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    General Hospital CAST - Milo Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Milo Giambetti Played by Drew Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Cheetwood (ABC)

    Birthday: July 14 1983
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Real Name: Drew Cheetwood


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    Some Kind of Caveman.

    Thursday, April 25 2013

    At Milo’s, Lulu clocks Max in the head with a blender when he comes in. He is concerned that she slept with Milo and she assures him that is not that case. She just needed to hide out. She has no idea who anyone is, even him. Dante and her patents to her to the hospital but she couldn’t take it. She left and met Milo at the roadhouse and so she asked Milo to hide her. Milo arrives and tells Lulu how worried everyone is. They found her ring and he begs her to call Dante. She wants some more time to try and remember but Max demands she call or he will. She calls Dante and tells him she is sorry but she isn’t ready and quickly hangs up.

    Back To The Drawing Board.

    Wednesday, April 24 2013

    At his apartment Dante gets information from Anna on the phone that Lulu didn't leave town via bus. He answers a knock at the door. Maxie can't wait to see Lulu. Dante explains Lulu's situation and tells Maxie that she left the hospital. Maxie wants to help. Dante asks her to take care of herself and the baby instead. He tells the baby they love him even if Lulu doesn't remember.

    Lulu wakes up in an unknown bed dressed in someone else's clothes. Milo walks into the room in a towel and says, "Good morning, Sunshine." She's grateful for the breakfast he makes. Milo's happy to do so after what he calls their incredible night. Lulu flashes back and remembers not knowing Milo at the Rib when he reminded her he works for her father-in-law. She told Milo she didn't have a husband and took off her engagement ring before it got tossed into a dish of peanuts. Milo asks if she remembers anything now as he exercises. She doesn't but thanks him for being her hero since Dante hasn't found her yet. She holds his feet during his crunches and tells him he didn't have to sleep on the floor. She realizes her ring is missing. Lulu's sad that something meaning so much to Dante is missing. Milo thinks they'll find it at the bar. She sweet talks him into going back without her. Alone she searches her name on the web when she hears a knock on the door.

    Spinelli follows Ellie around the hospital bothering her before heading out to find the missing Quartermaine heir. Ellie's more interested in what Maxie is hiding. They argue over whether Spinelli should confront her. He asks Ellie if they can table the discussion and kisses her. He tells her to stay out of trouble and leaves on his mission. Ellie finds a doctor hasn't logged out of the hospital system and searches for patient information.

    At the Floating Rib Tracy interrupts Mac and Felicia at the bar as they peruse a wedding magazine. Tracy and Mac sit down at a table nearby. Felicia bites into something hard and finds an engagement ring. She says to herself, "Wow, Mac Scorpio you are a sly devil." At the table Tracy tries to coerce Mac into signing a contract to carry Pickle-Lila. He can't see Pickle-Lila on the document and asks, "What gives?" She produces a jar of Pickle-Tracy. Mac isn't buying what she's selling because there aren't enough L sounds in the name. Tracy threatens to buy the Floating Rib and turn it into a parking lot before she storms off. Mac startles Felicia who announces she found the ring in the peanuts. She apologizes for spoiling his surprise. Mac looks confused and confesses he didn't buy that ring. She wonders whose it is. Maxie sees it when she comes in and says, "That's Lulu's." Dante meets her there. Mac talks to the night bartender who says Lulu left with a man. Milo comes in as Dante smashes a glass saying he's a dead man.

    Michael and AJ sample their attempt at Pickle-Lila at Kelly's. Michael sets him straight about Brenda. He feels bad his mom got hurt. Shawn comes in and does a taste test. He thinks it's very good but it's not Pickle-Lila. AJ tries to borrow the secret to Shawn's famous meatloaf sandwich. Shawn confesses he has friends smuggling in a secret ingredient. They want to get Shawn in on the action. Tracy arrives pushing Pickle-Tracy. Shawn is skeptical when she says it will replace Pickle-Lila. AJ and Michael bring her a sample of the new improved Pickle-Lila with a new secret ingredient. She likes it. They announce Shawn is their new partner. Tracy leaves worrying about getting a backer for Pickle-Tracy. She sees a paper announcing Nikolas' recovery.

