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    General Hospital CAST - Max Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Max Giambetti Played by Derk Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Derk Cheetwood (ABC)

    Birthday: October 8, 1973
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married Cari Costner in 2006, daughter Kylie (2008)
    Real Name: Derk Cheetwood


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    Not Lonely Tonight.

    Monday, September 20 2010

    Diane comes to Sonny's house and finds Max. They discover remnants of Claire and Sonny's dinner and decide not to let the lovely table go to waste. They finish Claire and Sonny's meals and discuss Sonny returning to Port Charles because of Brenda. Max goes on and on about Brenda and how hot she is, but then backtracks and says she can't compare to Diane. Diane tells him to prove it and he comes over to kiss her. As they get frisky on the patio, Sonny and Claire come out and interrupt them. As she tries to regain her composure, Diane expresses her dismay at Claire sleeping with Sonny and warns that she just got played.

    Savior Complex.

    Thursday, September 16 2010

    Claire comes to Sonny's place furious he sent Max to give her some earrings as a gift at the station. She calls it inappropriate and reminds him he is no longer a conflict of interest so it doesn't help him to compromise her. He says he will just have to settle for being with her then. He wonders if she wants to be reassigned and she admits she wants to stay and get to know him better. He wants that too, but wonders why she is fighting him. She fears he is still using her but he insists that's not happening. He asks her to dinner tonight and she agrees only if he takes back the earrings. She leaves and Max comes in to find Sonny preparing for his dinner with Claire. Sonny tells his bodyguard he's manipulating it so Claire will think making the next move is her idea. He then has a memory of Brenda. Dante comes in and tells his father about Michael. Dante asks why he invited Claire to dinner and Sonny says he is using her, but not in the way she thinks. He admits Claire is a way for him to move forward and wonders if Dante thinks it's wrong to be with one woman in order to get over another.

    I'll Kill You!

    Friday, August 06 2010

    In his office, Sonny tells Max that he has things under control. As Max is leaving, Robin arrives. She says she got an email from Brenda but Sonny refused to take the information. As she’s leaving she places the note on the table. Sonny reminisces fondly about Brenda.

    It's Always About Sonny.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Sonny meets with Bernie at the restaurant when Max walks in and says, "It's done." They talk about how they set Johnny up for killing one of the Lopez brothers. Bernie thinks there could be trouble with Anthony if Johnny dies in retaliation. Sonny thinks there won't be any issues if Anthony dies in prison. Claire walks in and the flirting begins. Sonny orders his men out and he asks her to join him for lunch. She won't ever accept a free meal at his restaurant again so he says they can go to the Metro Court.

    Keep Your Homewrecking Self Away From My Family.

    Monday, July 26 2010

    Diane comes to Sonny's office and they discuss Michael's injuring himself on his first day on the road crew. Max comes in with shopping bags and Diane looks through them finding a new computer with all the bells and whistles and assumes it's for Claire. She thinks he's playing with fire and warns him to watch his back. Diane and Max leave and Sonny gets a call from Carly about what went down in the hospital. He asks to talk to Kristina, but she can't get on the phone. Michael takes the phone and tells his father Kristina is shaken up but she's okay. Michael tells him they hospital is on lockdown because someone took a baby. After hanging up with Michael, Sonny calls Alexis over to tell her what happened. Alexis thought something bad would happen to Kristina because of him, but it turns out she's the one who put her daughter in danger.


    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    Michael comes to the restaurant and overhears Sonny talking to Max about the bombing and admitting they set it off. Max leaves and a stunned Michael confronts his father. Alexis barges in and demands to know if Sonny planted the bomb.

    Point of No Return.

    Friday, July 02 2010

    In Johnny's parking garage, Max oversees the guy who sets the bomb and is assured as soon as the keyless entry is hit, everything within a 20 foot radius will blow sky high.

    Nothing He Can't Handle.

    Thursday, July 01 2010

    Johnny comes to the restaurant as Sonny lays out his plan to Max and Milo in his office. Sonny walks out to find Johnny enjoying a meal. They exchange words and after Johnny taunts Sonny about his sleeping with Kristina, Sonny dumps his food on him. Unfazed, Johnny gets up and tells Sonny it's not over and leaves. Olivia walks in to tell Sonny Johnny and Kristina are not sleeping together, they are just trying to get a rise out of him. It doesn’t matter to Sonny because he still sees that Johnny is hurting his daughter by playing these games. He tells Olivia everything will work out the way it's supposed to and says he knows he has to wait, be calm and show Kristina in the end, her dad will be there for her. Olivia thinks maybe the one therapy session he had with Kristina did more good than he thought.

    Max brings a guy to Johnny's car in the garage and after Johnny and Olivia go up to his place, the guy starts working on the bomb.

    Facing the Facts.

    Tuesday, June 29 2010

    Max and Milo go over their plans for the car bomb at the restaurant and Milo gets upset pointing out that's how Sonny's first wife died. He wonders what happens if the wrong person gets hurt again.

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