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    General Hospital CAST - Damian Spinelli - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Spinelli Played by Bradford Anderson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bradford Anderson (ABC)

    Birthday: September 21 1980
    Birthplace: Meredith, New Hampshire
    Marital Status: Married to Kiera O'Neill (April 10, 2010)
    Real Name: Bradford Anderson
    Web site:


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    Family, First

    Friday, February 23 2007

    In his hospital room, Alan asks for Jason again. He needs to speak with him and asks Monica to call him. "I don't want to mourn the son I lost anymore. I want to have a relationship with the man he is now," Alan says. Monica and Emily agree to find Jason for him. Outside, Emily bumps into Spinelli who tells her Jason is on a mission! Emily explains to Monica that Jason isn't at the hospital any longer. They hope he will return soon. Tracy arrives and heads inside. "If you're milking this to get Daddy's sympathy. . ." she says, and then smiles. "You scared the hell out of him and me!" she exlaims. With tears in her eyes, Tracy tells Alan that the whole family will be lost without him. Alan says not to worry - he'll be around to torture her for years! Edward comes in, promising a diet of bland, boring food for the rest of Alan's life. "You're a man filled with love and courage," Edward tells him emotionally. He tells Alan he is proud of him and smiles. Skye arrives and Monica grudgingly lets her in; Edward tries to head her off but Alan tells him to stop. Seeing he isn't getting anywhere, Edward leaves. Skye sits down, wondering why Alan is still talking to her. "How do you love me in spite of all the things I've done?" Skye asks. Alan tells her she is his family, as much as Emily, Jason an AJ are. Skye vows to stand by Alan throughout his recovery. She kisses him as Monica comes back in the room and then leaves. Weak, Alan asks Monica not to shut Skye out. Talking about their pasts, Monica tells him he is the love of her life. "Marrying you - both times - is the smartest thing I ever did," she says. Emily comes in, telling them Jason is on the way. Alan begins to have trouble breathing and Monica calls for a crash cart!

    In a corridor, Jason tells Spinelli to stay away from the hotel. This is something he has to do alone! At the hotel, Craig tries to hide from rescue workers. When a few workers leave the area, he goes inside to begin searching for the PDA. Jason arrives and has Craig under the gun for a moment, but the goon gets away when more debris begins to fall! Following him into a stairwell, Jason and Craig exchange shots. Jason sneaks around a corner, trying to get to Craig. He takes a shot but misses! Craig starts talking to Jason and the more he says, the angrier Jason gets. They exchange shots again and both miss. Craig tells Jason to let him go - or he'll be sorry! Jason charges up the steps. Fighting their way back to the lobby, Craig offers Jason money to let him leave but Jason doesn't buy it. "Don't you have any better place to be?" Craig asks. Jason won't leave but as Craig continues talking, he doubts his resolve and begins thinking of Alan.

    Time For The Truth

    Thursday, February 22 2007

    In the waiting room, Tracy and Luke argue over Lulu's suitors. Tracy thinks they are all unsuitable, but Luke won't make a decision. A doctor comes out, telling them Lulu came through surgery fine. All three boys want to see her and Luke tells them all to back off. No one is going to see Lulu - except him! Entering Lulu's room, Luke sees she is awake but woozy. Luke tells her about Dillon, Spinelli and Milo arguing over her in the waiting room. Lulu can't believe it. Luke goes back to let Tracy know Lulu is fine. Spinelli takes off to see her, but they stop Dillon and Milo. Dillon has a huge responsibility to Lulu and Milo is just a goon, according to Luke. Both should just leave her alone for a while.

    In Lulu's room, Spinelli apologizes for not keeping her away from the blast but Lulu tells him it was her own fault. "Did I ever thank you for risking your life to save mine?" she asks. Before he can answer, Jason arrives, asking Spinelli to come outside with him. Jason needs Spinelli to track and find Mr. Craig! "Can't the cops handle this?" Spinelli asks. Jason doesn't care what the cops do; he is going to handle Craig! Walking through the hospital, Spinelli tells Jason about the PDA and the possibility of tracking him through the device. Jason stops briefly outside Alan's room but rather than going inside, he heads out of the hospital.

