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    General Hospital CAST - Damian Spinelli - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Spinelli Played by Bradford Anderson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bradford Anderson (ABC)

    Birthday: September 21 1980
    Birthplace: Meredith, New Hampshire
    Marital Status: Married to Kiera O'Neill (April 10, 2010)
    Real Name: Bradford Anderson
    Web site:


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    My Next Victim.

    Monday, July 08 2013

    In the apartment, Spinelli asks Ellie what she's sorry for when she wakes up dreaming of him confronting her about his baby with Maxie. She apologizes for waking him, but he's already up and admits to hearing her mumbling about Maxie's baby in her sleep. He kisses her for being a good person by keeping Maxie's secret and they make love. Spinelli's happy she took a chance with him but Ellie's the one worried she could break his heart.

    Spinelli and Ellie find Lulu and Dante testing out baby names at Kelly's. Spinelli is excited to hear Maxie is having a girl. Alone, Spinelli's sorry for discussing children and hopes Ellie is okay. She thinks she's the last person he should apologize to. They overhear Lulu announcing that Maxie is the best person to help choose a name.

    Always Trust Your Mother.

    Thursday, June 27 2013

    Spinelli comes by Alexis' to check on Danny, followed by Silas. Sam thanks Silas for helping and is eager to get this behind her. Silas knows it won't be over soon. Everyone waits to hear what he means while he gets rude with Spinelli requesting that he let the grownups speak. He breaks the news that there's a good chance Danny needs a bone-marrow transplant and Sam should start looking for a match. Rafe and Spinelli are supportive and Spinelli leaves promising to start on a list of potential donors.

    The Britch Knows.

    Wednesday, June 26 2013

    At the apartment, Spinelli realizes Maxie is getting attached to the baby when he catches her dancing and talking to it. She agrees she is because it is 'attached' to her. Mac arrives and she rushes him out with binders on his and Felicia's wedding plans despite his protestations over something being wrong with her. Alone, Spinelli's certain she's falling in love with the baby and might have a problem giving it up in the end. He immediately apologizes believing it's none of his business. Maxie confesses it is his business and he's not wrong about how she feels. She's about to tell him something but stops in mid-sentence when Dante and Lulu arrive. The three of them leave for the doctor's appointment.

    Think Again.

    Wednesday, June 19 2013

    At GH, Patrick and Sabrina make out privately. She's not sure if the hotshot surgeon should be spending time with the lowly nurse. The mood is killed when Patrick mentions Monica owes him. Sabrina wonders why, but is ready to get Ellie to do a DNA test done. Patrick's not sure Britt will oblige. Sabrina's sure she can get the blood sample Brad took. Felix interrupts, hoping Sabrina talked Patrick into the DNA test so he can evict Britt. In the lab, Spinelli and Ellie search for Brad's file on Britt but are perplexed to find only a sticky note in it saying, "Pack your things and go!" Brad walks in and fires Ellie. Spinelli threatens Brad that whatever he's hiding will come out when Ellie's firing comes up before the review board. Brad backtracks and Ellie gets back to work. Felix shows up at the lab to tell Ellie he needs tests run but won't wait so he can go take a long sensual shower. Brad overhears and leaves her alone to take his break and follows Felix. Patrick and Sabrina arrive when he leaves and request Ellie's help. She's happy to befriend any adversary of Brad's given he's in cahoots with Britt and tells them about the file Brad kept. At the nurses' station, Alexis lets Luke and Tracy know about Danny, they offer her anything she needs. Alexis wonders why they are there, and Tracy saves Luke saying he's there to support her. Silas asks Sam if she needs a doctor when he finds her alone. He doesn't have a plane to catch anymore.

    Reservations And Qualms And Scruples.

    Friday, June 07 2013

    Spinelli meets Ellie at the Metro Court and discusses answering a call from Britt on Brad's cell. He describes to Ellie what happened with Britt at the Nurses Ball and imagines what it would be like if someone confessed to being pregnant with his baby. Ellie is silent. She tells him she found Britt’s file in Brad’s drawer but couldn’t bring herself to look at it. She still feels guilty about looking at Maxie’s file. Spin think Britt’s file could prove Brad colluded with her to get the job.

