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    General Hospital CAST - Cooper Barrett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cooper Barrett Played by Jason Gerhardt on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Gerhardt (ABC)

    Birthday: April 21
    Birthplace: Austin, Minnisota
    Marital Status: Married (Chalae), one daughter and one son
    Real Name: Jason Gerhardt
    Height: 6'1"
    Web site:


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    Jerry Comes Through!

    Friday, August 10 2007

    Downstairs at Kelly's, Lulu is refilling salt shakers and Coop sits at the counter to chat with her. He says that his warning about Logan still stands, by the way. Lulu says that she's not afraid of Logan anymore.

    Coop walks into Logan's room and see his best friend and his girlfriend in a passionate kiss.

    Who's This Girl?

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    Logan warns Maxie that Lulu and Coop were looking awfully comfortable together. He wonders if there is more going on than simple healthcare! Lulu is trying to nurse Coop after his fight with Logan. She pulls his shirt off as Maxie arrives and tells Lulu to get away! Lulu leaves. Downstairs she confronts Logan about what he told Maxie. "Do you want me to hate you?" Lulu asks. Coop and Maxie return downstairs as Logan tells Lulu that Coop has feelings for her. Lulu turns to him, demanding that he tell Logan the truth - that they are just friends! Coop and Logan go outside, neither giving an inch. Coop tells Logan, again, to stay away from Lulu but Logan refuses. He brings up Iraq, telling Logan that he can't trust himself. "If you care about her, tell her what happened over there," Coop says.

    Maxie follows Coop to work, telling him to stay away from Lulu. She tells him how Lulu wraps guys around her fingers and says she is worried about him. This angers Coop, who wonders why Maxie doesn't trust him. "Sometimes I don't trust myself," she says.

    Sam takes the Stand.

    Monday, July 30 2007

    Logan finds Lulu behind the counter at Kelly's. He says that he misses his private nurse and Lulu nervously tells him that the Q's have her on a pretty tight leash. She says that she's sorry if she led him on, but they need to agree that it's over between them. Logan says that it didn't feel over when they kissed. Lulu tells him that Coop had a talk with her and convinced her to stay away from him because he's dangerous. Not long after this, Coop walks in and Logan pounces on him and forces him out the door and against a brick wall on the terrace. He's furious that Coop scared Lulu away from him and Coop tells him that it's for the best. As they pull apart, Logan slams Coop with a sucker punch to the side of his ribs. Lulu comes out and yells that Logan just proved that Coop is right. She threatens to call the cops if he doesn't leave.

    Lulu Hears an Echo.

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    Cody is pacing on the waterfront waiting for Maxi to return from the hospital with some drugs for him. When she arrives and says that she won't do it, he pins her against a wall and says, "Give me the drugs so this doesn't get ugly!" He is shaking her until he feels the cold barrel of a gun on his neck. It's Coop. Maxi tells Coop that Cody didn't hurt her and Cody tells Coop to go ahead and pull the trigger. Coop tells Cody to find another way to deal with what happened in Iraq. Cody turns the tables and tells Coop that he's useless unless he's being shot at. After Cody takes off, Coop takes Maxi up to his room and tries to impress upon her how loose of a cannon someone with post traumatic stress syndrome can be. He calms down a little and tells her that she turned his life around and he doesn't want anything to happen to her. He tells Maxi that she's not just a girl in his bed, she's his best friend. Then, he asks her to stay away from Logan, too, for that matter. Logan is his friend, but Coop isn't sure if he's of sound mind after the war.

    Coop finds Lulu at Kelly's and tells her to stay away from Logan because he can be dangerous. "When things go wrong, Logan tries to dig his way out and he ends up making everything worse," Coop says.

    Cat Fight!

    Tuesday, July 24 2007

    At Kelly's, Coop is telling Maxi that being a ping pong ball between the DA and Sonny is starting to get to him. He says that things have become more complicated since Logan was shot and Cody came to town. Maxi asks him if the roles were reversed, would Logan be this concerned about him? Coop says that Cody is dangerous and it's more than post traumatic stress syndrome, so he warns Maxi to stay away from the war between him and Logan. "Shut up and kiss me," Maxi says, and after they kiss, Coop goes to work.

    Coop goes to Logan's room and finds out hat he is spooked by Cody's presence in Port Charles. "You've got to admit that Cody has good reasons to hate you," Coop says. Logan says that he thought Coop understood. He says, "You know how things happen out there and besides, I thought you believed me when I told you it was an accident." Coop explains that he does believe him, but Logan has to deal with the person who he hurt the most. As they sit talking, Lulu comes to the door. Coop leaves so that Logan and Lulu can be alone. She gives him the muffins that she stole from the Q's and then sits down and asks what happened in Iraq between him and Cody. Logan sadly tells her about the women who carry their dead children in their arms and the smell that gets inside your head and never leaves. "War changes you, Lulu, at the core," he tells her. He says that he can't be mad at Cody because he snapped - it could've easily been him. Lulu is respectful and sympathetic and apologizes for bringing it up.

    Cody Comes To Town!

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    Mike tells Maxie that Georgie isn't going to make it to Kelly's on time - and tells her to fill in for her sister. Maxie declines but Mike ignores her, hands her an apron and tells her to get to work! Maxie is bussing tables when Coop walks in, surprised to see her working. Mike interrupts them, telling them to stop flirting and start working. Coop tells her about his day, still worried about shooting Logan. Maxie could care less that Logan was hurt and tells him so. Coop sees a friend from Iraq, Cody, outside and goes to talk to him. He wonders why Cody is there. Cody tells Coop that things aren't so great - and that he blames Logan! Coop tries to give him money but Cody won't take it. Maxie comes out, asking about Logan. Cody realizes Logan is in Port Charles and is angry that Coop didn't tell him. He decides its payback time; Coop warns Cody to stay away from Logan. Maxie just listens to them arguing and wonders what is really going on. When Cody storms off she asks Coop but he won't tell her. Maxie follows Coop back to his place, asking him what went on in Iraq. He will on say it was bad. Turning to her, Coop tells Maxie that she saved him from the road that Cody is on now!

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