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    General Hospital CAST - Laura Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Laura Spencer Played by Genie Francis on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Genie Francis (ABC)

    Birthday: 1962-05-26
    Birthplace: Englewood, NJ USA
    Marital Status: Married to actor/director/producer Jonathan Frakes, (two kids)
    Real Name: Genie Francis
    Height: 5'5


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    Here We Are Again.

    Friday, March 29 2013

    Luke and Laura are lowered onto the Haunted Star via helicopter. Luke wants to sink it when they are done. They prepare to face the dragon lady. Helena finds them with guns drawn in the bar. She tells them it seems like old times and invites them to make themselves at home since it is their boat. Her henchmen come in and Laura hands over her gun. Helena requests Luke’s gun for Laura’s life. Luke obliges and Laura demands Helena give back her daughter. Helena doesn’t know what her sons ever saw in Laura. Laura asks if she will shoot them like she had Nikolas shot. Helena’s surprised and upset. Luke asks, "If you didn’t have him shot then who did?" Helena doesn’t believe them and slaps Luke for his wise-cracking. Laura calls GH to prove it. Alexis picks up Scott’s phone in Nick’s room. Alexis tells them she will stay there until he is out of the woods. She’s caught off guard when Helena says to see that she does or she’ll be killed like her mother. Helena hangs up and Laura demands to see Lulu. Helena denies her claiming Laura’s responsible for what happened to Nikolas. Helena takes a gun and threatens to put an end to everything by taking care of Laura. Outside Dante climbs onto the Haunted Star in a wetsuit.

    Back at the hospital Alexis tells a still unconscious Nikolas that his grandmother actually has feelings. Liz comes in and hears Luke and Laura have been captured. Liz asks about Dante. Alexis says Helena didn’t mention him.

    I’ve Got Your Back.

    Wednesday, March 27 2013

    Alexis takes Shawn home to recover. TJ, Molly and Sam give him a hero’s welcome. Later Alexis updates the girls on Nikolas and Lulu and apologizes for not working on Rafe’s case. Sam worries about their safety. Alexis thinks they’re safe but doesn’t understand why Helena would attack Nikolas. Molly leaves to check on Danny. Alexis asks if Sam is recovered from the Steven Clay incident. Sam tells her Caleb was not evil, he just wanted his wife back. In another room TJ tells Shawn what he means to him. Sam grabs TJ and Molly to get pizza but they drag her to the Metro Court to help Lucy. Alone, Alexis tells Shawn her place right now is with him.

    Anna shows up at the Falconeri’s to tell Dante the sniper has been identified as someone having ties to Helena. Anna gives him a pep talk and asks him to meet her at the Haunted Star before she leaves. When he arrives she tells him the Haunted Star is gone. Dante calls Michael to inquire if there is any reason it would have been moved. Anna gets info that Quint saw the Star leave the harbor last night. Dante thinks it is in international waters by now.

    Bobbie waits with Laura at the hospital telling her Scotty would love to be there too. Monitors are beeping in Nikolas’ room. They walk in to find Luke with a syringe. Laura slaps him when he says he has to wake Nikolas up. Bobbie confirms the adrenaline hadn’t made it from the IV to Nikolas. Laura gets physical with Luke refusing to trade the life of one of her children for another. Scott arrives after Luke rushes out on Laura. She tells him what happened and asks him not to leave. A second later she decides to follow Luke and find Lulu. She leaves Scott at Nick’s side. Outside Bobbie comforts Luke confident that they will find Lulu. Dante and Anna show up. Dante says, "I think we know where Lulu is." Anna debriefs them. While waiting for the ship’s coordinates from Frisco they get the proper paperwork before heading off to the Haunted Star. Back at the docks Dante leaves for equipment and Anna tells Luke Dante will meet him later and they’ll have agents for backup. Laura runs up saying she’s coming. They take off in a helicopter.

    You Just Had An Epiphany.

    Tuesday, March 26 2013

    At the PCPD Olivia sees Shawn waving a gun and yells for him to put the gun down. Alexis is standing there and Olivia says it was another vision. She thinks Shawn must be trying to protect someone. They overhear a call from Anna that Shawn has been shot.

    Things are critical for Nikolas at GH. Epiphany yells code blue and calls for a crash cart. They stabilize him and wait for an OR. Laura gets a call from Scott and asks him not to come. She calls her mom to check on Spencer and warns that Helena could be involved. A doctor says they’re ready for surgery. Laura hugs Liz and waits with Nikolas. She tells him not to leave them. Luke leaves a message for Anna. Alexis arrives looking for Shawn. Luke tells her there was another shooting. She joins Laura and Liz with Nikolas. Alexis wonders if Nikolas was the intended target. She leaves to see Shawn arrive. He’s happy to see her. Luke comes in worried for Laura as they take Nikolas to surgery.

    I'm Too Late.

    Monday, March 25 2013

    Patrick watches a video Robin left at home. She talks about moving on if something happens to her. Patrick reflects on his encounters with Sabrina and her relationship with Emma.

    At the Falconeri’s Laura tells Luke they have to track down the Cassadines to find Lulu. A detective lets Nikolas in. He hugs Laura, surprised to see her. Luke fills him in on the kidnapping. Nikolas says, "I’m too late." Luke asks what he means. Nikolas apologizes that if he got there sooner he could have taken care of it. A shot rings out and Nikolas is hit. Luke sees movement on the street below. The detectives on site call in a description and location of the shooter.