    Alexis leaves Sam alone at the hospital with Elizabeth to find the doctor. Elizabeth tries her best to make Sam feel better and explains the procedure is safe and painless. Sam shares her fears. Patrick joins them and assures Sam that once they get a good sample of the bone marrow they can determine what they are dealing with and start fighting. At the nurse’s station Brad reviews his messages and realizes Britt did call him earlier. He recalls Spinelli dumping water on him at Kelly’s. Later, Ellie and Spin arrive determined to find out what Brad was hiding. Liz can’t find Brad and gives Ellie Danny’s lab work and asks her to put a rush on it. Spin sees that they are for Danny and asks what's wrong. Liz directs Spin to Sam and Ellie tells him to forget the file. Spin finds Sam and comforts her.

    Money And Publicity.

    Wednesday, June 05 2013

    Molly, Alexis and Spin arrive for Danny’s birthday party at the penthouse. They are in full celebration mode but Sam is more subdued. Spin encourages Danny to make a wish, but Sam makes it instead. When they ask her what the wish was she runs off crying. Molly wonders what could be wrong and Spin lets it slip that Franco is back. Alexis checks on Sam while Spin leaves. Rafe wonders who Franco is and Molly tells him he was a groundbreaking artist and through her research she found there is no proof he was a serial killer, just that murders were committed to copy his art. Rafe asks what happened with TJ and she reveals he is going to prom with someone else. It’s her own fault for trying to teach TJ a lesson. Upstairs, Sam tells Alexis that Dr. Clay saw a rash on Danny. He thinks Danny has cancer. She is waiting on blood work and Alexis insists they leave together to find out.

    Outside Kelly’s, Spin calls Ellie to see if she can meet him but she is swamped at the lab. She still can’t find out why Brad got the promotion anyway. Spin spots something inside that may answer that question and promises Ellie he will call her back. He sits with Brad and asks how much of his soul he sold to get the promotion. Brad insists he got it on his own merit. Maybe’s Ellie’s accident counted against her? Spin spills a drink on Brad and looks at his phone when he leaves to clean up. Spin answers when Britt calls. She tells him she needs him – Sabrina and Felix are watching her like hawks. She got him the promotion, now he needs to help her.

    Finding My Way Back.

    Thursday, May 30 2013

    On the Haunted Star, AJ demands Carly tell him what Franco did to Michael. She refuses and Sonny asks AJ to back off. Michael decides it's his story to tell and recounts killing Claudia to save Josslyn and going to prison for it. AJ's confused by what Franco has to do with it. Carly doesn't want Michael to share if he doesn't want to. Michael is okay and is in control. He confesses being raped in prison by Carter. AJ is visibly shaken. Michael admits he dealt with it already and accepts AJ's hug. AJ attacks Sonny and Carly for what happened. Sam is angered when AJ appears to make this about himself after all Jason did. She points at Franco and yells, "Blame him." Carly shares that Franco hired Carter and AJ tackles Franco to the floor. Sam wants AJ to stop hoping Franco knows something about Jason. Franco denies being responsible for what happened to Michael. He thanks Michael for the opportunity to prove himself and plays a video of him hiring Carter to bait Jason but to protect Michael. Franco's truly sorry he couldn't predict Carter would hurt Michael. Elizabeth consoles AJ who's upset he couldn't help Michael. Franco hopes Michael can accept his apology at some point. Michael bears witness to what Jason meant to him and how it angers him that Franco was trying to hurt Jason and not him. Carly screams at Franco and he dismisses her, only caring what Michael thinks. Sonny's happy to hear there are no more shows to watch and wants the information Franco has to share on Jason. Sam wants no more games and asks if Jason is alive. Sonny pulls his gun after Franco admits using Jason to gather them together in his attempt to give them peace and make things right. Sam asks Sonny for the gun and aims it at Franco. "Look around," she screams reminding him of the pain and suffering he caused them and the added grief knowing that Jason left the world never knowing the truth. Sam can't pull the trigger, wanting her son to grow up knowing his mother. She knocks Franco out with the gun after telling him to enjoy prison.

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