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    General Hospital CAST - Cooper Barrett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cooper Barrett Played by Jason Gerhardt on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Gerhardt (ABC)

    Birthday: April 21
    Birthplace: Austin, Minnisota
    Marital Status: Married (Chalae), one daughter and one son
    Real Name: Jason Gerhardt
    Height: 6'1"
    Web site:


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    Zacchara Shoots Sonny!

    Friday, November 16 2007

    In the barn, Logan sees the cut on Johnny's hand. He says it looks just like wounds he saw in Iraq - those wounds happened with a soldier would hold a cord too tightly! Johnny can't remember how the injury happened. Lulu changes the subject and asks someone to take her to the main house so she can be with Nikolas. Johnny volunteers; Logan doesn't like that idea but before he can change her mind, Lulu and Johnny are gone. Coop and Maxie show up, along with Georgie. They fill them in on Emily's death. Out of nowhere, Spinelli says they need to do something. All the guys agree and they gather up farm implements and decide to go looking for the mercenaries!

    Trevor meets up with Zacchara on the terrace. He tells Anthony he has to go; Zacchara tells him about Sonny. A gunman comes up and Trevor orders him to take out Sonny but leave Kate alone! Zacchara asks Trevor when he started giving orders. Trevor tells Anthony he is just trying to help. They begin to argue. Off to the side, the guys from the barn hear them. Spinelli has an idea and calls out, pretending to be a cop. Everyone scatters. one of the bad guys comes through the hedge and Spinelli clonks him on the head, knocking him out. Excited he calls out to Logan and Coop and realizes they are nowhere to be found!

    Sonny Gives In.

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    In the ballroom, Georgie is worried about Maxi and Coop and Logan are trying to calm her down. She tells them to go after her sister and Logan asks why he should get himself killed for her? "You were a coward in Iraq and you're just as big of a coward now!" Coop shouts. Georgie turns and leaves them and after she's gone, Nik goes off on Logan. "Forget Anthony Zacchara, you're the one. whose crazy aren't you?" Logan asks his seething host.

    In the ballroom Jerry is arguing with Carly - who doesn't want to risk taking the launch. He assures her that the boat will be secured so that the goons don't sabotage it. As they argue, Sam slips away to find Lucky. Carly wants to get Jax before they leave and Jerry grabs her by the arms and screams at her that he won't let her die. Coop busts in and takes Carly away from Jerry, who tells "Three" that he will pay if anything happens to Carly!" Carly runs off and Jerry follows her. Georgie asks Coop why Jerry called him "Three"? He deflects her question by quickly formulating a plan to get her out of there safely. He says that he is as worried about Maxi as she is, but she wouldn't want her risking her life.

    The Dastardly DA doesn't seem so Dastardly.

    Wednesday, November 07 2007

    Logan is getting antsy. He asks Coop how badly he's hurt because they need to go out and look for Lulu. Coop says that he has a splitting headache. Maxi says that Lulu doesn’t need a hero; she's just out after her man of the day. Logan tells Maxi to shut up and that Lulu just feels sorry for Johnny. Maxi spits that if he was bald and fat she wouldn't be risking her life to be with him.

    Now THIS is is an Everyday Hero.

    Tuesday, November 06 2007

    In the ballroom, Nik admits to Emily that he had another blackout and that's why he doesn't know where Lucky is. Maxi and Georgie are nervously hanging out together, and Scott wants Luke to help him organize a search party. Luke thinks they don't have a chance against the "crack pot". Coop knocks at the door and Luke lets him in. He's soaking wet and bleeding from his forehead. Luke and Nik interrogate him and he says that he was checking things out but got knocked out. Nik thinks there are too many holes in his story. Just then, Lulu and Logan return to the ballroom and report that Anthony Zacchara is definitely in the mansion. Luke contends that they stick to his plan and stay locked up together in the ballroom. Logan says that Johnny is a killer, too, so Luke tells Logan to be the soldier that he claims to be and go find him. Scott tells Logan that they'll follow Luke's plan and stay put.

    Liz and the Ice Pick.

    Monday, November 05 2007

    Somewhere in the maze that is Wyndemere, Liz attempts to leave the room with the corpse, but she hears someone in the hallway. She goes over to the body and tugs the weapon out of his back. It's an ice pick! Now armed, she slips out the door and down the hallway. Behind the door…is Coop!

    On her way back to the mansion, Carly trips over Coop's body.

    Is Carly Mistaken?

    Friday, November 02 2007

    In the study, Carly is holding Coop at gunpoint. He calmly asks what this is all about? She says she'll blow his head off if he doesn't tell her why he killed Leticia. Then she explains that she received a text from the killer that told her to come to the study in 10 minutes. Coop carefully tells Carly that he only ducked into the study to respond to a text that he got regarding a case that he's on. Carly says that she's not that naive. Just then, Maxi enters the room and asks what's going on? Cooper explains that Carly thinks he's a killer and Maxi says that's not possible. She says that Coop is kind and loyal and she had no idea until she already lost him. "As far as I can see, Coop is guilty as sin," Carly says as she steadily keeps him in her crosshairs. Maxi marches across the room and wraps Coop's arm around her neck. She says that if Coop is who Carly thinks he is, he'll use her as a hostage to get away.

    Carly is still pointing her gun at Coop (and Maxi) as Maxi runs her mouth that more than one person has wanted to kill Carly over the years. As she rambles on, we can see someone's shadow as it approaches the study. It's Jax - who is horrified at the sight of Carly holding Maxi and Coop at gunpoint. He sets them free and then reads Carly the riot act. Suddenly he gets why she wanted Jason to escort her tonight. Carly says that she doesn't want to hurt Jax's feelings, but she wishes that Jason was here!

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