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    General Hospital CAST - Damian Spinelli - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damian Spinelli Played by Bradford Anderson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bradford Anderson (ABC)

    Birthday: September 21 1980
    Birthplace: Meredith, New Hampshire
    Marital Status: Married to Kiera O'Neill (April 10, 2010)
    Real Name: Bradford Anderson
    Web site:


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    It Never Happened.

    Wednesday, May 01 2013

    Spin hands over his card to Betsy Frank at her cabin. He is looking for info on her son Franco’s Quatermaine connection. She invites him in, upset about Jason murdering her Bobby. Spin tells her that Franco’s daughter is entitled to Franco’s share of the family fortune. She tells him Franco has no children, but Spin doesn’t bite. Heather confirmed there was a daughter named Lauren that Franco had no access to. She admits it’s true, but they hardly spoke of her. It broke Bobby’s heart that he was not allowed to see her. The mother treats Lauren like a prize and it would serve her right to have Lauren turn on her. Spin thinks the money could help accomplish that and asks again where Lauren is. Betsy gives him an address that is a few years old. She hopes Spin is never kept from knowing his offspring like Bobby was. After Spin leaves, she tells someone they can come out.

    Making Something Out Of Nothing?

    Friday, April 26 2013

    Maxie confronts Ellie at GH threatening to fire her. Ellie pleads that she was only trying to help Maxie. Her pleading turns confrontational and she verbally attacks Maxie sure that she is hiding something. Maxie decides Ellie heard nothing and rudely dismisses her. Ellie receives a call from Spin as she's trying to get into the online hospital records. He asks if there is a problem. She confirms there is and he is just the person who can help. Ellie makes up a few lies convincing a hesitant Spinelli to help her gain access to the hospital mainframe before they hang up. She copies files to a flash drive and leaves.

    Connie welcomes "New Maxie" after Maxie didn't show up at work. New Maxie is overwhelmed when Connie receives a phone call from Johnny. He asks to see her about something important. Connie explains things have changed and she's not the old Connie anymore. He doesn't care and wants her to come to Pentonville. Maxie arrives at Crimson and asks the new girl who she is. She introduces herself as the "New Maxie." Maxie confronts Connie who tells Maxie she's fired. Bits of old Kate rattle Maxie as she tries to explain. Connie corrects her a few times when she calls Connie "Kate." Connie decides to give Maxie another chance doubting New Maxie can handle it. On her way out she fires New Maxie in classic Kate fashion. Maxie learns Gwyneth's name and tells her to stick around as a fill-in when the baby comes. She's startled when she feels her baby move.

    At Pentonville Johnny tells Connie she's there because someone's life depends on it.

    Back To The Drawing Board.

    Wednesday, April 24 2013

    At his apartment Dante gets information from Anna on the phone that Lulu didn't leave town via bus. He answers a knock at the door. Maxie can't wait to see Lulu. Dante explains Lulu's situation and tells Maxie that she left the hospital. Maxie wants to help. Dante asks her to take care of herself and the baby instead. He tells the baby they love him even if Lulu doesn't remember.

    Lulu wakes up in an unknown bed dressed in someone else's clothes. Milo walks into the room in a towel and says, "Good morning, Sunshine." She's grateful for the breakfast he makes. Milo's happy to do so after what he calls their incredible night. Lulu flashes back and remembers not knowing Milo at the Rib when he reminded her he works for her father-in-law. She told Milo she didn't have a husband and took off her engagement ring before it got tossed into a dish of peanuts. Milo asks if she remembers anything now as he exercises. She doesn't but thanks him for being her hero since Dante hasn't found her yet. She holds his feet during his crunches and tells him he didn't have to sleep on the floor. She realizes her ring is missing. Lulu's sad that something meaning so much to Dante is missing. Milo thinks they'll find it at the bar. She sweet talks him into going back without her. Alone she searches her name on the web when she hears a knock on the door.

