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    General Hospital CAST - Damian Spinelli - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Spinelli Played by Bradford Anderson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bradford Anderson (ABC)

    Birthday: September 21 1980
    Birthplace: Meredith, New Hampshire
    Marital Status: Married to Kiera O'Neill (April 10, 2010)
    Real Name: Bradford Anderson
    Web site:


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    Much To Discuss.

    Wednesday, May 29 2013

    Right at 8 PM the lights go out at The Haunted Star on Sam, Liz, Spin, Maxie, Michael, Carly, Sonny and AJ. When they come back up Sam recognizes the blonde-haired man – its Franco! Carly thought Jason killed him, and he concedes that Jason was thorough, but not thorough enough. Sonny pulls a gun on him to finish the job. Franco tells him to hold off. He cheated death – maybe Jason did too. Sam begs Sonny to back down and he grants Franco five minutes. Franco has the truth for Sam – and not just about Jason. They have so much to discuss. He takes a moment to comment on Liz’s hotness. Liz yells at him for stealing her baby from the hospital. Franco apologizes for keeping her child from her because the same thing was done to him. Carly pipes up but Franco accuses her of causing all of this for dropping the dime about Lauren to the Quartermaines in the first place. Sam doesn’t care and wants to know about Jason. Franco wants to talk about her honeymoon. Sam is disgusted at him for bringing up the place where he raped her. He casts doubt on that assertion. Considering she was passed out, how would she know? He could tell her the truth, but watching the video will be so much better. On film, Franco places an unconscious Sam on the bed. Then he takes off his shirt and covers the camera up. Sam begins to cry as Carly holds her. The footage continues. Franco gets on top of Sam and tells her he won’t touch her, but Jason will always wonder if he had. Franco didn’t rape Sam and he is so sorry that she thought that he had. Carly doesn’t think that changes what he did to Michael. AJ demands Carly tell him what that is.

    Still Friends.

    Tuesday, May 28 2013

    Lulu inspects the Haunted Star for the party. Maxie interrupts as Lulu has a vision triggered by the flowers at the bar. She realizes Lulu must not have her memory back and is curious about the party. Lulu admits not sending the invites but knows who did. Sam enters with Spinelli and wants to know everything. Lulu is taken back by Sam's forwardness. Maxie jumps in and introduces them as Carly, Michael, and Elizabeth arrive. Carly overwhelms Lulu with introductions and questions. Unfortunately Lulu disappoints them. Dante arrives with Sonny and tells Carly to leave Lulu alone. He takes her into another room and she remembers something when she sees flowers again. She rushes off with Dante in pursuit. Maxie and Spinelli miss them and discuss whether she should stay. Maxie remembers all Jason did for them and refuses to leave. In the party room Sonny asks Sam if she's okay. She's angry that she was hoping Jason is alive. Carly wonders why they've been brought there as Michael, Elizabeth, Maxie and Spinelli wait with them. Sonny notes it's almost 8:00 PM and they're about to find out. AJ joins them. A storm is brewing outside and the lights go out. A photo montage of Jason plays on the big screen TVs. Everyone turns and recognizes the blond-haired man when the lights go up.

    Message From The Grave.

    Friday, May 24 2013

    The blonde-haired man hides as Sam enters the penthouse. He emerges when she goes upstairs to put Danny down for a nap but suddenly there is a knock at the door. He dashes into a closet and listens intently as Sam lets Spinelli in. Spin wants her help finding Franco’s daughter but she has her own problems to deal with. She fills him in about Silas and his play for Rafe. She notices her DVD player is open and is alerted that something is wrong. Suddenly, she and Spin both get a text. It is a picture of Jason with instructions to go to the Haunted Star at 8 PM. She asks Spin to trace the number, but he can’t. She wonders if it could be from Jason. Spin thinks Jason is dead. She knows, but she will be there. She goes upstairs after Spin leaves and the blonde-haired man grabs the disk out of the DVD player and leaves.

    Not Like You.

    Thursday, May 23 2013

    In the lab, Spinelli brings balloons to celebrate Ellie being appointed the new lab manager. Brad arrives and accepts the balloons announcing his promotion. Ellie states she's more qualified and he's incompetent. She storms out as Spinelli pops the balloons and follows. He wonders if she's being penalized for helping with the relish. Ellie scoffs at that believing she's being punished for keeping a secret. Spinelli thinks she's done nothing wrong keeping the secret about the miscarriage since no one got hurt. Ellie cries, confessing someone is getting hurt. Brad calls her back to work. Alone, Brad apologizes for getting promoted. She admits she's upset about lying to Spinelli. Meanwhile, Maxie finds Britt in the exam room in a wheelchair. Britt sends an email announcing the new lab manager and tells Maxie she needs a new doctor. Maxie's upset to learn Britt's moving in with Patrick. Britt wants her to be thankful she's still keeping her secret about Spinelli's baby. Maxie says she's more worried about Ellie than her. She hates how she made Ellie think she'd lose Spinelli if he knew about the baby. She informs Britt she's not like her anymore; doing anything to anyone to get the man she wants. Britt hopes Maxie's new doctor doesn't order any genetic testing or she'll be sunk. Later, Spinelli bumps into Maxie and wonders what she'll do if a new doctor learns her secret. He confesses Ellie told him about the miscarriage and new embryo being implanted. In the locker room, Patrick catches Sabrina disrobing. They kiss. His head's clear after surgery and he regrets planning on letting Britt move in. He comes to the conclusion that Britt cannot move in. Sabrina shares her idea. Britt wheels in ready to clean out her locker and go home with Patrick. They break the news that she's going home with Sabrina. She protests, but Patrick says unless there is another way, this is how it will be. It's all decided and Sabrina promises to take good care of her. Alone, Patrick and Sabrina kiss again.

