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    General Hospital CAST - Milo Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Milo Giambetti Played by Drew Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Cheetwood (ABC)

    Birthday: July 14 1983
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Real Name: Drew Cheetwood


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    A Change in Plans.

    Thursday, December 02 2010

    At the penthouse, Brenda tells Jason she has a date with Sonny, but he doesn't want her leaving the place. Jason tells him Jerry might be involved with The Balkan, but Brenda knows Jax would never let him hurt her. Jason updates her on Jerry's exploits over the years and says Jax can't control him. Sam calls Jason about her lock, so Jason calls Spinelli to make sure Brenda doesn't leave. Once Jason is gone, Brenda tells The Jackal she has a date with Sonny. He feels it's unsafe and informs her he's made some arrangements for her to have dinner with Sonny there. Max and Milo come to the door in chef uniforms. Brenda calls Sonny to tell him of the change in plans. Sonny stops by to pick up Brenda for their date, but Spinelli informs him they cannot leave. Sonny gets annoyed, as Max and Milo come out and urge Sonny to try the meal they've worked so hard on. They sit down and are served by Spinelli, Max and Milo as they reminisce about their first date.

    The Price They Must Pay.

    Friday, October 29 2010

    At the penthouse, Dante tells Jason and Sam that Max and Milo will be guarding Sam who will be pretending to be Brenda. Jason doesn't like the idea, but Sam thinks it's more believable that Brenda would be taken from Max and Milo than Jason. Brenda comes downstairs as everyone else leaves to put the plan in motion. She turns to Dante and says they are the only ones who know why The Balkan wants her. She blames herself for what happened all those years ago and wonders why The Balkan is coming after her now. Dante responds it's because six months ago, the cops dragged the body he dumped out of the swamp. They keep their promise that they won't tell anyone what happened and Dante vows it will all be over soon. She notes he covered for her and she should have stopped him. He just wanted to keep her safe. She hopes Sonny never knows Dante is the reason she can't be with him. Dante isn't sorry for anything they did. He only regrets that it came back to bite her and she had to handle it alone. He thinks once The Balkan is gone it will be like none of this ever happened. Once he turns his back, Brenda knocks him out with a vase and runs out the door.

    Outside Jason's building, Max and Milo escort Sam, as Brenda, to the car, but Lucky, as Ronan, grabs her and takes off.

    A Train Wreck Is Coming.

    Friday, October 15 2010

    Carly walks in the Metro Court and tells Jax Claire found Michael in Sonny's office. She wants him to talk to Claire and he agrees. He learns about Sonny and Claire's parting of the ways and he's not surprised, but seems rattled that Sonny dumped Claire for Brenda. Once Carly is gone, Max and Milo accompany Brenda as she visits Jax. She tells him he was right – she does need to stay away from Sonny. Jax tells her she can count on him because he will do anything for her. Max and Milo worry that Brenda is looking at Jax like she loves him and that a train wreck is coming.

    Brenda returns to the penthouse and gets Max and Milo to guard her from downstairs. Once she's alone, Dante knocks on the door and says they need to talk. They go upstairs to her room, as Jason returns. Sonny stops by looking for Brenda and he heads upstairs. In Brenda's room, Dante and Brenda both declare they've kept the secret and they agree no one can know.

    Players Don't Change.

    Wednesday, October 13 2010

    Milo, Max and Spinelli get into it while preparing things for Brenda at the penthouse. Diane comes to the door and puts a stop to what's going on. Diane starts to head upstairs to talk to Brenda, but Spinelli stops her because Brenda is practicing yoga. Diane asks for back up from Max, who thinks she should just wait until Brenda comes down. Milo suggests Max ask Brenda to come down, since she likes him. This riles Diane up and she storms out, threatening to cut Max off. Maxie comes by later and tells Spinelli it's time for an intervention regarding Brenda. She handcuffs them together and tries to drag him out, but he won't budge. He frees himself since they were just trick handcuffs and she tells him he should move away from there because Brenda is bad news. Spinelli wonders why it matters to her and she responds that although she has moved on, she still cares about him. She then hurtfully says Brenda was with a movie star so why would she be interested in him?

    Taking A Life Changes A Life.

    Wednesday, October 06 2010

    Suzanne sits in the restaurant with Max and Milo. Milo nervously tends to Suzanne's drinking needs as Suzanne talks with Max about protecting Brenda. Diane walks in and gets territorial. The women verbally spar over the ethics regarding what the other does. Diane warns Suzanne that Sonny will be all over Brenda and he is as criminal as they come.

    Nothing He Can't Handle.

    Thursday, July 01 2010

    Johnny comes to the restaurant as Sonny lays out his plan to Max and Milo in his office. Sonny walks out to find Johnny enjoying a meal. They exchange words and after Johnny taunts Sonny about his sleeping with Kristina, Sonny dumps his food on him. Unfazed, Johnny gets up and tells Sonny it's not over and leaves. Olivia walks in to tell Sonny Johnny and Kristina are not sleeping together, they are just trying to get a rise out of him. It doesn’t matter to Sonny because he still sees that Johnny is hurting his daughter by playing these games. He tells Olivia everything will work out the way it's supposed to and says he knows he has to wait, be calm and show Kristina in the end, her dad will be there for her. Olivia thinks maybe the one therapy session he had with Kristina did more good than he thought.

    Alexis tells Kristina they are having a family dinner with Sonny at the lake house. Kristina reluctantly agrees to it, but says she will be late due to her SAT prep class. Alexis walks out of the room and Molly reveals she knows the class is next week. Kristina says she's going to Johnny's and it will be too late for Sonny to stop her. Molly tries to talk her out of her plan, as Michael comes in. Sam follows and gives them the good news that Jason is home. Michael privately tells Sam once Franco is caught, she and Jason should disappear. Molly worries about Michael to Kristina, suggesting she stay for her brother. Alexis returns to the room, as Sonny walks in and embraces Michael. Kristina pretends to be fine about the evening, but Michael notices her hard edge. He encourages her to be nice to Sonny and let him know how she feels. Kristina intends to and then goes to freshen up. As the rest of the family talks about Jason's release, Kristina sneaks out of the house.

    Facing the Facts.

    Tuesday, June 29 2010

    Max and Milo go over their plans for the car bomb at the restaurant and Milo gets upset pointing out that's how Sonny's first wife died. He wonders what happens if the wrong person gets hurt again.

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