    Spinelli follows Ellie around the hospital bothering her before heading out to find the missing Quartermaine heir. Ellie's more interested in what Maxie is hiding. They argue over whether Spinelli should confront her. He asks Ellie if they can table the discussion and kisses her. He tells her to stay out of trouble and leaves on his mission. Ellie finds a doctor hasn't logged out of the hospital system and searches for patient information.

    I'm Not Sure Who You Are.

    Monday, April 22 2013

    "General Hospital" was interrupted from 2:46 PM to 2:52 PM for an ABC news break and moment of silence for the Boston Marathon victims of last week's bombings.

    Ellie overhears Spinelli at her apartment on the phone. He tells Sam he's happy taking care of Danny. He apologizes to Ellie who confesses she likes kids a lot, the ones who are already here. She tries to convince Spinelli to find out Maxie's baby secret. He doesn't think it's their business. She persuades him to think of Dante and Lulu. Ellie tells him everything she knows. He agrees it is serious if it involves Frisco. After reflecting on the situation Ellie thinks something must be wrong with the baby.

    Connie tries to coax Maxie into her office after texting her to meet. She asks Maxie what she's afraid of. Maxie says, "You." Connie apologizes for getting Maxie in the middle of Connie and Kate's problems and discusses her integration. Maxie hopes she kept all the good bits of Connie and Kate. Connie says she can decide that later after she accepts her job offer. Maxie's hesitant. Connie promises the old Connie won't be a problem. Maxie remembers the old Kate and asks, "What about Kate?" Connie sweet talks her into it but wants to discuss the baby problem. Maxie wants to know why it’s a problem. Connie thinks she'll give up a career to stay home with the baby.

    Maybe Someday.

    Wednesday, April 17 2013

    Ellie apologizes for bumping into Maxie at GH. Maxie accuses her of stalking and asks if Ellie still thinks she's keeping a secret. Ellie makes her think that she and Spinelli figured out her secret. Maxie's worried until Ellie confesses the secret she was keeping was about Britt's baby. An annoyed Britt breaks them up for Maxie's appointment. Ellie offers to take Maxie's lab work to Britt for a co-worker. She overhears Britt insinuate the secret is about Maxie's baby. Britt reprimands Ellie for breaking privacy protocol and grabs Maxie's lab report. Maxie's worried Ellie heard. Britt isn't worried about the weird girl.

    At Sam's Spinelli plays with Danny. Sam asks about a check. He explains he's working for AJ. She doesn't want money he worked for. He disagrees and is afraid she wants to dissolve their partnership. She calms him, saying she'll split the next job 50/50. Spin updates her on the case involving Heather. He believes Franco had a better chance of fathering a child than he ever will. He shares that he and Ellie only talk about Maxie's baby now. Sam wants to know more. Spinelli tells her the secret he thinks Maxie was keeping for Dr. Westbourne. Sam gets a call. The nanny is sick and she needs to go to court. Spinnelli offers to watch Danny.

    Michael finds AJ hanging outside of Kelly's looking at the sign announcing Pickle-Lila coming soon. They talk about Sonny. AJ tells him not to worry about Brenda and Sonny. They move on to the issue of Pickle-Lila. Inside Shawn assures TJ that Molly's looking out for a friend. TJ leaves for the courthouse to show support against Shawn's advice. AJ enters with Michael presenting an order requiring removal of all Pickle-Lila posters. Shawn's disappointed but complies. Michael and AJ can't start production without the secret ingredient. Spinelli arrives with Danny. They ask if Heather told him where Franco's daughter is. He responds in the affirmative. Heather suggests Woodstock since it's the last place Betsy Frank visited Franco's daughter. They urge him to go there. He agrees, after he figures out why Carly just called. AJ wonders why as well but Michael doesn't care. AJ decides to beat Tracy at her own game. He tells Shawn to hold onto the posters for the new and improved Pickle-Lila. He opens his kitchen to them as Brenda walks in. Outside Spin doesn't miss Carly's return call asking him to find Brenda. He declines due to his other case. Carly will deal with it herself. Ellie finds him playing with Danny. She tells him they misunderstood what the real secret is.

