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    General Hospital CAST - Damian Spinelli - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Spinelli Played by Bradford Anderson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bradford Anderson (ABC)

    Birthday: September 21 1980
    Birthplace: Meredith, New Hampshire
    Marital Status: Married to Kiera O'Neill (April 10, 2010)
    Real Name: Bradford Anderson
    Web site:


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    The Big Bad Wolf?

    Friday, March 30 2007

    Jason goes off to scout an abandoned location that no one knows exists, and he is startled to learn that Spinelli has followed him "for tech support". He pulls his gun and Spinelli adapts a hilarious pose that is supposed to dodge all bullets. Jason tells him to stand up straight and to stop following him. He tells him that NO ONE can know about this place.

    Spinelli finds Lulu at Kelly's and asks what has cast a darkness over her? She asks him to listen, and thanks to his recent tutorial with Jason, he knows how. She says that Scott Baldwin is practically bragging about getting away with Rick Webber's murder and trashing her mom's life.

    And The Oscar Goes To Robin.

    Thursday, March 29 2007

    Spinelli goes racing to Jason at the warehouse and asks how he can make "Fair Lulu" fall in love with him. He says that Jason is a triple-threat Chick magnet because he has Sam, the loyal Elizabeth and even Carly in his life. "Just give me the secret to your mojo" he pleads as Jason tries to escape. He goes on, "I may rule cyberspace but in reality…well, the Jackal struggles." He tells Jason that it may come as a surprise but some people don't take him seriously, some might even mock him behind his back. Jason takes pity on him and simply tells Spinelli to listen. "The simple act of listening is what counts," Jason shares. Spinelli wants to hug Jason in gratitude but Jason pulls back. "When the fair Lulu is mine, I owe you," Spinelli says as he does his best to do a macho back slap on Jason .

    Robin Has Her Hands Full.

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    Jason goes into Sonny's office and finds Spinelli sitting at Sonny's desk. Jason asks him what he's doing there and Spinelli explains that he's deleting the paternity results. He gives Jason one last chance to change his mind, but Jason tells him to delete it. Spinelli clicks a key and guarantees that "all traces to your impending fatherhood have been obliterated." He sweetly asks Jason if he's okay and then asks Jason if he'd like him to tap into the hospital mainframe to see any of Liz's test results – maybe even a ultrasound. He rambles about finding out the baby's sex and maybe if it's a girl she could be named Lulu. Jason tells Spinelli that he has no input on the baby's name or anything else. He says that of course he wants to know if it's a boy or girl, but that would make everything harder for him.

    Spinelli finds Lulu at Kelly's and guesses by her face that she "isn't one with the sunshine today." Lulu grumbles about Liz and the secret that she's keeping from her brother. Spinelli tries to convince Lulu to come for a walk with him (using Spinelli language) and Mike overhears and makes fun of him. Lulu continues to spew her discontent over how Jason and Liz came to sleep together last summer. She explains that Sam slept with Ric Lansing and that's probably why Jason was up for it. Spinelli can't believe that Sam would sleep with "the DA of darkness." Lulu is tearful as she continues to talk about how worried she is about Lucky. Dillan finds them and wonders what Spinelli has done to make Lulu cry. Before she can explain, Milo comes in and tells Lulu that it's okay with him if Lulu dates all three of them. The three guys rise to their feet and argue over which of them is better for Lulu. Mike comes in clanging pot lids together and asks them to show the lady some respect. Lulu says that she's going to go on a trial date with each of them….separately. The guys argue over who goes first and Milo wants to arm wrestle. Dillon contends that Lulu has more respect for brains than muscle. Mike clangs his lids and says they will do it the old fashioned way. Mike tells them they have to draw numbers, the highest wins. Dillon wins the first date, then Milo and finally Spinelli. She tells them that she wants no more bickering or she won't go out with any of them.

    Lulu Goes For It.

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    At Kelly's, Maxi is facing off with Lulu in front of Coop. They dish all their baggage -- about Lulu breaking up Georgie and Dillon and Maxi tricking Lucky into thinking she was pregnant -- in front of Coop. Just after Maxi tells Lulu that she aborted her baby because she couldn't take it, Lulu punches her in the face. Logan comes in and between he and Coop, they pull the girls apart. In one corner, Coop tries to tell Maxi that he and Lulu have nothing going on – in fact they just met. Logan comes over and Maxi blurts out that Coop has suddenly decided to be a cop. Logan congratulates him and says that he can go after the security gig at the Metro Court. After Coop leaves, Maxi tells Logan that there's more going on with Coop's decision to be a cop and she's going to find out what it is. Later, Lulu corners Logan and asks why he keeps showing up in her face. Logan says that a simple "thank you" might be nice. As he yells at her, Milo comes up and Logan asks if her babysitter needs her. Lulu says that Milo is her boyfriend and then Dillon shows up. Logan says, "I get it" and leaves. Just then Spinelli shows up and starts gushing at Lulu. She can't take the pressure of three guys after her and leaves them standing together.

