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    General Hospital CAST - Epiphany Johnson

    Full detailed profile on Epiphany Johnson Played by Sonya Eddy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sonya Eddy (ABC)
    Epiphany Johnson

    Actor: Sonya Eddy

    Who played Epiphany Johnson over the years

    Sonya Eddy (2006 - present)

    Useful information on Epiphany Johnson

    * A strong, confident and dominant member of the team at General Hospital.
    * Interacts with everyone in a gruff manner.
    * There's warmth and good intentions beneath everything she barks.
    * she is upset that her son, Stan, has chosen a life of crime as an employer of Sonny Corinthos.


    Current: A nurse at General Hospital


    Epiphany is the very outspoken and opinionated nurse at General Hospital. She loves to give Patrick, a.k.a. Drake Jr., a hard time. She is a cancer survivor, who also lost her beloved son Stan, who used to work for Sonny. Epiphany had a fling with General Hospital's janitor Toussaint, who was part of a famous musical group back in the day.








    Stan Johnson (son)


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    Thursday, February 20 2014: GH Recap: Toast.

    At the hospital, Sabrina and Epiphany wonder why Lucy didn't bother showing up for the Nurses' Ball meeting. Sabrina isn't sure she wants to take part this year. It's all kind of awkward since Patrick knocked her up. Epiphany says that everyone already knows all about it. Sabrina has an appointment. When she goes down the hall to meet Dr. Chu, she's startled to see that Britt is filling in for her. She assures Britt that she will not be using the baby to win Patrick back. Slowly, Britt apologizes for trying to get between her and Patrick. Sabrina accepts the apology and says it's all in the past. They look at the baby together and Britt coos about Ben. As they schedule the nurse's next appointment, Sabrina notices the hulking ring on Britt's finger. She wishes the doctor good luck with Nikolas. Meanwhile, Scott and Luke are being wheeled through the hall and lectured by Epiphany. Scott wants to get back to work but Anna insists he be examined first. Tracy and Lucy arrive. Quartermaine begins railing at Luke, but he's pretty out of it. Lulu arrives to see her father. He blankly assures her he's fine. Lucy pulls Scott into a corner. She admits that she doesn't know what she would do if she lost him.

    Monday, December 09 2013: GH Recap: Knock 'Em Dead.

    At General Hospital, Patrick pretends to be fine but Epiphany knows he's not. She wonders who he went home with after the wedding. He confesses he went home alone. His love for Sabrina hasn't gone away but he loves Robin too. Epiphany tells him he's human.

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