    Since Always.

    Monday, May 20 2013

    Spinelli catches Sam up at the penthouse. Sam thinks there's still time to find Lauren before AJ and gives Spinelli ice-cream to cheer him up. He asks Sam why she has a stash of ice-cream for cheering. Sam explains her trip to New York to find Morgan and shares a picture of Silas Clay. She's disappointed that Silas has no interest in his nephew Rafe. As he leaves, Spinelli thinks Rafe couldn't have done any better than to get Sam as a guardian. Later Sam's surprised by a visitor.

    I'm On Your Side.

    Thursday, May 09 2013

    In the hotel lobby, Luke bumps into Spinelli as they ask for Tracy and AJ's rooms respectively. Luke teases the licensed PI and cyber genius admitting he was in Nancy Frank's kitchen when Spin visited her. Spinelli is upset at being decoyed but eager to find out how he played her. Upstairs, Elizabeth brings AJ bagels. He's frustrated that Tracy's there. Liz finds it odd and shares Nik is there. AJ informs her that they are partners and plan to sabotage him. Elizabeth tries to stop him from going after Nikolas. Spinelli arrives and Liz leaves them. Spin breaks the news that Luke tricked him. AJ drops to the floor with a panic attack. Meanwhile, Nikolas lets Tracy in his room. She chastises him for giving them up to AJ. She relays she duped AJ, telling him she wasn't there to promote Pickle-Tracy. Tracy can't concentrate with all the ink on Nikolas' half-naked body and leaves. Elizabeth storms in and discovers Nik's been lying by omission. They argue over the series of events. She's moved on and he hasn't. He confesses the regrets he had after getting shot. One was not being with her. She's disappointed that he thinks he can get her by lying. Elizabeth asks Nikolas not to bully AJ and begs him not to do "The Chew." She returns to AJ's room and stops Spinelli from doing CPR. AJ calms down and apologizes for scaring Damian who leaves post haste. AJ tells Liz that Luke found the missing heir. She explains she tried to talk Nikolas out of doing "The Chew." He frets about having no one on his side. Elizabeth reminds him, "I'm on your side." Downstairs, Tracy meets Luke who admits he didn't find her great-niece, but he did find her mother. Luke shares Ava's story but confesses he didn't get the location of his target. Tracy believes Ava must have her own angle to cash in. Luke doesn't think Ava can be bought, claiming she already lives in some fine digs. Tracy's done debating and decides to fetch the dissolute prince. She takes comfort in knowing AJ isn't closer to the heir. Outside Nik's room, Tracy bangs on the door as he reflects on Elizabeth's words, "If you really love me then you're going to back off AJ." Nik opens the door and tells Tracy they are not going on "The Chew."

    Looking For A Girl.

    Wednesday, May 08 2013

    Spinelli asks a young woman if she's Lauren Frank. She interrogates him and is surprised he is a P.I. She lets Spinelli into her apartment when he says it will be profitable. He explains the family connections. She's quiet when he points out he believes Franco is her father. He compliments her possibly being normal. She gets the joke knowing her father was not stable. Spinelli shares recent ELQ activities and what her stake in the company means for her uncle. He produces a document for her to sign. She says she can't. She lied for a man who paid her named Luke Spencer. She relays Luke's message, "Spinelli, you've just been punked."

    We Don't Fit Anymore.

    Tuesday, May 07 2013

    At the apartment, Ellie tells Spinelli Maxie had a miscarriage. Spinelli sits down. He wonders if Maxie's faking. Ellie explains it's another child. He asks "Whose baby is it?" All of a sudden Damian remembers the night he spent with Maxie and says, "I'm going to be a father." Maxie walks in and asks what Olivia predicted. Damian rushes to Maxie's side proclaiming his love and kisses Maxie. Ellie tries to pull him off. Lulu and Dante arrive and Maxie quickly confesses. Lulu slaps Maxie and pulls a gun. In a struggle it goes off and shoots Ellie. Ellie shakes off the dream and realize she's alone with Spinelli. He asks if she's okay. He repeats the question, "Whose baby is she carrying?" Ellie admits it is Dante and Lulu's from another embryo. He doesn't believe it but thinks it explains the way Maxie was acting. He promises to keep the secret. He apologizes as he rushes off to find Lauren Frank. Later Ellie tells Maxie her secret is safe with her.

    In New York, Luke and Damian arrive alone at two separate addresses. Damian gets off the phone with AJ and Luke gets off the phone with Tracy. They both think they've found Lauren Frank. They both ring doorbells. Luke's surprised when the door opens and says, "You're not Lauren Frank." Somewhere else Damian says, "Lauren Frank I presume?"

    In The Closet.

    Thursday, May 02 2013

    At her apartment, Maxie struggles for the phone with Ellie. Spinelli asks what is going on when Maxie speaks to him next. She claims Ellie had to step out and her important news can wait. He inquires if it's about the baby. Maxie tattles on Ellie for hacking into her medical records. Damien doesn't excuse her methods but asks if it proved fruitful. Maxie confirms it did, the baby is healthy. She tells him to talk to Ellie later and hangs up. Maxie ignores Spinelli's incoming call. He leaves a message for Ellie about her using him to get the records. Meanwhile, Ellie tells Maxie everyone deserves to know the truth. Maxie believes that means telling Spinelli and asks if Ellie really wants that. Ellie will take her chances to expose the truth. Maxie describes the situation as complicated when the baby moves. She lets Ellie feel the baby kick. Maxie doesn't want the truth to cost them everything. Spinelli is calling again. Ellie throws the phone and runs out.

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