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    General Hospital CAST - Scott Baldwin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Baldwin Played by Kin Shriner on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kin Shriner (ABC)

    Birthday: December 6 1953
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Real Name: Kin Shriner


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    GH Recap: Carlypalooza.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014

    Bobbie heads into Kelly's to see Scott. She bawls. "Everything has gone to pot." She and Noah just broke up over the phone. He fell for someone else and has been cheating with his old flame, Audrey Hardy's niece, Nurse Annie Logan. "The virgin?" Scott asks. "Hah. Not so virginal anymore," Bobbie snipes. She wishes Anne would keep her hands off her boyfriend. Scott defends the "homewrecker" and confesses he too is one. He tries to take it back but Bobbie guesses he's been with Lucy. He tells her it's not a fling. They agree it's got to stop. He gave Lucy an ultimatum but hasn't heard back yet. Just then, Lucy bustles in and drags Scott outside. Nervously, she says she made a decision. She's staying with Kevin. Scott's heartbroken. He can't just be friends. She cries and he kisses her goodbye.

    GH Recap: Buyer's Remorse.

    Monday, March 10 2014

    At home, Scott thinks about Lucy. He assumes it’s her when there’s a knock, but it’s Franco. Scott is concerned about him, but Franco assures him he’s fine. Franco believes Scott has feelings for Lucy and offers to be a sounding board. Scott is about to share when Lucy arrives. She doesn’t want to interrupt but Franco gladly leaves the two of them alone. Scott asks Lucy to leave before they end up in bed. She wonders if that would be so terrible. Scott doesn’t want to be the side guy, he wants to be the only guy. Lucy has to choose. She promises to make a decision soon. She opens the door just as Kevin is about to knock. She stammers over why she’s there and asks him why he is there. Kevin tells Scott he wants to talk about Luke.

    GH Recap: Toast.

    Thursday, February 20 2014

    Anna and her crew show up at Miscavige and demand to see Luke and Scott. She threatens to charge the clerk if he doesn't co-operate. He caves and brings her to the room where Luke and Scott are being held. She finds them unconscious in a pile. Scott seems dopey but okay. Luke isn't doing so well.

    GH Recap: A Matter Of Sleeves And Straps.

    Tuesday, February 11 2014

    Scott pulls Luke’s wig off in his cell at Miscavige. The orderly locks Scott in the padded cell with Luke while he screams. Luke continues to blubber incoherently until Scott punches him in the face. Scott unties Luke but first, puts the wig back on and snaps a pic. Luke tells Scott that Heather has Carly and they have to get to her before she kills her. Scott can’t get Luke out of the straight jacket and they both yell for help.

    GH Recap: Scooby-Doo.

    Monday, February 10 2014

    Detective West arrives at Metro Court. In Scotty's doorway, Franco's hidden while West tells Scott about the will he received which gives Dr. Clay motive for killing his wife. Scott suggests he give people the benefit of the doubt. That's what he's going to do. The cops arrive. They have a lead on Franco having been spotted at the hotel. Scott heads back inside and Franco gloats about his father lying for him. Scott searches the hall, concerned it's a matter of time someone finds him. He tells Franco to meet him at the park. Franco thanks his father and goes. West returns with the police and he allows them to search his room.

    Scott visits Miscavige to see Heather. They let him into her room and he's shocked at who he sees...

    GH Recap: Next Time, Wooden Stake.

    Friday, February 07 2014

    Franco arrives at Scotty's doorstep in disguise. Scotty tries closing the door in Franco's face but it's futile. Franco asks for Scotty's help in saving Carly. He explains he killed Heather and buried her because she was about to kill Carly. Scotty tries wrapping his brain around how Heather could still be alive after all this. Franco knows. "Next time, wooden stake," he says and brings up the note Heather left at the grave. The cops might have it. Franco asks Scotty to go to Miscavige and talk to Heather. Suddenly, Detective West shows up.

    GH Recap: Preaching To The Choir.

    Wednesday, January 29 2014

    Lucy and Scott have sex at his place again and he asks her to divorce Kevin. She loves Kevin and gets upset when Scott disses him. Lucy hops up but Scott stops her from leaving just as Kevin knocks on the door. Lucy hides. Kevin comes in and tells Scott that Franco is his patient and asking him to hide him from the cops. Since Carly is in danger Kevin couldn’t keep quiet, but he came right to Scott because Lucy is his friend. Scott asks Kevin to keep Franco busy and Scott will do the rest. Kevin leaves and Lucy is filled with guilt. Scott calls the cops and tells Lucy to go home to her husband - she has been dying to since she got there. Lucy tells Scott he’s her best friend and the father of her child. He means so much to her. She didn’t know this was going to get so complicated.

    GH Recap: Keep Up Pretenses.

    Monday, January 27 2014

    Lucy ices Scott’s face in his hotel room after Mac punched him. She realizes Felicia told and frets that Mac will tell Kevin everything. Scott doesn’t think so. He tells Lucy he won’t stop seeing her.

    Duke pops by the police station to take Anna to lunch, but she’s too busy. After he tells her he didn’t hear back from Nikolas about the job, she busts him in his lie. She knows he wasn’t at Wyndemere. He admits he’s been embarrassed to tell her how poor his job prospects are. She knows he is only out of work because he quit working for Derek - he has too much integrity to work for a mobster. He leaves. Scott arrives and asks if Anna’s brought in Franco yet. Anna blames him for dragging his heels and now Franco is on the run. He wonders if she’s ever going to catch any criminals. Nathan brings Silas in. Sam insists they use Alexis instead of Diane so he doesn’t look guilty. Meanwhile, Nathan fills Anna and Scott in on the new testimony by the pharmacist. Anna asks Scott if it’s enough for an indictment. He tells them there isn’t enough hard evidence and gives Nathan 48 hours to get something more concrete. Meanwhile, Julian arrives and tells Anna he wants to press charges against Duke for assault. Apparently it's part of his new job working for Sonny. She calls him a liar, but then realizes it’s true. Julian decides not to press charges. On his way out Sam begs Julian to get Ava to admit she’s framing Silas.

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