery. Diane finds them in hopes of getting more dirt to tease for her sequel during her upcoming book tour. Max is upset he didn’t know she was leaving town. The Jackal thinks Diane's just not that into Max, but Diane calls it bad scheduling. Max doesn't want it to be over between them, but she doesn’t want him to wait around for her. She thinks it makes the most sense to end things. After Max leaves, The Jackal becomes fixated on the bakery's name and Diane gives him its history. He thinks something is out of whack with the single Z, double T in Luzetta. He looks at the bag and says, "This ain't the original recipe." He examines two bags he found in the dumpster and discovers a small difference between the two.

    Life Without A Safety Net.

    Tuesday, August 16 2011

    Dante brings Sonny to the station for assaulting him. Sonny leaves a message for Diane as Lulu visits Dante. She tells him she 's looking for Lucky, but Dante hasn't seen him. She takes a call from Ethan about Siobhan's accident with Elizabeth. He doesn't want her to be alone right now, so Lulu heads over. Dante walks back into to see Sonny, who says Diane will have him out in a couple of days. Dante says that will give Jax enough time to get out of town without more bullets flying. Sonny declares that Jax isn't going anywhere. Dante wonders what he did. Later, Max drops in and tells Sonny there was a problem and Jax already took off.

    Mommy Got Shot.

    Monday, August 15 2011

    Outside Jason's hospital room, Patrick tells Sam his scans came back clean. However, they need to wait until he wakes up to give him a full examination. As Sam sits by Jason's side, he squeezes her hand and opens his eyes. Patrick examines Jason, who only wants to get to Carly and Josslyn. Patrick tells him he has to stay put. In the hallway, Sam tells Max to lie to Jason about what's been going on. Max goes in Jason's room and catches Jason up, but Jason knows he's keeping something from him. Max tells Jason that Jax grabbed Josslyn and Sonny is after him. Sam hits Max and tells Jason, who is trying to get out of bed, that if he leaves he will lose her. Jason settles back in bed and Sam throws Max out. Jason tells Sam he needs to check on Carly and Josslyn, but Sam becomes upset that he won't stay out of Carly's life. She reminds him they are planning a life together and it won't happen if he's not around to live it. She knows he needs to know they are okay though so she hands him his phone.

    Back in his office, Sonny tells Max that he has arranged for Jax to have engine problems on his jet. He orders when Jax tries to get help, Max will grab him. He will then take him to the boat. They will sail off and Jax will fall overboard. After Max has left, Dante walks in and arrests his father.

    You're Not My Wife.

    Thursday, August 04 2011

    Johnny walks the pier and gets cornered by Max, Milo and Sonny. Sonny and Johnny exchange threatening words. Johnny assumes Sonny is just looking for a fight because he's upset about Brenda. An argument about moving drugs through the town ensues, which leads to discussion about Sonny's kids. Max and Milo grab Johnny, who reminds Sonny if something happens to him, the balance between the five families will be disrupted. Johnny thinks Sonny needs him. Sonny says they'll see and walks away, as Max and Milo let Johnny go.

    Aiden Is My Son!

    Wednesday, June 22 2011

    Max tries to keep the peace at the house as Sonny and Diane argue about him adopting Alec. She won't be a party to making him a father again and she already told Brenda that. Sonny warns that unless she stays out of his personal life, he will fire her. Brenda returns with Alec, who tells Sonny, "Anthony says hello." Max takes Alec upstairs as Brenda relays that Anthony indicated they are being watched at all times.

    Anthony returns home to find Sonny and Max waiting for him. Sonny makes threats against Johnny if Anthony ever goes near his family again.

    Michael's Off Parole.

    Wednesday, June 15 2011

    At the house, Max tells Brenda that his brother is teaching Alec martial arts. She doesn't like that. Diane shows up to see her man and test his back. Brenda starts badgering her about Alec but Diane says she's busy. Milo hops in and Brenda begins lecturing them about appropriate activities around her son. When she starts talking about having Sonny adopt him, the lawyer says that would be inadvisable. This annoys the unemployed supermodel. Diane tells her what a bad idea bringing another son into Sonny's life is and refuses to be involved. Brenda flounces off. Max tells Diane what a mistake she is making but she refuses to compromise on this. Brenda returns and says Diane gave her lots to think about.

    Graduation Day.

    Tuesday, June 14 2011

    Sonny has Max and Milo physically bring Ethan to him at home. Sonny tells Ethan he can take a pay off and leave town or he can go to the Pine Barrens with Max and Milo. Either way, Sonny does not want to see Ethan with Kristina. Ethan declines the payoff, so Sonny orders his men to take Ethan away. Ethan insists he and Kristina are just friends and that Sonny should trust his daughter's judgment. Milo leads Ethan out, but Sonny tells Max to let him go. Later, Brenda tells Sonny she's not going to Michael and Kristina's graduation. She fears Carly will start something with her and she doesn’t want to do that to his kids. He reminds her she is his wife and his kids are expecting her to be there. She holds her ground and sends him on his way. Jax stops by to tell Sonny he will be at the graduation, but Brenda informs Jax her husband's not home. She then says she's not going to the ceremony. Jax invites her to go with him.

    A Little Help From Her Friends.

    Tuesday, April 12 2011

    Brenda introduces Kristina to Lucian at Kelly's. Kristina is stunned to learn the boy is Brenda's son. Brenda tells her of their plans to put a playground in the backyard and how Sonny made grilled cheese sandwiches with the boy. Kristina suggests a family brunch, but Brenda says they're going to bond just the three of them first and then they'll introduce the rest of the family. Lisa enters Kelly's and listens to Kristina lament her problems. Lisa offers to give her an herbal remedy to help calm her nerves. Lisa leaves as Ethan enters and sits with Kristina. She opens up about her issues with Sonny and how Lucian is throwing a wrench into the progress she's made with her father. Ethan suggests she not shut Sonny out because she does have a place in his life.

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