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    General Hospital CAST - Milo Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Milo Giambetti Played by Drew Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Cheetwood (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: July 14 1983
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Real Name: Drew Cheetwood


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    Civic Duty is Hot.

    Thursday, March 18 2010

    Dante goes to the island and finds Max and Milo, as Michael hides. Dante thinks he hears Michael, but finds Lola, who works there instead. Dante knows Michael is there and wants Sonny's guards to tell him where he is. Michael listens as Dante and the Giambetti brothers debate whether or not Michael should return to testify. After Dante has left, Michael and Max talk about the trial. Max knows Diane will get Sonny out of this mess and then they can go home.

    Serious Trouble.

    Friday, March 12 2010

    While Michael and Milo are distracted by the ladies on the island, Michael tries to make a break for it, but Bernie stops him. He ushers the women out and tells them Jason sent him down there to make sure he didn't try and escape. He orders Michael to stay on the island until the trial is over.

    Message Received.

    Thursday, March 11 2010

    On the island, Max and Milo play shuffleboard and ask Michael to join him. Michael passes and bemoans the fact he can't be at the trial. Michael goes to order room service and two attractive women bring it up to welcome his bodyguards to the island, per Michael's request. Max and Milo get friendly with the ladies and Michael slips out.


    Wednesday, March 10 2010

    On the island, Michael assumes Jason and Sam will be heading back to Port Charles soon, hoping for some privacy, but they let him know they aren't in any hurry. Michael says he's going off for a swim, but in reality makes a break for it. Sam and Jason get cozy with each other and Sam wishes they could stay there and not worry about Sonny or the trial. She also wishes he could be this happy and relaxed all the time. They start to kiss but then Sam worries that Michael has been gone too long. Jason goes to find Michael who was on the speedboat trying to get back to the mainland so he could confess. They debate the issue until Michael relents and says he will stay there and sit on his hands while his father cleans up his mess. Jason says they started the mess in the first place so they need to fix it. Jason and Sam plan to head back to Port Charles because Diane called worried about Claire getting suspicious. Sam makes Jason promise they will come back there. They say goodbye to Michael and leave, with the keys to the speedboat, but Michael calls to reserve another boat. He starts to head out, but finds Max and Milo waiting outside the door, who say, "Aloha."

    A Line Has Been Drawn.

    Monday, February 22 2010

    On the pier, Max and Milo question Ethan, as Johnny sneaks off. The brothers order Ethan out of the area and then Max checks the scene.

    In Defense of Family.

    Friday, February 19 2010

    Ethan happens upon a shootout between Johnny, Max and Milo on the pier. He stops them and asks Max and Milo if they are shooting at his cigar connection.


    Wednesday, January 27 2010

    Jason questions Max and Milo at Sonny's, who tell him they think Dominic's a standup guy. The brothers leave as the maid walks in. Jason questions her and she tells him Dominic is very kind and helpful. Jason learns Dominic took out the ashes from the fireplace right after Claudia disappeared. After the maid leaves the room, Jason looks through Sonny's desk as Dominic walks in and says, "You looking for something?"

    First and Met.

    Thursday, January 07 2010

    When Sonny threatens Franco in his office, the deranged artist shows him a photo of Michael standing over Claudia's body. Sonny orders Max and Milo out and after they leave, Franco tells Sonny he wants a meeting with Jason. Sonny asks where Sam is and Franco just laughs saying she's hiding, as is an innocent bystander. He thinks Jason will come running, but Sonny isn't sure he will give Jason the message. Franco points out that Sonny hides behind his bodyguards, while his assassin does all the dirty work. He calls him a coward and Sonny threatens to kick his butt. Franco wants him to do them both a favor and says, "Try." Sonny and Franco banter over each other's feelings for Jason and Franco tells Sonny if he makes it out of there alive - give Jason his message.

    Mobsters Are So Colorful.

    Wednesday, January 06 2010

    Max and Milo eat at the restaurant and see someone spray painting on the window. They grab Franco and bring him into Sonny's office, who wonders why he wanted to get caught. Franco says Sonny is the only one in town who appreciates his work so he wanted to leave him a sample. Sonny grabs his gun and says he's an artist too and wonders what Franco's brains splattered on a wall would go for. Franco smiles and says, "Gangsters are so colorful." Sonny tells him threatening his son was a mistake and wonders if his art is worth dying for.

    Life Lessons.

    Tuesday, December 29 2009

    Lucky brings Michael home, who walks into his surprise birthday party. Carly wonders how Lucky knew about the party, but Lucky tells them he didn’t, he had to give Michael a ride home because he was driving drunk. Sonny thanks Lucky for bringing him home and promises it won't happen again. Carly walks Lucky out and asks what happened. Lucky fills her in, but says he didn't arrest him and it won't go on his record. Lucky urges Carly to remind Michael of the evils of drunk driving and leaves. Carly returns to the party, as Kristina, Molly, Alexis, Max and Milo leave. Carly sends Morgan, who asks the adults to give his brother a break, out of the room. Sonny grills Michael about what he did and says he's taking his car away from him until he understands how serious this is and leaves. Jax tells Michael to think about what he's done and makes his exit as well. Carly reminds her son what happened to Jason because of AJ's drunk driving, but Michael wonders who she is more worried he'll turn out like: Sonny or AJ. Carly thinks he's more like her and points out all his good qualities. She won't ever give up on him because she loves him.

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