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    General Hospital CAST - Milo Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Milo Giambetti Played by Drew Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Cheetwood (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: July 14 1983
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Real Name: Drew Cheetwood


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    On A Collison Course.

    Thursday, March 17 2011

    Max, Milo and Diane wait at Sonny's place to welcome the newlyweds home. When Sonny and Brenda walk in, Sonny says their job is to make sure his bride is safe and happy. Brenda thought they were going to live in the house in the woods though. Diane informs her the house has been sold. Brenda is upset, so Sonny dismisses his employees. Sonny tells his wife the house they are in is better for her safety. She wishes he would have told her first before doing anything. Sonny and Brenda head upstairs and end up in bed. They decide to go on their honeymoon.

    The Final Step In A Long Journey.

    Thursday, February 17 2011

    Max expresses his concerns over Sonny's order for him and Milo to keep Carly under lock and key until after the wedding. Michael walks in to see if his father needs anything before the ceremony. Max and Milo leave and Michael notes Sonny seems nervous. Sonny says you don't want to have any regrets in life and when you find the love of your life you want to hold on. Carly stops by and tells Sonny she cares about him and only wants him to be happy. Sonny doesn’t think anything will come between him and Brenda. Michael notes when his parents talk like this it usually means trouble. Sonny just doesn't want any drama and Carly wants to keep the lines of communication open so she doesn't have to eventually tell Sonny, 'I told you so.' Carly gets a text and takes off.

    Michael shows up at Kelly's to meet his sister and cousin. Molly leaves to find Alexis at her office. Max and Milo sit at a table and nervously tell a suspicious Luke they have a job to do concerning Carly, who walks in after being summoned. Max tells the former Mrs. C she can't go to the wedding. He grabs her from behind and carries her out. Luke chuckles as Carly yells.

    Saving Carly From Herself.

    Wednesday, February 16 2011

    Robin visits Sonny in his office. They discuss the wedding and she says she knows they will be really happy. He asks her about Patrick. She says they are amicable and she's not closing any doors. Sonny wishes Stone could be at the wedding because he always felt they would end up together. Robin notes everything has turned out well for them, despite the ups and downs over the years. She thinks maybe things had to happen this way in order to appreciate what they have. After Robin leaves, Max and Milo join Mr. C, who pours them a drink. He also offers them a raise because he likes how they care about people. Especially his family and Carly. He is counting on them to save Carly from herself. He instructs them to guard Carly and to not let her out of their sight until he and Brenda are married.

    Show Some Compassion.

    Thursday, December 09 2010

    At his place, Sonny instructs Max and Milo to run errands for him for his romantic evening with Brenda. Max thinks maybe Sonny should take Brenda somewhere that's special just for them, considering how many woman he's taken upstairs. Sonny tells him he's out of line and orders him not to comment on his personal life. The Giambetti brothers leave and Carly barges in warning Sonny about Brenda. Sonny tells her whatever she says or does will not ruin his reunion with Brenda. Carly tells him not to bet on it. She leaves and Jason is next to debate the issue of Brenda with Sonny. Afterwards, Dante stops by and Sonny tells him he is going to make things rights with Brenda. Dante doesn't think he's the right person to be talking to about it.

    Johnny Calls In His Marker.

    Thursday, December 02 2010

    Brenda enjoys her dinner at the penthouse, as Max, Milo and Spinelli continue to cater to her and Sonny. Sonny, on the other hand, gets annoyed they aren't alone and orders his men to give them some space. Sonny wants to take Brenda on his speedboat and describes the evening he imagines they could have, but Spinelli can't take it anymore and intercedes, worried Brenda will get her heartbroken. Brenda assures him she's fine and Sonny orders everyone out. Sonny wants to leave, but as they are on their way out the door, Jason calls Brenda. Sonny gets on the phone and learns Jerry is definitely involved.

    A Change in Plans.

    Thursday, December 02 2010

    At the penthouse, Brenda tells Jason she has a date with Sonny, but he doesn't want her leaving the place. Jason tells him Jerry might be involved with The Balkan, but Brenda knows Jax would never let him hurt her. Jason updates her on Jerry's exploits over the years and says Jax can't control him. Sam calls Jason about her lock, so Jason calls Spinelli to make sure Brenda doesn't leave. Once Jason is gone, Brenda tells The Jackal she has a date with Sonny. He feels it's unsafe and informs her he's made some arrangements for her to have dinner with Sonny there. Max and Milo come to the door in chef uniforms. Brenda calls Sonny to tell him of the change in plans. Sonny stops by to pick up Brenda for their date, but Spinelli informs him they cannot leave. Sonny gets annoyed, as Max and Milo come out and urge Sonny to try the meal they've worked so hard on. They sit down and are served by Spinelli, Max and Milo as they reminisce about their first date.

    The Price They Must Pay.

    Friday, October 29 2010

    At the penthouse, Dante tells Jason and Sam that Max and Milo will be guarding Sam who will be pretending to be Brenda. Jason doesn't like the idea, but Sam thinks it's more believable that Brenda would be taken from Max and Milo than Jason. Brenda comes downstairs as everyone else leaves to put the plan in motion. She turns to Dante and says they are the only ones who know why The Balkan wants her. She blames herself for what happened all those years ago and wonders why The Balkan is coming after her now. Dante responds it's because six months ago, the cops dragged the body he dumped out of the swamp. They keep their promise that they won't tell anyone what happened and Dante vows it will all be over soon. She notes he covered for her and she should have stopped him. He just wanted to keep her safe. She hopes Sonny never knows Dante is the reason she can't be with him. Dante isn't sorry for anything they did. He only regrets that it came back to bite her and she had to handle it alone. He thinks once The Balkan is gone it will be like none of this ever happened. Once he turns his back, Brenda knocks him out with a vase and runs out the door.

    Outside Jason's building, Max and Milo escort Sam, as Brenda, to the car, but Lucky, as Ronan, grabs her and takes off.

    A Train Wreck Is Coming.

    Friday, October 15 2010

    Carly walks in the Metro Court and tells Jax Claire found Michael in Sonny's office. She wants him to talk to Claire and he agrees. He learns about Sonny and Claire's parting of the ways and he's not surprised, but seems rattled that Sonny dumped Claire for Brenda. Once Carly is gone, Max and Milo accompany Brenda as she visits Jax. She tells him he was right – she does need to stay away from Sonny. Jax tells her she can count on him because he will do anything for her. Max and Milo worry that Brenda is looking at Jax like she loves him and that a train wreck is coming.

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