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    General Hospital CAST - Max Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Giambetti Played by Derk Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Derk Cheetwood (ABC)

    Birthday: October 8, 1973
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married Cari Costner in 2006, daughter Kylie (2008)
    Real Name: Derk Cheetwood


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    A Wedding For The Books.

    Monday, October 01 2012

    Olivia and Steve meet Dante and Lulu at The Haunted Star for the wedding. Olivia rushes off to see Kate while Lulu tells Steve that Olivia had another hallucination. Meanwhile, Max warns Milo to keep quiet with Sonny. Sonny overhears and demands to know what they are talking about. Max tells him it is a wedding surprise. Sonny does not want any surprises today. Maxie pulls Lulu aside and tells her how she went to tell Spin she loved him and saw him asking a girl out. Later, she sees Spin and Ellie together and gets upset. Alone, Spin tells Ellie about his history with Maxie but that they are over.

    Party’s Over.

    Friday, September 28 2012

    At the poker game at Pazullo’s, Max lets the guys know Milo is working security at The Floating Rib. At the end of the hand, Spin gets up to text Ellie. He tells Jason she will convince him that Sam’s baby is still alive. Ellie arrives and Jason thinks she is an interesting girl. Spin likes her. Jason tells Ellie about the blood type snafu and she tells him it is impossible that the dead baby is Sam’s. Later, Sam drops off divorce papers to Jason. Spin asks Ellie out just as Maxie walks in. Meanwhile, Michael and Dante talk about Starr’s living situation. Dante does not want them involved with Trey, a hustler with an agenda. Michael tells Dante about his attack on Trey in Vegas. Dante wants Michael to be careful because of his record. Michael is trying hard to stay out of it. Later, Milo returns and tells Max the truth about what happened. Max tells Milo he has to keep it from Sonny if he wants to live.

    Hell Of A Birthday.

    Tuesday, April 24 2012

    McBain stops by Sonny's house. Max answers the door. John gives him a gift for Sonny, which is a framed copy of the article about his sister. Max wonders what it means. McBain says it will mean something to his boss. The gift giving isn't over as McBain hands Max a search warrant and heads upstairs. A worried Ewen shows up looking for Kate, but Max tells him she's out with Sonny. Ewen demands to know where they are, but Max ushers him out. McBain returns downstairs and tells Max to make sure Sonny knows he stopped by.

    Jason and Michael stop by Sonny's house and learn McBain came by with a federal warrant. Jason recalls Sam telling him she used a contact at the FBI to get Franco's DNA. Jason can't believe Max let John search the house alone, but Max explains Dr. Keenan came by. Jason takes off to find out what's going on.

    Don’t Ever Call Me Crazy.

    Wednesday, April 18 2012

    At Sonny's Kate tries to explain to him about her sessions, but he says she doesn't have to. Olivia interrupts and says it can't wait. She needs his help with Steve and Johnny. Right away Max comes in with information for Sonny, so he leaves to hear it. Olivia approaches Kate and threatens her – Connie - to back off Steve. As they argue, Kate grabs her head. Olivia's taunting seems to bring on Connie, and Kate runs off as Connie taunts her to not reveal her existence to Sonny. Sonny comes back and tells Olivia that by this time tomorrow, Johnny will not be bothering Steve anymore. She backtracks: She does not want him hurt or dead and Sonny assures her no harm will be done to Johnny. He then reveals that Kate makes him very, very happy.

    Note To Self.

    Wednesday, April 11 2012

    McBain stops by the Corinthos house and orders Max to get his boss.

    Kate wakes up in bed alone and finds a note. She smiles, thinking it's from Sonny, but looks terrified when she reads the letter from Connie, who thanks her for letting her come out to play. Sonny returns to the room and points out Kate seems a little off. She tells him to worry about himself and the trial today, not her. He responds that her problems are his problems and asks if something is wrong. Max interrupts them to tell Sonny John McBain is waiting for him downstairs. Sonny tells Kate they'll pick this up later.

    Sonny and Max enter the main room, where McBain is waiting with Milo. Sonny and McBain do some posturing and exchange threats. John warns Sonny will finally pay for his sister and for Starr's baby and boyfriend. Max and Milo manhandle McBain and throw him out.


    Friday, February 17 2012

    At the benefit, Matt runs into Liz who is supposed to meet Ewen. Matt drinks and remains disdainful of the psychiatrist. Liz reminds Matt what happened on the party boat when he drank too much. Matt doesn’t think them almost kissing would be such a bad thing. Matt follows Liz out to the lobby as Liz tries to track down a missing Ewen. They talk about Maxie, as she appears and gets into it with them. Back inside the party, Shawn talks to Carly about TJ. She looks at Johnny as she says, with a little support anyone can change their life. At the same time, Maggie and Steve enter. They tell Olivia Maggie's date got held up. Meanwhile, Tracy arrives with Anthony, and Alexis sees Diane and Mac on a date together. Max takes note of Diane as well. Kate calls for the room's attention, but Carly interrupts her speech welcoming everyone. Sonny then makes his own speech about Dante getting shot and how GH saved his life. He wants other parents to receive the same miracle. He announces that the benefit is in Dante's honor. A drunk Johnny offers to donate $3 million dollars and he doesn't even like Dante. Sonny won't take his money and the men argue. Sonny won't let Johnny ruin his night and outs the truth about Johnny's parentage to the whole room. Johnny leaves, as a fuming Anthony threatens Sonny. When Sonny tries to talk to Kate, she recoils from his touch. Olivia and Dante lash out at Sonny for his behavior. Kate walks up to him, but Sonny brushes her off because he can't talk right now. Kate vents to Olivia about how stupid she was to think she could make it work with him.

    Baby Boy Moore.

    Thursday, February 16 2012

    Sonny and Kate arrive for the benefit at the Metro Court. Olivia arrives as does Max, who gets his instructions from Sonny. Dante shows up and accuses Sonny of throwing the party to provide an alibi. Father and son argue about Sonny's intentions until Olivia pulls Dante away to defend Sonny. Carly shows up and tells Sonny Jason could be dying. After she argues with Sonny and Kate, Carly runs into Shawn. She apologizes for not getting back to him about his invitation. He wonders if Johnny has been distracting her. She wonders if he has a problem with her hanging around Zacchara. Shawn admits he worries about her more than he should. Alexis arrives and then a drunk Johnny shows up.

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