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    General Hospital CAST - Milo Giambetti - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Milo Giambetti Played by Drew Cheetwood on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Drew Cheetwood (ABC)

    Birthday: July 14 1983
    Birthplace: Bowling Green, Ohio
    Real Name: Drew Cheetwood


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    They're Expecting Me.

    Friday, November 20 2009

    As Max and Milo pull up to the meeting with Dominic, Jason and Sonny, the mystery man watches as Dominic grabs Sonny to protect him as shots are fired. Dominic gets the keys to the car and after Jason seemingly wipes everyone out, drives Sonny, Max, Milo and Jason away as the mystery man waves goodbye to them. Jason wants Dominic to take them as far from the scene as possible and says a homeless guy was watching as they drove off.

    Consider it Handled.

    Monday, November 09 2009

    Michael goes to Max and Milo and tells them Kiefer has gotten rough with Kristina and wants them to ‘encourage’ him to end things with his sister. The Giambetti boys say, “Consider it handled.”

    It’s Done.

    Thursday, November 05 2009

    In the rain, Jason, Max and Milo bury Claudia and then drive away, as someone emerges from the woods.

    Get the Body!

    Wednesday, November 04 2009

    Jason orders Max and Milo to get Claudia’s body and they’ll burn the cabin. Milo and Max question that decision, but Jason doesn’t want to leave the cops with anything to find. He demands, “Get the body!”

    Jason sets the cabin on fire as he, Max and Milo walk away.

    Jason supervises as Max and Milo dig a grave for Claudia and put her in the ground.

    The Wife He Deserves.

    Thursday, October 29 2009

    Max and Milo drive Sonny to the party who is in the backseat with his gun.

    Max and Milo guard Claudia’s door while Sonny tells his wife he has a surprise for her and gives her a necklace. Sonny makes a toast to her finally getting what she deserves.

    Cutting Loose.

    Tuesday, September 29 2009

    Milo gets on stage to introduce Mac and Patrick who come out with their shirts unbuttoned and collars flipped up singing The Village People’s “Macho Man.” Coleman stops them and does his own rendition, much to Kate’s delight. The three men then get the whole crowd involved, except Jason who of course wants nothing to do with singing or dancing.

    Not Bound By Society's Rules.

    Monday, September 28 2009

    Outside, Spinelli and Maxie go to the car and Maxie tells him how much she loves him and she wants to be with him. Milo comes up to the limo to drive them to Jake’s and they get in the backseat and make out.

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