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    General Hospital CAST - Milo Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Milo Giambetti Played by Drew Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Cheetwood (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: July 14 1983
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Real Name: Drew Cheetwood


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    A Train Wreck Is Coming.

    Friday, October 15 2010

    Brenda returns to the penthouse and gets Max and Milo to guard her from downstairs. Once she's alone, Dante knocks on the door and says they need to talk. They go upstairs to her room, as Jason returns. Sonny stops by looking for Brenda and he heads upstairs. In Brenda's room, Dante and Brenda both declare they've kept the secret and they agree no one can know.

    Players Don't Change.

    Wednesday, October 13 2010

    Milo, Max and Spinelli get into it while preparing things for Brenda at the penthouse. Diane comes to the door and puts a stop to what's going on. Diane starts to head upstairs to talk to Brenda, but Spinelli stops her because Brenda is practicing yoga. Diane asks for back up from Max, who thinks she should just wait until Brenda comes down. Milo suggests Max ask Brenda to come down, since she likes him. This riles Diane up and she storms out, threatening to cut Max off. Maxie comes by later and tells Spinelli it's time for an intervention regarding Brenda. She handcuffs them together and tries to drag him out, but he won't budge. He frees himself since they were just trick handcuffs and she tells him he should move away from there because Brenda is bad news. Spinelli wonders why it matters to her and she responds that although she has moved on, she still cares about him. She then hurtfully says Brenda was with a movie star so why would she be interested in him?

    Taking A Life Changes A Life.

    Wednesday, October 06 2010

    Suzanne sits in the restaurant with Max and Milo. Milo nervously tends to Suzanne's drinking needs as Suzanne talks with Max about protecting Brenda. Diane walks in and gets territorial. The women verbally spar over the ethics regarding what the other does. Diane warns Suzanne that Sonny will be all over Brenda and he is as criminal as they come.

    Nothing He Can't Handle.

    Thursday, July 01 2010

    Johnny comes to the restaurant as Sonny lays out his plan to Max and Milo in his office. Sonny walks out to find Johnny enjoying a meal. They exchange words and after Johnny taunts Sonny about his sleeping with Kristina, Sonny dumps his food on him. Unfazed, Johnny gets up and tells Sonny it's not over and leaves. Olivia walks in to tell Sonny Johnny and Kristina are not sleeping together, they are just trying to get a rise out of him. It doesn’t matter to Sonny because he still sees that Johnny is hurting his daughter by playing these games. He tells Olivia everything will work out the way it's supposed to and says he knows he has to wait, be calm and show Kristina in the end, her dad will be there for her. Olivia thinks maybe the one therapy session he had with Kristina did more good than he thought.

    Alexis tells Kristina they are having a family dinner with Sonny at the lake house. Kristina reluctantly agrees to it, but says she will be late due to her SAT prep class. Alexis walks out of the room and Molly reveals she knows the class is next week. Kristina says she's going to Johnny's and it will be too late for Sonny to stop her. Molly tries to talk her out of her plan, as Michael comes in. Sam follows and gives them the good news that Jason is home. Michael privately tells Sam once Franco is caught, she and Jason should disappear. Molly worries about Michael to Kristina, suggesting she stay for her brother. Alexis returns to the room, as Sonny walks in and embraces Michael. Kristina pretends to be fine about the evening, but Michael notices her hard edge. He encourages her to be nice to Sonny and let him know how she feels. Kristina intends to and then goes to freshen up. As the rest of the family talks about Jason's release, Kristina sneaks out of the house.

    Facing the Facts.

    Tuesday, June 29 2010

    Max and Milo go over their plans for the car bomb at the restaurant and Milo gets upset pointing out that's how Sonny's first wife died. He wonders what happens if the wrong person gets hurt again.

    Rolling the Dice.

    Friday, June 25 2010

    After Sonny gives Max and Milo their orders in his office, Max warns him if they take out Johnny, Anthony will retaliate. Sonny is confident he can neutralize Anthony and questions Max's loyalty. Max makes it clear he's on Sonny's side and Sonny orders him to kill Johnny by the end of the week.

    Proceed With Caution.

    Thursday, May 27 2010

    Milo and Max track Johnny down with their car and then Sonny comes out to say he's about to make him beg for mercy.

    The Best Thing To Do.

    Thursday, April 22 2010

    Jason and Sam rush to Michael's new location, but he's nowhere to be found. They talk with an employee and learn Max and Milo are in jail and Jason instructs him to talk to the rest of the staff to find out who saw Michael leave. Once free, Max and Milo join Jason and Sam and then the hotel employee returns to say Michael left with a man matching Dante's description.


    Thursday, March 25 2010

    Max and Milo enjoy their time on the island, as Michael secretly calls Kristina to ask what's happening in the outside world. Kristina tells him about her attack and he wants to come home, but she tells him she has all the support she needs. In fact, it's like her experience isn't hers anymore. Michael tells her to hang in there and that he loves her. He hangs up and tells Max and Milo he needs to go home, but Carly walks in and says he can't go back. Max and Milo leave and Carly fills Michael in on what happened to Kristina. Michael thinks Kiefer beat Kristina up, not Ethan and wants to go home, but Carly tells him he can't do that. Michael is tired of letting the innocent pay, while the guilty go free, but Carly tells him Kristina has to handle this her way, but the truth will eventually come out. She wants him to stay there so both he and Sonny will be free to be with the people who love them. Michael agrees not to go anywhere.

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