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    General Hospital CAST - Cooper Barrett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cooper Barrett Played by Jason Gerhardt on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Gerhardt (ABC)

    Birthday: April 21
    Birthplace: Austin, Minnisota
    Marital Status: Married (Chalae), one daughter and one son
    Real Name: Jason Gerhardt
    Height: 6'1"
    Web site:


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    Sam Spills.

    Monday, January 07 2008

    Coop has gone to the hospital to check up on Maxie, who is doing her community service work. She's glad to see him, and as she kisses him, we see his footprints with a dice pattern. Over at the nurses' desk, Sam finds a little giraffe and finds out from Kelly that it's Carly's. She offers to take it over to her.

    Things happen in threes?

    Friday, January 04 2008

    Maxie rushes into Kelly's and tells Coop that she needs a place to hide for a while. He hugs her and promises to go find who killed her sister. He goes off to work, and Spinelli tells Maxie that Wise Georgie would want her to be more careful. Maxie grows furious and starts to break dishes until Lucky comes in and holds her in his arms. Through her tears she says that she just wants to see her sister.

    Mystery Man Revealed.

    Friday, December 28 2007

    As Spinelli digs in to his work, Coop rushes downstairs on his way to the PCPD, but is stopped by Logan. Logan tells Coop that he saw him at the pier last night and "it" has to stop. Spinelli's ears perk up. Logan says that he was dressed in all black and was clearly on patrol for something. He asks Coop if he's out looking for the text message killer and Spinelli quickly leaves. Cooper turns the questions to Logan and asks why he was on the docks in the middle of the night.

    Lulu's Being Followed!

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    At Kelly's, Coop finds Maxie working Georgie's shift. She tells him that working for Georgie is preferable to spending any time with her mom! She talks about the night she was attacked and tells Coop she remembers smelling something sweet. Logan walks in, with a piece of candy, and asks to talk to Coop privately. Maxie angrily tells Logan to get lost. He leaves. Maxie hugs Coop, telling him he smells good. Coop is uncomfortable with what she said.

    Another funeral.

    Friday, December 21 2007

    The mood is pretty dismal at the Scorpio house. Maxie is angry at Felicia and tells her that she's riding to the funeral with Coop. Felicia helps her clasp a bracelet and tells her it is beautiful. Maxie says that she wouldn't know anything about it because it was Georgie's. After Felicia leaves, Coop arrives and Maxie says that she doesn't know if she can bear today.

    Jason and Liz Make a Plan.

    Wednesday, December 19 2007

    Maxie is resting in her hospital bed when Coop comes in to see her. She says that she can't believe her sister is gone and asks who would want to do such a thing to someone like Georgie. As Coop hugs her, he eyeballs the phone cord near her bed. Soon, Lulu and Logan show up to express their condolences. Maxie hates Lulu for what she did to Georgie and Dillon's relationship, but says that nothing matters anymore.

    Georgie is Dead!

    Monday, December 17 2007

    Maxi is sitting in Sam's hot tub. She is shocked to turn around and find not Coop, but Lucky standing in the doorway. Maxi explains that Sam gave her the penthouse for a romantic evening with her boyfriend. He asks who the guy is, and she tells him Coop. They are awkward with each other, and finally Maxi apologizes for her bad behavior last summer. Lucky accepts it, and then leaves her to enjoy her evening. When Coop finally comes, Maxi rushes into his arms and asks why his hands are so cold. He says he's fine and they turn to enjoy the view of snow falling on Port Charles. He talks about Iraq and how he can't stop thinking about what happened over there. He says that he really missed her when they were apart and doesn't want to take anything for granted ever again.

    Maxi and Coop are curled up on the sofa together. She asks him to spend the holiday with her and her family. She tells him about the GH party for the kids and that she and Georgie wear green tights and pixie boots. He says that he wouldn't miss it. Then, there's a knock at the door and Lucky tells her that he really needs to talk to her. She reluctantly lets him in and he gently tells her to get dressed and come with him. Maxi tells him that she knows when a cop comes to the door it's not good, so spill it. Lucky gently tells her that Georgie is dead and Coop rushes to get Maxi's clothes for her.

    It's Gonna Get Ugly.

    Friday, December 14 2007

    At Kelly's, Maxi tells Coop about her romantic plans for tonight at Sam's penthouse. He is happy to hear about it and echoes her sentiment that he is glad they got back together.

    Coop puts down his cell and reaches for his coat. Then, he heads out the door to meet Maxi. Soon after he's gone, Jason picks Coop's lock and comes in. As he's going through the drawers, Jason hears footsteps in the hallway, so he hides behind the door and draws his gun.

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