    Elizabeth catches Nikolas getting dressed. He's leaving to help Dante find Lulu. She tries to stop him and they fall on the hospital bed together. It takes her a moment to gain her composure. She wants him to stay in the hospital and get better. He says he doesn't want to keep her. She doesn't think Epiphany minds. Nikolas mentions AJ might. Liz asks what he means. He claims nothing but tells her AJ says Nikolas doesn't belong in her life. She's upset and confused as to why AJ would act like that. Nikolas tells her AJ is falling for her. Overhearing, Tracy busts in and tells Elizabeth to go give AJ a piece of her mind. Liz leaves. Nikolas agrees to listen to Tracy if she gives him his pants. Liz pops back in and grabs the pants and leaves again. Tracy tells Nikolas she will make him a richer man.

    Until Next Time.

    Tuesday, April 23 2013

    At the Floating Rib Sabrina catches up with Milo. He thinks she looks happy. She tells him he'll be happy someday too, maybe with someone he knows already. Connie comes in and sits at the bar. Milo goes to get a drink. He's surprised to see who he thinks is Kate. She corrects him. He gets up to leave when she says she's Connie. She stops him and promises to explain. Milo's worried she might be broke again and doesn't want to upset the boss. They share their relationship woes. He explains it all started with Lulu. Milo compliments her on being the new Connie. She thinks someone will show up for him soon and leaves. He takes a drink of beer as Lulu comes in claiming to need a drink. Felix joins Sabrina and grills her on her nonexistent first date with Patrick. Felix thinks it better be a good first date when they finally get to it. They talk about Britt and her pregnancy until Sabrina decides to take charge of her life. She intends to ask Patrick out herself. Sabrina leaves.

    Sabrina meets Patrick at the hospital and asks him out on a date.

    Let's Do This.

    Monday, April 08 2013

    In Lucy's dressing room Richard Simmons hides in a pile of her clothing in a closet. He says, "I'm back." He verbally attacks Lucy and tells her she's not going on to dance. Richard gags and locks her in the closet. He says he's about to go on and do a little number for Port Charles. Behind the stage Emma asks Sabrina if Patrick could be her boyfriend if Milo isn't. Patrick asks Emma if that would make her happy. She agrees it would. On stage, Elizabeth replaces Lucy and introduces a traditional tango with Duke and Lucy. Felix indicates Lucy is unavailable. Duke hurriedly tells Anna to save him and not let Faison take away his tango. Liz reintroduces the couple who perform. Afterwards Duke asks if they can create new memories and take on this brave new world together. They kiss. Patrick, Emma, and Sabrina show up and Emma whispers in Anna's ear. Emma leaves with Sabrina to get ready. Anna tells Patrick it is about time. Patrick says for her too as he sees Duke looking on.

    Liz introduces Magic Milo as the next act. He's followed on stage by Max, Felix, Michael, Damian and Anton. They perform a sexy dance routine on and off stage finishing in their underwear with "NURSES BALL" spelled out on their backsides. Epiphany gets the women yelling for them to remove their underwear as Richard falls from behind the curtain struggling with Lucy in her underwear. Lucy exclaims, "It's not an act!" as Richard mocks her from behind. Magic Milo's crew carries Richard out over their shoulders. Spinelli wonders where Ellie is when he returns to the ballroom. Lucy reappears somewhat dressed onstage introducing Rick Springfield arranged to perform by Noah Drake. Bobbie thanks Patrick for the surprise performer and tells him he looks like Springfield. Upstairs Dr. Obrecht calls it the best performance of the night as Britt finishes up. Lucy comes back on to introduce Sabrina and Emma. They sing "Call Me Maybe." Patrick wipes tears away pleased. Britt arrives as Lucy reminds everyone about the purpose of the event and introduces Patrick to speak. He gives a moving speech about Robin and the General Hospital staff. He invites Emma on stage as he thanks everyone including organizations like amFAR for helping Robin's dream become a reality. Britt walks towards them saying she has a few words of her own. Sabrina joins a scared Emma on stage. Patrick asks Britt not to make a scene. She tells him everyone will be interested in what she has to say, including him. Upstairs Dr. Obrecht looks at a picture of Faison saying Britta would make him a very proud papa.

