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    General Hospital CAST - Milo Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Milo Giambetti Played by Drew Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Cheetwood (ABC)

    Birthday: July 14 1983
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Real Name: Drew Cheetwood


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    Party’s Over.

    Friday, September 28 2012

    At the poker game at Pazullo’s, Max lets the guys know Milo is working security at The Floating Rib. At the end of the hand, Spin gets up to text Ellie. He tells Jason she will convince him that Sam’s baby is still alive. Ellie arrives and Jason thinks she is an interesting girl. Spin likes her. Jason tells Ellie about the blood type snafu and she tells him it is impossible that the dead baby is Sam’s. Later, Sam drops off divorce papers to Jason. Spin asks Ellie out just as Maxie walks in. Meanwhile, Michael and Dante talk about Starr’s living situation. Dante does not want them involved with Trey, a hustler with an agenda. Michael tells Dante about his attack on Trey in Vegas. Dante wants Michael to be careful because of his record. Michael is trying hard to stay out of it. Later, Milo returns and tells Max the truth about what happened. Max tells Milo he has to keep it from Sonny if he wants to live.

    Magic Milo.

    Thursday, September 27 2012

    At Poluzzo’s Milo was hoping to stay for the bachelor party, but Sonny sends him over to work security at The Floating Rib. Michael arrives and Sonny pulls him into another room. He shows him Joe’s medal and tells him Trey is Kate’s son. He is not sure what Trey knows. Michael is worried that whatever happens, Kristina will blame Sonny. Sonny is only going to do what is best to protect his family. Dante walks in and wonders what they need protection from. Sonny acts like he was talking about the card game. Meanwhile, Spin shows up and Jason gets him a drink. He assures Jason he has put his feelings about Maxie to rest and has joined an online dating service. He needs to find someone who challenges him, like Sam does for Jason. Jason then tells Spin he was wrong about the baby. Spin refuses to believe it and calls Ellie to do a follow up. Too much is at stake to quit. They discuss the divorce papers and Sam and Jason’s night at the Noodle Buddha. Spin assures Jason that Sam has not given up on him. They all sit down to play cards when Trey walks in. Sonny invites him to join in. He can just open an account with the bank of Corinthos and leads him off. Alone, he hands over a stash of cash, but thinks Trey is after more than that. Maybe this? He hands over the medal. Meanwhile the guys start without them and discuss the possibility of Michael and Starr getting married. Michael assures them he is not marrying Starr. Jason wins the hand and Spin is shocked he lost.

    Maxie does a shot at The Floating Rib. She is nervous about impressing Kate. Kate is expecting her party to be ecstasy, rapture and Xanadu all in one. Connie arrives, totally unimpressed. Mac hands her a glass of champagne and they all toast to a great party and marriage. Mac assures Felicia the booze is watered down while Maxie goes over the evening’s itinerary with Connie who demands strippers, primo ones. Dante drops off Lulu and Olivia while Maxie scrambles. He asks Lulu to keep an eye on Olivia. Lulu is ready to get drunk and make some babies. Kristina drags Sam into the party and refuses to let her leave. She assures her she is among friends while Liz shoots her the stink eye from the bar. Sam thinks maybe the divorce won’t happen after her kiss with Jason at the Noodle Buddha. Liz overhears and thinks about the DNA results she gave Jason. Maxie emcees an intro about Kate’s flawless taste. Connie interrupts – it is time to get their drink on! They all do shots and Connie reminisces about her party days with Olivia. She asks about her recovery and Olivia is just trying not to hallucinate. Meanwhile, Maxie calls Spin to see if he can help find a stripper but he does not answer. Kate summons Maxie over and wonders where the strippers are. If she can’t do this, she can’t be her assistant at Crimson. Lulu helps her rope Milo into doing it. Later, Liz tells Lulu about her reconnection with Jason but then she did something stupid. Sam overhears. Maxie introduces Magic Milo, who at first doesn’t move at all. Connie is not impressed. Once he starts getting into it with some help from Lulu and Maxie, Connie eats it up. They all start spraying him with champagne and Connie gets some singles. They start really partying while he jumps up on the bar. Connie gets on top of him with some whip cream. Mac pulls Milo down and rushes him out the back. Connie follows and gets Milo alone. She is not Mrs. Corinthos yet. She starts kissing him and Olivia walks in.