    I Don't Want This.

    Tuesday, April 16 2013

    Spinelli visits Heather Webber in lock-up asking for help. She wonders why she would do that. He doesn't think it's too much to ask but Heather reminds him delivering a letter was too much to ask his partner Sam. He gives her the update she wants on Luke's life and possible reunion with Tracy. Damian inquires after Franco's daughter figuring she's the only one that could possibly know anything. He asks, "Do you?" He convinces Heather that she can make Tracy less appealing to Luke if Tracy's broke. Heather offers to help if he'll take a letter to Stephen Larrs, but she laughs at her joke. She gets serious asking Spinelli to come closer so she can tell him everything she knows about Lauren Frank.

    At GH Felix fusses with Sabrina's hair in the locker room and notes her attitude can only be the result of Britt. He mocks Britt and jokes about her ploy to trap Patrick. He makes her affirm, "Patrick and I are together," and reminds her that Patrick came to her. He thinks there's no time to worry about Britt; it's time to hit the sheets with Dr. Drake. Outside Britt tells Patrick she's decided to have an abortion. He's questions what the deciding factor is after announcing the pregnancy publicly. She says, "You," because he was horrified at the news. Since she grew up without a father she will not put a child through that and believes Patrick is off the hook. He asks, "When are you going to do it?" She tells him not to worry, she'll make the appointment, "Congratulations, you're free." Sabrina sees Patrick when Britt leaves and asks what is wrong. He tells her.

    In his room, Nik gets off the phone with Spence when a doctor comes in. She closes all the blinds and asks personal questions about Spencer's name. She claims liking to put her patients' needs first and tells him everything he says is confidential. Her invasive questions make him ask what kind of doctor she is. Epiphany bursts in during another question and tells her, "Step away from the Prince!" Epiphany outs her as a reporter and is corrected by Kelly Curtis that she is a journalist. Nikolas threatens her and she leaves. Epiphany tells him it's time for sponge bath.

    Better Than Anything On Cable.

    Tuesday, April 09 2013

    Lucy takes over and introduces the Bensonhurst Medium and her hunky sidekick Max. Olivia and Max entertain in vaudeville style. Lucy announces a break. Nearby Spinelli talks with Sam about his relationship differences with Ellie. Sam compliments how he's blossomed with Ellie. He says there will be no more baby talk and leaves looking for Ellie. Outside the ballroom Maxie asks Ellie what she knows about the baby. Ellie only knows there's a secret and thinks Maxie should share with friends. Maxie is upset that Ellie eavesdropped on her father leaving her. Spinelli finds them and asks what's going on. Maxie tells him and leaves them. Spin wonders what bothered Ellie. She confesses Maxie is hiding something about the baby. Spin tries to figure out what is going on and confuses what happened in the ballroom as related to Maxie and the secret she is keeping with her father. They decide to return to the ball having not solved the mystery of Frisco, Maxie and Britt.

    Let's Do This.

    Monday, April 08 2013

    In Lucy's dressing room Richard Simmons hides in a pile of her clothing in a closet. He says, "I'm back." He verbally attacks Lucy and tells her she's not going on to dance. Richard gags and locks her in the closet. He says he's about to go on and do a little number for Port Charles. Behind the stage Emma asks Sabrina if Patrick could be her boyfriend if Milo isn't. Patrick asks Emma if that would make her happy. She agrees it would. On stage, Elizabeth replaces Lucy and introduces a traditional tango with Duke and Lucy. Felix indicates Lucy is unavailable. Duke hurriedly tells Anna to save him and not let Faison take away his tango. Liz reintroduces the couple who perform. Afterwards Duke asks if they can create new memories and take on this brave new world together. They kiss. Patrick, Emma, and Sabrina show up and Emma whispers in Anna's ear. Emma leaves with Sabrina to get ready. Anna tells Patrick it is about time. Patrick says for her too as he sees Duke looking on.