    Are You Ready?

    Friday, April 05 2013

    Inside the ballroom, Mac catches Frisco swapping seating cards. Felicia comes by and Frisco asks if she wants filet mignon or cold fish referring to her men. Nearby Noah gets reacquainted with Bobbie. He's pleased she's not with Scotty. Anna catches him and they reminisce over Eli Love. Alexis asks Sonny about his choice for a date. Carly approaches Brenda presenting the signed divorce papers. Carly asks about Jax. Brenda tells Carly to go to hell and confirms the wedding is off because of her. Sonny and Shawn come over to break up the argument. An announcement comes on and everyone takes their seats. Carly, Sonny and the Giambetti brothers are seated with Brenda. Emma asks Patrick, "What's that on your collar?" when he arrives to his seat late. Noah's knows Patrick got his girl.

    Sabrina rushes backstage late, relieving Lucy and surprising Liz with her new look. Felix beams over her kiss with Patrick. Lucy rushes onstage announcing the opening number featuring GH's nurses. Afterwards Sabrina catches up with Milo who is not certain she will want to be seen with him. At a table nearby Anton tells Sam he needs a partner. Onstage Lucy honors Jessie Brewer and Amy Vining in her monologue and gives a shout out to Bobbie Spencer. She then asks the anonymous donor to stand up. No one does.

    Maxie asks Felicia if she is choosing the steak or the fish. Felicia tells her she doesn't know…she loves both. Ellie and Spin argue before their number about children. On stage they sing "She Blinded Me With Science." In the middle of the song Spin declares "Good heavens Miss Trout you are beautiful," they close with a kiss. During the applause she says she loves him too much to let problems get in the way. Maxie stands to leave. Frisco tells her it's not too late to tell Spinelli. Meanwhile Brenda throws a roll at Carly who reciprocates. A waiter asks Carly if she needs assistance. She throws Brenda out. Sonny's mad since this is for Robin. He goes after Brenda. To the side Milo confesses to Sabrina what he did and realizes Sabrina and Patrick have a connection.

    Say Goodbye.

    Wednesday, April 03 2013

    At the Metro Court Felix arrives with the Nurses’ Ball programs. Lucy calls him away from the distraction of Milo helping Sabrina untangle decorations. Felix shifts his thoughts to the sexy handyman that Lucy is discussing. TJ and Molly struggle to write the opening number. TJ steps away and tells Milo things must be looking up. Milo admits taking TJ’s advice but he did something underhanded. Sabrina overhears Milo say he feels guilty. Meanwhile Anton’s trying to convince Sam to dance before he joins Lucy to review the opening number. Lucy asks Anton if they can use it. He says it will work. TJ pipes the music in for practice. Milo tells Sabrina to join the others. He turns to TJ and worries this is not the way he wants to get Sabrina. TJ asks if Milo plans on confessing. Lucy is missing Epiphany and Elizabeth and ropes Molly and Sam into practicing. Elizabeth arrives and Sam rushes off on Anton but he keeps his eyes on her. Felix asks Anton to show him some moves. Sabrina is ready to show Liz the moves when she asks why she didn’t call Patrick back. Sabrina is confused. In the lobby Jax runs into Michael and tells him the news. Michael guesses Carly isn’t signing the divorce papers but hopes it works out. Jax tells Michael that Brenda is upstairs waiting for him. He doesn’t find her when he gets there.