    Pick Of The Flock.

    Thursday, August 23 2012

    Outside Trey’s, Milo tells Michael and Starr that Kristina is inside. They walk in but the apartment is empty. They slipped out the window! Michael thinks Trey is using Kristina for revenge. He has to warn Sonny. Starr tries to talk him out of it so he leaves a message for Kristina instead. He goes through Trey’s laptop and finds out they are going to Vegas tonight.

    Practically A Buddy Movie.

    Wednesday, August 22 2012

    At his place, Kristina tells Trey that she will get married. It is not what she imagined, but she will do it for him and for his dad. He grabs her hand and tells her all they have to do is hop a plane to Vegas. The production company is going to hold him in breach of contract. She thinks the production company would want her parents there for drama. He makes up a story with her – he is from a rival family. They are children of enemies, deeply in love. She agrees and they get ready to leave but Milo is at the door – Sonny instructed him to go anywhere she goes. Trey and Kristina go back inside – one way or the other they are going. Michael and Starr arrive and ask Max if Kristina is inside.

    Honey Badger Ferocity.

    Wednesday, August 08 2012

    Trey is led into a boxing gym with a bag over his head by Milo. Sonny is waiting for him – he wants to get to know him better. Trey wonders why they couldn’t just do brunch. Sonny doesn’t do brunch. Sonny thinks Trey wants something else from Kristina and he tells Sonny they are dating. Sonny wants to do a background check and that gives Trey pause enough to get knocked out. Trey gets up and wants to keep fighting. He is done playing the field and wants to make things official with Kristina. Sonny asks if he is talking marriage and Trey tells him soon. Sonny knocks him out. Later, Kristina shows up and Sonny tells her they are all going out to brunch. Trey should invite his folks.

    He Was Selling It, Big Time.

    Wednesday, May 16 2012

    At his office Sonny opens a drawer and finds a picture of him and Kate. Milo enters and tells him it is a visitor and Todd comes in. They congratulate each other on beating their raps and then Sonny has Milo frisk him. Todd wants Sonny to drop the charges, but Sonny tells him it is not happening. Todd tells him Starr was in pain and not thinking straight. He tells Todd the DA is already on it, but Todd wants Michael to take his statement back or he will tell the cops who is really responsible for Anthony's tires - Connie.

    Note To Self.

    Wednesday, April 11 2012

    Sonny and Max enter the main room, where McBain is waiting with Milo. Sonny and McBain do some posturing and exchange threats. John warns Sonny will finally pay for his sister and for Starr's baby and boyfriend. Max and Milo manhandle McBain and throw him out.

    The Bond Of The Creator.

    Thursday, December 01 2011

    Shawn finds Carly at the Metro Court and yells at her for being out in public where Franco can get her. Spinelli enters chatting with FOS – Friends of Spinelli – on his phone. Carly tells Shawn she won't stay home and let Franco ruin her life. Max and Milo walk in, as Shawn tells her he has to meet with Jason so the boys will be protecting her. Shawn leaves and the brothers pump Spinelli for betting information. They realize Spin is giving FOS his betting tips in exchange for much needed services. They lean on him for Mr. Sir's money as Maxie runs in asking Spinelli to find Matt. Spinelli has a source who might be able to access Matt's phone records. He obtains the last number Matt called at 3.08 AM and gives it to Maxie.

    Maxie returns to the hospital. Patrick still hasn't heard from Matt, but suspects she'll hear from him soon enough. Maxie calls the number Spinelli gave her. It's for the hospital's forensic lab.

    Shawn returns to the Metro Court to find Max and Milo eating while Carly is nowhere to be found. Carly returns saying she was busy running her hotel. Shawn worries she's taking too many chances being alone and declares she needs full time protection. Carly suggests he move in with her.

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