    Liz introduces Magic Milo as the next act. He's followed on stage by Max, Felix, Michael, Damian and Anton. They perform a sexy dance routine on and off stage finishing in their underwear with "NURSES BALL" spelled out on their backsides. Epiphany gets the women yelling for them to remove their underwear as Richard falls from behind the curtain struggling with Lucy in her underwear. Lucy exclaims, "It's not an act!" as Richard mocks her from behind. Magic Milo's crew carries Richard out over their shoulders. Spinelli wonders where Ellie is when he returns to the ballroom. Lucy reappears somewhat dressed onstage introducing Rick Springfield arranged to perform by Noah Drake. Bobbie thanks Patrick for the surprise performer and tells him he looks like Springfield. Upstairs Dr. Obrecht calls it the best performance of the night as Britt finishes up. Lucy comes back on to introduce Sabrina and Emma. They sing "Call Me Maybe." Patrick wipes tears away pleased. Britt arrives as Lucy reminds everyone about the purpose of the event and introduces Patrick to speak. He gives a moving speech about Robin and the General Hospital staff. He invites Emma on stage as he thanks everyone including organizations like amFAR for helping Robin's dream become a reality. Britt walks towards them saying she has a few words of her own. Sabrina joins a scared Emma on stage. Patrick asks Britt not to make a scene. She tells him everyone will be interested in what she has to say, including him. Upstairs Dr. Obrecht looks at a picture of Faison saying Britta would make him a very proud papa.

    Are You Ready?

    Friday, April 05 2013

    At the Metro Court Patrick tells Sabrina she looks beautiful. Sabrina's unsure about her makeover and says it's still her underneath. Patrick confesses his feelings and that he was sidelined by Milo. She confirms her feelings haven't changed. He apologizes for taking so long to do this and kisses her. Patrick hopes her happiness means he didn't lose her to Milo. Sabrina decides to smooth things over with Milo and accepts an invitation to be Patrick's date for the Ball.

    Downstairs guests arrive on the red carpet. Felicia calls for Mac to join her and Frisco for a picture. Maxie sees Spinelli arrive with Ellie. Duke is followed by Anna and Emma. Anna gives a heartfelt interview about the benefit in Robin's honor. The announcer asks Carly if she's back with Sonny and for comments on Jax and Brenda's engagement. Carly doubts a wedding will happen or if they will show up tonight. Brenda shows up alone. The announcer asks where Jax is. Brenda apologizes he couldn't make it. Michael, Bobbie and Olivia are photographed followed by AJ and Elizabeth, Monica and Tracy, and Alexis and Shawn with Molly and Sam in tow. Anton escorts Epiphany in and tells Sam it's not too late to dance with him tonight. The announcer wonders where Patrick and Noah are. Felix escorts Lucy in last and worries about Sabrina.

    Sabrina rushes backstage late, relieving Lucy and surprising Liz with her new look. Felix beams over her kiss with Patrick. Lucy rushes onstage announcing the opening number featuring GH's nurses. Afterwards Sabrina catches up with Milo who is not certain she will want to be seen with him. At a table nearby Anton tells Sam he needs a partner. Onstage Lucy honors Jessie Brewer and Amy Vining in her monologue and gives a shout out to Bobbie Spencer. She then asks the anonymous donor to stand up. No one does.

    Maxie asks Felicia if she is choosing the steak or the fish. Felicia tells her she doesn't know…she loves both. Ellie and Spin argue before their number about children. On stage they sing "She Blinded Me With Science." In the middle of the song Spin declares "Good heavens Miss Trout you are beautiful," they close with a kiss. During the applause she says she loves him too much to let problems get in the way. Maxie stands to leave. Frisco tells her it's not too late to tell Spinelli. Meanwhile Brenda throws a roll at Carly who reciprocates. A waiter asks Carly if she needs assistance. She throws Brenda out. Sonny's mad since this is for Robin. He goes after Brenda. To the side Milo confesses to Sabrina what he did and realizes Sabrina and Patrick have a connection.

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