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    General Hospital CAST - Milo Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Milo Giambetti Played by Drew Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Cheetwood (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: July 14 1983
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Real Name: Drew Cheetwood


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    Woe is Logan.

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    Logan can't just hang around any longer, so he picks up his keys to go look for Lulu. The second his door is opened, he is attacked by Milo. Spinelli follows closely and is squeamish at the sight of Milo punching Logan. He allows a few more punches and then says that they need to let Logan talk because maybe he can lead them to Lulu. After Logan says that he hasn't heard from her, Spinelli and Milo leave.

    Quality Time with the Q's.

    Thursday, September 13 2007

    Max and Milo deposit Jerry in front of Sonny desk, as requested. Jerry barely bristles under their touch; he tells them that there's no amount of torture that they could inflict that would affect him. Sonny cuts to the chase and promptly asks him how and why he's doing business with Trevor Lansing. Jerry says that Trevor was the middle man for a meeting that never happened and he has no idea what Zacchara wanted to see him about in the first place. Jerry says that Carly and the boys are his family not, too, and he'd do anything to protect them. "Like it or not, we're on the same side," he tells Sonny.

    Next Max and Milo deposit Trevor in Sonny's office. He doesn't like being manhandled, but Sonny demands to know how he plans on making up for Leticia's death. Trevor plays with Sonny's mind a little by reminding him that he pushed his pregnant mother down the stairs. Sonny tells him to tell Zacchara to back off, and Trevor says that he's nobody's message boy. He says "Sonny, you are damaged…ruined…any sane man would know that he can't touch me."

    Noah Rocks!

    Friday, August 24 2007

    Sonny goes into his office and finds that Max and Milo have allowed Trevor Lansing to wait for him there. The tension is palpable as Sonny asks if he remembers him. "Oh yes, I do. Are you still a mad dog?" Trevor asks.

    Liz Makes a Decision. Kind Of.

    Friday, August 17 2007

    Max is at the coffee shop with Milo. He calls Michael and learns that Carly hasn't phoned home yet. Milo says that Carly will be fine, but Max says that she ran after Jax and it sounds dangerous. Max says that he'll be a dead man if Sonny and Jason find out that he let her go. Milo tells him to come clean with Mr. C. Max is starting to agree, but worries that Carly will never trust him again.

    Lulu Hears an Echo.

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    Sonny calls Max into his office. He tells him that he'll be seeing more of Kate Howard and that Max should treat her with respect. Just then, Milo comes in and reports that Miss Howard moved out of the Metro Court and likely went back to New York. Sonny says that he'll take care of it and then focuses on business. He tells Max to drag Logan Hayes in so they can hear why he practically handed their shipment over to Ric.

    Max drops Logan off at the coffee warehouse and when Milo hears that Logan was found with Lulu, he frisks him angrily and warns him to stay away from her. Logan is dumped into Sonny's office and he promptly gets in Logan's face and says, "You lost my shipment. You got my crew busted by the cops. That makes you a liability -- one I need to get rid of." Logan explains that he didn't call after the ambush because he thought the cops might be following him. He said that he sat and waited for Sonny to come to him. Sonny tells Logan that since his answer shows creativity under pressure, he may still be of some use to him. When Logan goes back out to the coffee shop, he taunts Milo and Max by saying that they won't need to eliminate him any time soon. Maxi walks in and drags Logan outside. She tells him that their deal is off because she knows that he's dangerous. She also tells him to stay away from Lulu.

    Amelia Tells Jason Everything.

    Tuesday, June 12 2007

    Sonny decides that he needs to call 911 in spite of Kate's determination NOT to be treated outside of Manhattan. She wants to just go to her hotel room and lie down. He tells her that with a concussion, you can't let yourself go to sleep and suggests that she stay with him so he can keep an eye on her. She reluctantly agrees, but says that she doesn't want to sleep in her couture clothes. Sonny gives her a black shirt to wear - and nothing else. He tells her that she looks almost as good in his shirt as she did in her Sacred Heart uniform from school. He's able to get her to talk about the old neighborhood, the Cerrullo family, etc. As they are sitting on his terrace chatting, Milo and Bernie arrive and Bernie takes in the scene and says, "Not again."

    Sonny takes Bernie and Milo inside and Bernie says that with Jason in jail, Sonny needs to focus his attention on his business and put the lady on hold for now. Sonny reminds him that he is an accountant and sends them away. Then he joins Kate, who was eavesdropping. She doesn't want people thinking that she is sleeping with him. He offers to make her some pasta and she says that if she wanted to be a size 12 she would've stayed in Benson Hurst! She says that fresh fish and steamed veggies would be fine. As he pours her some tea, Milo lets Max in. Sonny says that he asked for privacy and yells at Milo. Max tells Sonny that he needs a decent mourning period for Mrs. C. before he gets into a relationship. Kate chafes at the word "relationship". She starts to clarify who she is, and then realizes that she doesn't have to explain herself to a "thug's thug". Max thinks that he recognizes her as a NASCAR chick and Sonny throws them out. On his way out, Max tells his boss that rebound relationships never work.

    Luke Loses Laura.

    Wednesday, June 06 2007

    Lulu is surprised when Georgie comes over to offer her support. Georgie assures her that she has a lot of friends who care about what she's going through. They have an uncharacteristically friendly talk and then Georgie returns to Kelly's. As soon as she gets in the door Maxi jumps down her throat for befriending poor, pitiful Lulu. Georgie simply tells Milo and Spinelli that Lulu knows they are all behind her, but she can handle today without their help. Meanwhile, Maxi turns to Logan and tells him that today is his chance to come to Lulu's rescue. Logan reminds Maxi that she promised to sleep with him if he breaks Lulu's heart. Maxi agrees, but says that he's a snake for making a deal to sleep with his best friend's girl. Coop has stepped up behind her and says, "Maxi?"

    Lucky Arrests Jason.

    Friday, June 01 2007

    Sonny goes on his terrace and asks Milo if any more choppers have flown by. He admits that he might have overreacted by shooting down Kate's statue. He says that he thinks he'll ask Diane to lift the injunction. Just then his sprinklers go on and there's a scream from Kate's yard.

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