    This Is The Truth.

    Thursday, March 28 2013

    Patrick bumps into Liz at the nurses’ station. She sees the picture of Sabrina and Emma when she picks up his phone. She knows Emma sent it to him on graduation day and asks why he showed up that day. They discuss Sabrina and Liz is pleasantly surprised that Sabrina may have snagged Magic Milo. Patrick says he has baggage and maybe he should let Milo make Sabrina happy like he claims he can. Elizabeth changes Patrick’s thinking and he picks up the phone to call Sabrina.

    At the Metro Court Lucy meets TJ and thanks Molly for the jailbreak. TJ starts helping and overhears Molly update Lucy about Rafe. Lucy is eager to help Rafe while nearby TJ appears tired of hearing about Rafe. Anton bumps into Sam asking if he knows her while Milo is pleasantly surprised for the invitation to the Nurses’ Ball. He offers to help. Milo steps away and Sabrina tells Felix she would have blown Milo off for Felix. Felix tells her their troubles were his fault and hugs her. All of a sudden Lucy starts rallying the performers for rehearsal when a familiar voice rings out, "Richard’s here with joy and cheer!" Lucy gives Richard Simmons a hug and announces he is choreographing their opening number, a song he wrote for the ball inspired by his gossip with Nurse Amy Vining. They start the music and practice dancing the Luke and Laura Dance. Lucy shuts the music off after hearing all of Port Charles’ secrets in the lyrics. Richard defends his song as being the truth and doesn’t care about offending Monica. He thinks Bobbie would let him do it. Lucy argues it’s her Nurses’ Ball. Epiphany breaks up the fight. Sabrina pipes up and asks for a compromise. Lucy says the song is out and Richard says, "No music, no choreographer," and leaves throwing a goodbye to Milo. Sabrina brainstorms and TJ offers Molly up as a lyricist and thinks he can do the music. Felix says they still need a choreographer and Anton volunteers to help. Lucy wants proof. Anton says he needs a partner. Felix volunteers and Anton invites Sam who declines. Epiphany steps forward, and Lucy decides she will test out Anton’s skills. While Sabrina is busy Milo declines an incoming call from Patrick on her cell and deletes his message.

    I’ve Got Your Back.

    Wednesday, March 27 2013

    Milo visits Patrick at the hospital asking for permission to see Sabrina because she has feelings for Patrick even if he doesn’t feel the same way. Patrick asks, "Who said I don’t feel the same way?" Milo explains his feelings but says if Patrick has dibs he’ll back off.

    Lucy, Felix and Sabrina meet Carly at the Metro Court. They tour the newly renovated Ball Room. Felix walks away from the group. Sabrina follows and they agree he is upset about Milo. Felix explains she broke the friendship code and they fight. Michael arrives and shares that Lucy roped him in as entertainment. Carly tells him privately about a moment Robin and Jason had at another Nurses’ Ball. Michael receives a call from Dante but can’t help him. Scotty shows up to see Lucy, upset he can’t support Laura because of Luke. He wants to be busy and asks Lucy if he can help with the Nurses’ Ball. She bops him in the head and tells him to go to the hospital anyway. He agrees and leaves. Carly and Michael touch base with Lucy to discuss Michael’s act. Michael leaves to meet Bobbie at the hospital. Lucy is happy to hear she’s in town. Felix pulls Carly aside about Sabrina stabbing him in the back. Carly won’t let him wallow in self-pity. Sabrina snaps at Lucy who doesn’t have time to nurture. She tells Sabrina to drop Milo to not lose a friendship. Sabrina calls Milo to come to the Metro Court. When he shows Felix steps in before Sabrina lets Milo down to tell him that Sabrina wants Milo to be her date at the Nurses’ Ball. Lucy and Carly exchange a happy glance. Carly leaves Sam a moving message asking her how she and Danny are doing.

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