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    General Hospital CAST - Cooper Barrett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cooper Barrett Played by Jason Gerhardt on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Gerhardt (ABC)

    Birthday: April 21
    Birthplace: Austin, Minnisota
    Marital Status: Married (Chalae), one daughter and one son
    Real Name: Jason Gerhardt
    Height: 6'1"
    Web site:


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    It's Just Not Sam's Day.

    Monday, July 09 2007

    Back in the D.A.'s office Ric tells Coop that his military record and test scores have impressed him. He asks Coop to start working as a liaison between the DA's office and the PCPD. Starting with the murder case against Jason.

    Sonny Catches Sam in a Lie.

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Ric has told Coop to bring Logan to his office. When he arrives, Logan asks Ric if Coop gets a little doggie treat for running his errands? Ric wants to know why Special Prosecutor Baldwin has it in for him. Ric offers to protect Logan from any fallout if he works with him. Logan says thanks, but no thanks and leaves. Ric picks up the phone and orders someone to do a background search on Logan Hayes.


    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    Coop and Maxi are enjoying their morning together in Coop's room. Logan busts in and says that he wants to thank Maxi for "how awesome she was last night." Maxi says that she just made him finish his sandwich, that's all. Logan insinuates that they did more than that and Coop yells at him for disrespecting Maxi. He throws Logan out and Maxi tells Coop that the best way to deal with Logan is to blow him off.

    Jason Goes to Prison.

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    At the PCPD, Coop is calling Maxi to tell her that he won't be off work until midnight. He hangs up quickly when he sees that Rodriquez and Scotty are bringing a drunk in - and it's Logan! Mac tells Coop to lock him up, but Coop says that he doesn't deserve to be railroaded by Baldwin. He asks Mac if he can take Logan home, and Mac agrees.

    Coop brings Logan to Kelly's to try to sober him up. As soon as Logan sees Maxi, he slurs that she wants him. Maxi and Coop roll their eyes and Mike brings over some food and a tall glass of orange juice. Logan wants to go someplace to drink more, but Coop slams him back down in his chair. "My father should pin a medal on you," Logan says and then he tells them that his father is Scott Baldwin the Special Prosecutor. Coop and Maxi are confused and Logan explains that Scott Baldwin got his mom pregnant and left town. Coop finally understands why he came to town in the first place. He says that he hates to leave, but he's got to get back to work. Maxi says that she'll watch Logan because she knows something about feeling abandoned by your dad. Logan starts to hit on her the second Coop's back is turned and Maxi tells him that he's looking for attention the same way she does when she's hurting. She says that she'll give him one free pass this time. So, he lays a big sloppy kiss on her.


    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    Coop and Maxi are lying around in bed. She says that she is happier than she's been in a long time. Coop says that he likes making her happy and seeing her all "soft and vulnerable". She laughs and says that those words have never been used to describe her. Just then, Logan comes into Coop's room looking for Maxi. She tells him that his nasty little would-be girlfriend Lulu came down all over her yesterday for trying to be supportive. She tells Logan to call Lulu off or else she'll take care of it and it won't be pretty. After Logan leaves the room, Coop gets dressed for work. Maxi tells him that even though he took the job because Sonny was blackmailing him, Mac says that he's doing a good job. Coop is flattered. Then he asks Maxi what's going on between her and Logan. Maxi says that Logan is obnoxious and that nothing is going on between them.

    Fatherhood Isn't Easy.

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    Lucky goes to Spinelli and Lulu at Kelly's and demands that they explain everything about their time with Liz and the boys at the park. Lucky asks if Liz seemed emotional or distracted before Jake disappeared. Lulu can't understand why that matters, and Lucky explains that Dr. Winters thinks Liz could have PPD. Lulu says that Liz is tired, but she's certainly not responsible for Jake's disappearance! Lucky says that they have to consider every possibility, that's all. Across the room, Maxi asks Coop what's going on and he tells her that Lucky's son was kidnapped. Maxi is horrified.

    Everyone Has a Theory.

    Monday, June 18 2007

    Spinelli is frantic as he races to the PCPD and demands that he speak with Jason Morgan on a family emergency. He says that Liz Spencer's baby was kidnapped and Coop asks what that has to do with Jason. Spinelli says that Jason has been a Spencer family friend and helped make sure that the baby came into the world safely. As he urgently speaks to Coop, Lucky and Liz arrives. Lucky jumps down Spinelli's throat for being involved with his son's case. He says that Jake is his son and HE will find him. Liz breaks down and Lainey comes to take her statement - at Mac's request.

    Jake's Gone!

    Friday, June 15 2007

    Lulu goes to Mike Corbin to ask if there's a room above Kelly's for her to rent. She explains that Tracy insisted that she leave Lucky's and move into the Q's, but they are driving her crazy. Soon Logan arrives and Lulu asks him if he's ready to tell her what Scott Baldwin did to him. Logan explains that Scott swindled his family years ago and so far, he hasn't recognized him. Lulu sympathizes with him and Maxi nearly purrs like a kitten from her table as she watches. However, upon hearing that Lulu wants to move into Kelly's, she tells Coop that she will be spending every night with him from now on!

    Sam's World is Closing In.

    Wednesday, June 13 2007

    Coop is having coffee at Kelly's when Maxi comes in and plants a big kiss on him. She tells him that she'll be waiting in his room when he gets off work. Logan comes in and catches them kissing and then Coop leaves for work. Logan slips right into Coop's seat and tells Maxi that Coop is a sucker. He taunts her with how they are about to end up in the sack after he seduces Lulu. Maxi says that she'll only be paying her debt with the devil for the pleasure of watching Lulu's heart break. After that is done, she informs Logan that she's "all about Coop." Logan tells Maxi that once she has him, she'll not want Coop again.

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