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    General Hospital CAST - Max Giambetti

    Full detailed profile on Max Giambetti Played by Derk Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Derk Cheetwood (ABC)
    Max Giambetti

    Actor: Derk Cheetwood

    Who played Max Giambetti over the years

    Derk Cheetwood (2006 - Present)

    Useful information on Max Giambetti

    *He has a huge crush on Mrs. C (Carly) but his loyalties to Sonny keep it at bay.
    *He is a very sweet mobster.
    *He works at the Metro Court for Carly because Sonny fired him for a while because he was more loyal to her than to him.


    Current: Security Guard at the Metro Court.
    Past: Security Guard for Sonny's organization


    He used to be the strong, silent type, but since he's developed strong feelings for Carly Corinthos, he's much more vocal. He puts her safety and happiness above all else.






    Milo Giambetti (half-brother)
    Maximus Giambetti (father)




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    Tuesday, September 23 2014: GH Recap: An Honest Woman

    Ava begs Shawn not to take her from her penthouse, then doubles over in pain. She passes out and while Shawn and Max debate what to do she suddenly makes a grab at Max’s gun. She’s unsuccessful, so demands to get her spilled medication before they leave. Just then Jordan arrives, shocked by the scene. She pulls a gun on Shawn, who already has his gun on her. Ava tells Jordan that Sonny will kill her after her baby is born. Jordan refuses to let Shawn drag Ava out of there. She gives Ava her keys and instructs her to where her car is. She promises to get Ava’s pills to her later and Ava runs off while Jordan faces off with Shawn. He tells her Ava is a cold blooded killer.

    At Sonny’s, Sam can’t believe Jason has been gone almost two years now. She had made steps to move on with Silas, but now she feels she’s taking steps back. Sonny knows Jason would want her to be happy. Outside, someone has a gun to Jason’s back and threatens to blow up the house with Sonny and his wife inside. Back inside, Sam and Sonny talk a bit more about Jason. Sonny gets called off by a guard who gives him an update on Ava’s situation. Sonny returns to let Sam out and they agree to keep in touch about Luke. Later, Max shows up and tells Sonny that Shawn has Ava and at this point nothing can go wrong. They talk about Jason’s birthday and toast to him.

    Monday, September 22 2014: GH Recap: Bad Head Space.

    Shawn, Max and crew rally to get Ava outside her penthouse. Inside, Ava is about to take her pill but is interrupted by a call from Kiki checking up on her. After the call she’s about to take her pill again when she hears a noise outside. When Max enters, Ava’s gone. He looks around and she clocks him with a vase from behind. She spills all her pills on the way out but is intercepted by Shawn, who paid her guard off. Still, there’s a shootout and Shawn, Max and Ava take cover inside. Shawn and his crew come out on top. Ava begs Shawn not to do this and then doubles over in pain. “My baby!” she cries.

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