    Meanwhile back at the hotel, Craig slips into a medical worker's jacket! He opens a body bag and pulls #6's PDA from her pocket.

    That's My Baby!

    Wednesday, February 21 2007

    Outside the hotel, Luke yells for help for Lulu. Lucky rushes over with a doctor. An artery in her leg has been severed, the doctor says, but she will be okay. The team take her to the hospital and once there Lulu briefly wakes up. "I knew you'd find me," she tells Luke. Tracy meets Luke and Lulu as they are brought in and apologizes to Luke for not believing he would find Lulu. The medics wheel Lulu away to continue working on her. Together, Tracy offers Luke a deal: next time he decides to quit on something she will remind him of this and not let him give up! Spinelli arrives, goofily talking to Luke, The Father Of The Blonde One. Tracy tells Luke that Spinelli is a bad influence and advises him to keep Spinelli away from Lulu. Dillon and Michael arrive and the three begin arguing over who should be with Lulu. "Enough!" Tracy yells and orders Luke to order the boys to leave! Before Luke can say anything, the boys start arguing again. Finally Luke speaks up, telling the boys who Lulu dates is her choice!

    The Search Is On

    Tuesday, February 20 2007

    Inside the rubble, Spinelli is trying to find Lulu. He knows she was right behind him at one point but can't find her now. The rescue workers find him and pull him out against his will! Outside, they try to understand what he is saying but can't understand his weird code. Dillon comes over and Spinelli explains to him that Lulu was behind him and then she was gone! Worried, Dillon asks where they were the last time he saw Lulu but Spinelli doesn't know. He had her hand in his before the blast but when he woke up she wasn't there! Inside the rubble, Luke continues searching. He describes Lulu to rescue workers, but they don't recognize her description. One of them tells him to leave but he refuses and keeps looking. Seeing a hand in the rubble, Luke begins to dig! He uncovers a victim. It isn't Lulu and he keeps looking. "Lulu! Answer me!" he yells. Coughing from the dust and debris in the air, Luke is running out of strength. He asks Laura to help him find her. In the corner of the room, he sees an arm in the rubble and begins to dig again. It's Lulu! "Daddy's here," he tells her unconscious form. She is bleeding heavily and Luke carries her from the building.

    Ka. Boom.

    Friday, February 16 2007

    Craig walks over to the computer for an update from Spinelli and is impressed to learn that the vault is now set to open in 30 minutes. Craig announces to the crowd that thanks to Mr. Corinthos and the Jackal, their little gathering will come to an end in a matter of minutes.
    Spinelli is worried that he did the right thing by helping Craig. As he's debating what the possible outcomes might be, Lulu pulls Laura's engagement ring from out of her bra. She tells him that if facing one's death doesn't qualify as a special occasion, she doesn't know what does, as she slips the ring on her finger in order to feel closer to her mother.

    Inside, Craig is explaining the new situation to everyone. He says that Spinelli is going to surprise the cops by opening the vault early. And then, Sonny will provide the code to the brief case. He surmises that some of the hostages could possibly survive the bomb blast that he's planning, but none of them will live through a shot in the head if it turns out that Sonny is lying about the code. As Craig, Lulu and Spinelli walk toward the vault, Jason is able to slip Sam a gun and tell her to wait for his signal. Nikolas tells Emily to stick close behind him -- he's going to pick Robin up and run.

    Back at the vault, Craig is duly impressed when Spinelli opens the vault. Inside the cute goon scrambles and is able to put his mask on before Craig can see how comfy he's gotten in the last 12 hours. Craig sees him, apologizes for the lock down and asks him to hand over the case. Once he realizes that it is indeed an equinox case, he announces that it's time to go put the squeeze on Sonny.

    Deathbed Confessions.

    Thursday, February 15 2007

    Over at the front desk, Spinelli is working away on the computer, trying to get the vault open early as directed. WHile he's working, he's trying to keep Lulu calm. Nearby, goon-faced Jason has positioned himself to stand guard behind Sonny and Carly, and then whispers that Luke gave Craig the wrong code, but the first three numbers are 767. Sonny does his very best ventriloquist impersonation and whispers back, "Get Carly outta here." Then he quietly asks Carly if those numbers meant anything to Lorenzo.

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