    Spinelli comes home and Jason thanks him for helping him keep Lulu's mouth shut at the wedding. Spinelli says that Stone Cold is the only person he knows who always tells the truth, so why is he doing this? Jason says that Sam has been hurt enough and he can't hurt her by having a baby with someone else. Spinelli suggests that if they blow the truth right out there, they can let the dust settle and then they can have 4 people can share the baby and love it. He says that if Lucky can't handle it and goes back to drugs, then maybe Jason would be doing his baby a favor. Maybe Liz would even give Sam and him the baby to raise as their own. Before Jason can shoot a hole in his theory, Sam comes home and asks why they are so serious. Spinelli comes up with a good cover story about Lulu – his girlfriend. Sam's eyes go wide open to learn that Lulu is dating Spinelli. After he leaves, Jason says that Spinelli has a vivid imagination. Then she asks her why she's home from work so early. "There has been a change of plans," she explains. She says that she can't let her fear hold her back anymore and has decided to take the TV job. He asks what she's afraid of, and Sam says that in her past she has done some things that she's not proud of. But she has decided to do it, and Jason is glad for her.

    Lulu comes back to Kelly's and finds Spinelli, Dillon and Milo sitting together bickering about her. She tells them that she cares about all of them as friends, but maybe in time she could feel something else. The men start to fight over who is better for her ( it's quite funny!). "I care about all of you and I don't know how to choose…so I'm either going to date all of you…or none of you." The guys are stumped.

    Liz and Lucky Say "I Do"

    Friday, March 23 2007

    At the Spencer home, Spinelli stands up and objects to Liz and Lucky's marriage - on behalf of Jason! He calls Jason "Jackal" and no one makes the connection. Jason tries to shut him up but the minister wants to hear what Spinelli has to say. He begins to ramble about their compatibility, comparing them to computers and Lulu pipes up, calling him her boyfriend and leading him from the room. Outside, she tells him to shut up! She doesn't plan on telling anyone about the baby and wants him to keep quiet, too. Around the corner, Maxie is eavesdropping on them. Lulu sees Maxie and the two begin to argue. Maxie tells her to stop the wedding if she really loves Lucky; Lulu says there is only one way the wedding will be stopped - when she pulls Maxie's hair out in chunks and the guests come out at her screams! Maxie walks away, but her words have Lulu worried. Back inside, Liz vows her undying love to Lucky. "I give myself, my body and my soul to you," she says. Lucky promises to be the best man, husband and father that he can be. Lulu and Spinelli return inside as Lucky and Liz kiss! As they take pictures, Nikolas tries to find out what is wrong with Lulu but she blows him off. Jason offers his congratulations to Liz and Lucky, who are surprised he came. Carly gives Liz a hug, whispering to Liz to stay away from Jason! Lucky gains the guests' attention when he proposes a toast to Liz, their family and their new baby. Lulu grabs Jason and asks him to meet her later as Lucky delivers a piece of cake to her. She approaches Liz, telling her that she wants her to make Lucky happy. Liz hugs her as Jason looks on. Luke toasts Liz and Lucky. "Love is a gamble, may you both come up winners," he says. Lucky asks Nikolas if he has spoken with Emily. He says no and walks away. They are called together for a family photo and Spinelli approaches Luke, saying his intentions toward Lulu are honorable. Tracy comes over, wondering what Spinelli has been smoking and Luke leaves them to congratulate the bride and groom. He and Tracy leave and as he exits the home, Luke talks to Laura, telling her he can feel her there. Liz and Lucky send Cameron home with his grandparents and get ready to spend their first night as husband and wife - again! - together. Lucky tries to kiss her but Liz turns away.

    Pre-Wedding Jitters.

    Thursday, March 22 2007

    Maxi runs into Lulu at Kelly's and runs her mouth over the fact that Liz doesn't love Lucky enough to be marrying him again. Lulu slaps Maxi in the face, and Maxi smugly insists that she must have hit a nerve. As they argue more, Spinelli comes in and tells Maxi to leave Lulu alone.

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