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    General Hospital CAST - Cooper Barrett - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Cooper Barrett Played by Jason Gerhardt on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Gerhardt (ABC)

    Birthday: April 21
    Birthplace: Austin, Minnisota
    Marital Status: Married (Chalae), one daughter and one son
    Real Name: Jason Gerhardt
    Height: 6'1"
    Web site:


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    It All Hits the Fan.

    Friday, May 18 2007

    Logan goes busting into Coop's room and says that he saved Sonny's life and THIS time there will be a job in it for him! Maxi says that if that happened, Logan and Coop would be on opposite sides of the law. Logan looks at Coop and says, "Game on."

    Sonny enters the warehouse and finds Coop and Maxi drinking coffee and waiting to speak with him. He pushes past them to his office and then Spinelli comes busting in and tries to tell him that Craig is on his way to Carly's! Sonny doesn't hear him clearly because he sees that Jax has come to see him. He orders Spinelli out of the way so that Jax can come in. He walks right up to Sonny's desk and says "The man you know as James Craig is really my brother Jerry." Sonny just closes his eyes and shakes his head.

    Logan Saves Sonny!

    Thursday, May 17 2007

    Coop is at the hospital telling Maxi that he's not hiding anything from her. Maxi says that he's a bad liar. Since Coop can see that she won't leave it alone, he admits that the guy she saw him with was Mr. Craig. Maxi goes into full scheming mode - she wants to go to Sonny and Jason for protection. So, Coop has to admit that Sonny already knows that he's connected to the Metro Court situation, that's why he suddenly decided to be a cop - to be Sonny's inside made "or else." Maxi tells him to set up a meeting with Craig and then call her with the time and the place - but don't show up.

    Maxi finds Coop packing to leave town because that's the only way he can keep her safe.

    Mr. Craig is Exposed.

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    Jerry is ducking behind some crates on the docks behind the PCPD as he watches some cops run by. When he finally sees Coop, Jerry stands up and says that he if goes under, he's taking Coop down with him. Before Coop can react, Jerry says that hiding out as a cop is pretty clever and maybe he deserved a higher Goon number at the Metro Court. Coops says that he signed on to grab a briefcase only; the rest wasn't what he bargained for. Coop thinks Jerry is nuts for sticking around town, and asks if Jax knows what he did to his hotel. Jerry says that Jax was out of the country and that wasn't a coincidence. He gives Coop a phone number to call once he gathers every shred of evidence. As he walks away, Maxi arrives and asks Coop who his friend is. Coop jumps down her throat for checking up on him and says that they can't spend their breaks together anymore now that he works for her father. Then, he shouts to the back of "his friend" that he'll call him later. "No problem, dude" Jerry says in an American accent as he quickly walks away. Coop tells Maxi that was just an undercover cop and then tells her he'll see her later.

    Coop comes into the hospital and finds Maxi working her volunteer job. He asks her to dinner and a movie tonight. She tells him that she isn't going anywhere until he tells her what he's hiding from her.

    Who's Your Daddy?

    Wednesday, May 09 2007

    Maxi calls Coop and says that there is an emergency, so he rushes to meet her at the coffee shop. The emergency is only that she wants to see him. As they start to kiss, Logan comes in and tells them to get a room. Cooper finishes his coffee and gets back to work. Lulu rushes in and barely acknowledges Logan as she heads into Sonny's office to see Jason. Maxi starts making fun of Lulu and when she says that her mother is a vegetable, Logan tells her not to say anything about Laura Spencer.

    Tracy's home.

    Tuesday, May 01 2007

    Lulu is having breakfast at Kelly's. Maxi and Coop come downstairs and Coop is dressed for his first day on the PCPD. He jokes that he's not sure he has any strength left after their night together. Georgie tells Maxi that she covered for her with Mac last night and Maxi tells her to back off and get her own life. Logan comes in and joins Lulu at her table. As Lulu is telling Logan that he needs to stop playing with bad boys, Dillon comes in and insists that the talk to Lulu. "You heard him," Lulu tells Logan so that he'll leave. As Dillon starts to talk, Lulu notices that two goons have come to the door outside of Kelly's and taken Logan away.

    Spinelli Stands In for Jason.

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    Sonny is giving Coop his orders. He is to be a model cop starting tomorrow. He is to bust every criminal who crosses his path. "Then you'd better not cross my path," Coop says to Sonny. Sonny agrees that Coop can't cut him or any of his guys any slack. He can't let Mac or Ric know that he's working for him. He is to work very hard to uphold the law. Sonny tells Coop that Max is the only person from his organization that he is to talk to. Max arrives and tells Sonny that it's not too late - he shouldn't trust Coop. Sonny tells Max that he knows what he's doing. Before he sends Coop away, he tells him to use his dedicated cell phone and Max and he are the only two who will answer it. After Coop leaves, he finds Maxi out front of the warehouse. She wants to know why Coop has met with Sonny Corinthos. Coop explains to Maxi that he was doing a bit of a reconnaissance mission, that's all.

    Logan is working at the Metro Court and he isn't helpful -- at all -- to the customers. Lulu arrives and tells a lady where she can find fresh flowers and then tells Logan to quit if he's not going to be nice to people. He says that he doesn't intend on working there long, he's going to impress Sonny and work for him. Logan says that when he dies, he wants to have money in his pocket and he is done living by other people's rules. Coop says that working for Sonny is the wrong thing for him then.

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