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    General Hospital CAST - Max Giambetti

    Full detailed profile on Max Giambetti Played by Derk Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Derk Cheetwood (ABC)
    Max Giambetti

    Actor: Derk Cheetwood

    Who played Max Giambetti over the years

    Derk Cheetwood (2006 - Present)

    Useful information on Max Giambetti

    *He has a huge crush on Mrs. C (Carly) but his loyalties to Sonny keep it at bay.
    *He is a very sweet mobster.
    *He works at the Metro Court for Carly because Sonny fired him for a while because he was more loyal to her than to him.


    Current: Security Guard at the Metro Court.
    Past: Security Guard for Sonny's organization


    He used to be the strong, silent type, but since he's developed strong feelings for Carly Corinthos, he's much more vocal. He puts her safety and happiness above all else.






    Milo Giambetti (half-brother)
    Maximus Giambetti (father)




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    Thursday, December 26 2013: GH Recap: Not A Dream.

    Olivia asks Morgan what he's doing outside Max's room at General Hospital. He cares about Max but turns down the invite to visit Max with her. Inside, Diane thinks Olivia should ask Sonny what happened. Milo thinks it's strange that Sonny shot Max too. Alone with Diane, Milo cries and blames himself for not having Max's back. Before leaving, Olivia explains to Morgan that Sonny's being held at the PCPD for shooting Max. Morgan says he's happy to see Michael when he arrives with Kiki. Michael asks for a minute and then asks Morgan what happened since he'd bet his life Sonny didn't shoot Max. Kiki calls Michael into Max's room.

    Monday, December 23 2013: GH Recap: With You.

    Carlos is holding TJ hostage when Julian and Morgan arrive at the warehouse. Julian won't leave without Carlos and shoots first. TJ scrambles out of the way while Carlos knocks out Max. Shawn covers TJ after Sonny's warning before he shoots Carlos. Carlos escapes out the back and Shawn gets TJ out at Sonny's request. Julian runs out of bullets and yells to Morgan to shoot Sonny as they face-off. Sonny won't point a gun at his son and warns Morgan that he won't be able to live with shooting his father. Morgan's startled and shoots Max when he comes around the corner. He drops the gun and Sonny goes to Max's side. Morgan didn't mean it. Sonny asks him to prove it and to put pressure on Max's wound. Julian yells, "It's now or never, Morgan!" Morgan runs off while Sonny calls 911. Max keeps saying, "Morgan shot me." Anna arrives and Sonny lies saying he shot Max when she asks but Anna's seen all the shell casings and reads Sonny his rights.

    Silas is ready to leave General Hospital with Sam when he's asked to stay for a patient. They find Rafe in the exam room with ice on his knuckles. He claims he hit the wall after thinking his and Taylor's plan may have brought Molly and TJ closer together. Silas ignores two incoming restricted calls before being called to handle a gunshot wound. After he leaves, another comes in while Sam is talking to Rafe. In emergency, Diane screams that Silas will have to work around her when he arrives. A nurse refuses to give Morgan information when he calls.

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