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    General Hospital CAST - Max Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Giambetti Played by Derk Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Derk Cheetwood (ABC)

    Birthday: October 8, 1973
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married Cari Costner in 2006, daughter Kylie (2008)
    Real Name: Derk Cheetwood


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    Grandmother Sounds So Old.

    Thursday, January 26 2012

    As Sonny orders flowers on the phone in his office, Anthony walks in. The men share tense words about Sonny revealing Johnny's true parentage. Anthony warns, since Sonny hurt his kid, he'll hurt one of his. Sonny retorts some threats of his own. After Anthony leaves, Sonny tells Max it's time to take back what's his.

    It's Over.

    Tuesday, December 20 2011

    Maxie asks Matt to a holiday party at the hospital. He's not in the mood for holiday cheer. Matt sees Ewen walk by. He asks what he's doing there and Ewen fills him in on being a doctor and how Liz left Shadybrook early. Carly brings a resistant Shawn to GH. As they debate him being there, Ewen observes from afar. Shawn walks away to talk to Max about Bernie, who will be okay. Carly overhears them discuss that the ambush was meant for Jason and they should call the boss. Carly calls Jason to tell him he needs to come back. She tried calling Sonny but he didn't pick up. After Carly hangs up she gets back into a debate with Shawn, as a dog runs up. Shawn immediately takes to him. Ewen tells Carly about the service dog program the hospital runs and takes the dog to see patients. Carly suggests Shawn get into dog therapy, but he knows the programs are full and he can't cover the costs anyway.

    Jason returns to the restaurant and encounters an abrasive Ronnie. After the cops don't find any evidence, they leave. Max shows up and tells Jason Bernie will be okay and they muse on who could have done this. Jason knows he should have seen this set up coming.

    The Bond Of The Creator.

    Thursday, December 01 2011

    Shawn finds Carly at the Metro Court and yells at her for being out in public where Franco can get her. Spinelli enters chatting with FOS – Friends of Spinelli – on his phone. Carly tells Shawn she won't stay home and let Franco ruin her life. Max and Milo walk in, as Shawn tells her he has to meet with Jason so the boys will be protecting her. Shawn leaves and the brothers pump Spinelli for betting information. They realize Spin is giving FOS his betting tips in exchange for much needed services. They lean on him for Mr. Sir's money as Maxie runs in asking Spinelli to find Matt. Spinelli has a source who might be able to access Matt's phone records. He obtains the last number Matt called at 3.08 AM and gives it to Maxie.

    Maxie returns to the hospital. Patrick still hasn't heard from Matt, but suspects she'll hear from him soon enough. Maxie calls the number Spinelli gave her. It's for the hospital's forensic lab.

    Shawn returns to the Metro Court to find Max and Milo eating while Carly is nowhere to be found. Carly returns saying she was busy running her hotel. Shawn worries she's taking too many chances being alone and declares she needs full time protection. Carly suggests he move in with her.

    Lead The Way.

    Monday, November 07 2011

    In his office, Spinelli looks online for information on the mysterious lights he saw at Wyndemere. Max and Milo enter to demand he find Sonny's money. Spinelli clicks onto a sports betting site and wins. Milo and Max wonder how he did it. Spinelli says he looked at the screen and the odds were clear. Max and Milo order him to find the money and leave. Maxie walks in and kisses Spinelli, who realizes she had an argument with her "man friend."

    The Lady's Looking For Trouble.

    Friday, November 04 2011

    Milo brings a drunk Max and Diane into Sonny's house, interrupting Dante and Lulu's announcement. Sonny orders Diane out, but she wants to know what's going on. The room clears out leaving Diane to explain to Alexis she is no longer representing Sonny. She suggests Alexis represent him. Alexis balks, as Diane explains she is now focusing on her gossip column instead of law. She summons Max and leaves so Alexis and Sonny can work out the details, but Alexis flees. Later, Ethan arrives, as Olivia gets dizzy again and heads home. Alexis helps Kristina bypass Sonny so she can say goodbye to Ethan alone. In the foyer, Ethan gives Kristina a bracelet and encourages her to take full advantage of her opportunities at Yale, including boys. She says she'll give the guys a chance, but in her heart she'll be waiting for him. Later, Michael tells Abby it was two years ago that he killed Claudia. Sonny happens by and overhears Michael say it will never be over for him and that he still dreams about her. Sonny makes a call, as Kristina says her final goodbyes to everyone. Alone with Michael, Dante urges his brother not to help Sonny cover up the truth.

    You Want A Cookie?

    Tuesday, October 04 2011

    Michael meets Sonny in his office after the Don sends Max to bring Spinelli to him. Michael wants to help with what went down at the warehouse, but Sonny doesn’t want his son involved. Michael is offended, but Sonny instructs him to go to Argentina on coffee business. Michael won't let Sonny brush him aside so easily. Max returns with Spinelli, who tries to tell Mr. Sir that he is having difficulty. Sonny just orders him to find footage from the warehouse. Spinelli confesses that he has reached his cyber ceiling and is no longer of any use to him. He leaves, but Sonny orders Max to coerce Spinelli because they need the footage. Shawn shows up and tells Sonny what he figured out at the warehouse thanks to Michael. He'll tell Sonny where the drugs are now, but not in front of Michael, who becomes irate. He can't believe Sonny would trust Shawn and tells his father about Carly and Shawn exiting the panic room.

    There's No Place Like Home.

    Tuesday, September 20 2011

    Sam finds Jason trying to walk in the hospital hallway. She thinks he is trying to leave to work, but Jason says he's practicing for their big day. Sam gets Jason settled back in his bed. She starts to feel overwhelmed about the wedding, but Jason wants her to forget what everyone else wants. He asks what she wants. She just wants to get married. He tells her all that really matters is them. Max enters and updates Jason on what's been going on. Jason wants Shawn on security detail at the wedding. After Max leaves, Sam notes their wedding would be the perfect time for someone to make a move. They agree to tune everything else out at their. Max returns after Sam has left. He's happy for Jason, but sad for him and Diane. Jason tells him he wants Shawn to focus on Franco. Sam returns, as Spinelli and Maxie stop by. Maxie tells them Spinelli saved her life, but she lost the ring…again.

    Out Of Whack.

    Thursday, August 25 2011

    Patrick and Sam walk into Jason's hospital room to find him giving Max orders. Sam pulls Max out in the hallway demanding to know what's going on. Max tells him Jason is making arrangements should he die. Sam bursts back into Jason's room as Patrick leaves. She orders Jason not to give up because losing him is not an option. She asks him not to conduct business there and to just focus on getting better. Patrick, Robin and Monica enter the room. Robin tells them she thinks she found a piece of AJ's dashboard, from the original accident, in Jason's brain. She muses it's a problem after all these years because the recent accident shifted the particle, which is pressing on his nerve centers. Alone, Jason tells Sam he wants to be her husband for as long as he can. She asks if he's going to have the surgery then.

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