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    General Hospital CAST - Epiphany Johnson

    Full detailed profile on Epiphany Johnson Played by Sonya Eddy on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sonya Eddy (ABC)
    Epiphany Johnson

    Actor: Sonya Eddy

    Who played Epiphany Johnson over the years

    Sonya Eddy (2006 - present)

    Useful information on Epiphany Johnson

    * A strong, confident and dominant member of the team at General Hospital.
    * Interacts with everyone in a gruff manner.
    * There's warmth and good intentions beneath everything she barks.
    * she is upset that her son, Stan, has chosen a life of crime as an employer of Sonny Corinthos.


    Current: A nurse at General Hospital


    Epiphany is the very outspoken and opinionated nurse at General Hospital. She loves to give Patrick, a.k.a. Drake Jr., a hard time. She is a cancer survivor, who also lost her beloved son Stan, who used to work for Sonny. Epiphany had a fling with General Hospital's janitor Toussaint, who was part of a famous musical group back in the day.








    Stan Johnson (son)


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    Friday, December 26 2014: GH Recap: Impossible Situation.

    At the hospital, Epiphany and Liz discuss New Year's plans. Liz fills her in about Ric being alive and coos about all of the time they have been spending together. Jake doesn't really fit in anymore. She explains that both men have feelings for her. Epiphany wonders who she will choose. Liz doesn't know how Jake can know how he feels about her if he doesn't even know who he is. Her boss sends her home to sort things out.

    Friday, October 10 2014: GH Recap: One Crazy For Another.

    Epiphany checks in on Liz and her John Doe at the hospital. Liz explains that his name is Jakeā€¦ probably. Epiphany starts to chuckle about her date with Milo and then asks Liz about Nick. Liz explains it didn't work out. Later, Milo arrives in the hall and picks up Epiphany. He warns her she might be overdressed. Liz is still by Jake's bedside. He wakes up and they wonder what his last name is. She has a plan to find out who he is: send his prints to the police. He doesn't like that idea since he might be a criminal. Liz rambles about him getting a blank slate and then talks him into sending in his prints for his family's sake. They call Dante over to take his prints. Meanwhile, Silas is surprised to walk into his office and find Nina there. She asks him if he wants to work on having a baby. Nina tries to convince him to have sex in the ICU. He refuses so she takes him into a supply closet. He still refuses so she accuses him of only sleeping with her out of pity. Silas says no so she accuses him of cheating on her. He insists he isn't. She kicks herself for being needy. After she walks off, he asks a nurse to call Nina's therapist.

    Lulu is at the gym with her baby. Maxie stumbles in and starts babbling about Nathan and their great date. It turned into an unmitigated disaster because Judge Walters showed up. She can't see the cop for the rest of the year. Lulu feels bad about this but Maxie thinks it's a sign. Her friend urges her to consult Diane. After Lulu goes to her kickboxing class, Nathan shows up. Milo and Epiphany arrive. She's a bit confused. He wants to teach her to box. They get some gloves on and he teaches her to punch. She accuses him of wanting her to lose weight. He insists that's not true and he's sorry. He always worries that he's not good enough for her. They go off for chicken.

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