    Sabrina is happy Emma is at the hospital with Liz for her graduation. Felix apologizes to Sabrina for pushing her towards Patrick. Sabrina knows Patrick is putting distance between them. Felix says he’s been stood up too, but Sabrina sees Milo nearby. Felix gets nervous; he didn’t expect him to show. Milo asks if they are excited. They discuss education and Milo says he’d love to get his GED and go to massage school. Felix is for it. Epiphany calls for the nurses. As diplomas are passed out Epiphany tells Felix, "You and me are going to have fun." When Sabrina receives her diploma Patrick yells, "Way to go Sabrina." Epiphany welcomes the Class of 2013. Sabrina tells Patrick she is happy he came. She puts on her mother’s stethoscope. Patrick tells her he wants to talk. In the corner Milo tells Felix he is inspired and congratulates him. Felix invites him to the Floating Rib to celebrate. Milo asks if Sabrina will be there and if Felix could put in a good word for him. Felix realizes Milo is interested in Sabrina. Milo’s concerned she might be taken and Felix assures him she is available.

    Nikolas is brought into GH. Luke repeatedly tries to get Nikolas tell him who has Lulu if he knows. Liz comes in and is surprised to see Nick. Epiphany threatens Luke to stay out of the way. Laura says if she finds out who did this she will kill them with her bare hands. Liz is at Nick’s side and tells him to stay with them as things turn critical.

    You Made A Big Mistake.

    Friday, March 22 2013

    Lucy and Scott are at the park passing out flyers of Lulu. Dante shows up and grabs Scotty demanding to know what he did with Lulu. Lucy separates them telling Dante she has been with Scotty the whole time. Dante threatens to kill Scotty if he’s responsible. Scott tells Lucy he’s going to go support Laura. Lucy approaches a woman in black and gives her information about Lulu’s kidnapping. It is Dr. Obrecht from Lucerne Switzerland who asks who would do such a terrible thing. Lucy believes it is a crazy person. Dr. Obrecht tells Lucy the person doesn’t have to be insane, they might just be evil. Lucy is hesitant but asks the woman to contact them if she has any info and leaves. Dr. Obrecht crumples the flyer and throws it in the bushes. Britt shows up on crutches and says, "Hello Mother."

    Luke and Laura are at Dante and Lulu’s. The police are preparing to trace calls. Laura is worried and Luke tells her Lulu is resourceful and will find a way out of this. Bobbie arrives and hugs Luke and Laura. Bobbie realizes someone has been watching her. Luke thinks it’s Scotty. Bobbie and Laura disagree with him. A detective lets Scotty in. Luke wants him to leave. Laura tells them to stop it so they can find Lulu. They calm down and Bobbie leaves with Scott to look for Lulu. Laura asks if Luke would rather fight with Scotty or find their daughter. They decide the first person they should be suspicious of is Helena. The detective lets Nikolas in. He hugs his mother.

    You Fight For It.

    Thursday, March 21 2013

    Lucy hands flowers to Laura as Luke arrives at the courthouse. Scott demands to know why he's there. Luke blows him off and tells Laura that Lulu is getting ready. He hugs Lucy. Scott tells him he isn't invited and goes to throw him out. Laura wants to know what he is doing there first. Scotty says it's because he's a dumbbell and wants to tell her she's making the biggest mistake of her life. Kevin asks them to stop fighting. Luke admits he's there to stop the stupid wedding and Scotty's not the right man. Laura asks, "Then who is?" He doesn't know, but it's not Scotty. He is interrupted by a call from Dante. He hangs up and tells them about Lulu. Luke threatens Scotty then rushes off with Laura. Lucy tells Scotty no one believes he's responsible. Kevin's not sure if he agrees.

    Lulu lies passed out at the apartment. Dante arrives and picks up a package at the door addressed from Bobbie. He yells to Lulu and unlocks the door. He rushes to her side and checks her pulse. Someone hits him in the head from behind. He wakes up and finds Lulu gone. He calls Luke to report Lulu missing. Anna shows up with police. Dante briefs her about the day's events. He's about to cry and complains about not being there for Lulu. He says the person who sent the package knew about the gift from Bobbie. Anna starts an investigation and wants to have the bear analyzed. Luke and Laura show up worried.

    Ticking Time Bomb Anyone?

    Wednesday, March 20 2013

    Laura asks Scotty why she had to rush to the courthouse. Scotty says to get married. She doesn’t want to rush. She wants something special, something to tell her new grandchild about. Scott tells her the plan for a wedding with Lucy Coe as maid-of-honor and Kevin as best man. Laura wants Lulu to be her maid-of-honor. Scott calls Lulu and requests her to come to the courthouse for the wedding. Laura shares she wanted to plan her own wedding. He asks if she wants to wait because of Luke. Laura confesses she found out about Anna. She realizes Scott knew already and asks why. Scott shares his panic and fear of losing her. He asks if she still wants to marry him. Lucy and Kevin show up and Laura confirms there’s a wedding. She changes into the dress Lucy brought. Luke arrives.

    At the Falconeri’s, Lulu tells Luke that Laura has feelings for him. Luke figures she wants Scott and they are over. Lulu gets the call from Scott. She fidgets with the bear. Luke asks what the problem is. She yells Scott and Laura are about to be married. They argue about Laura’s predicament. She tells Luke he should go stop the wedding. The time on the bear is 6:45. She pleads with Luke that if he doesn’t trust Scotty how could he let Laura marry someone he thinks is dangerous. Luke says Laura needs to pay the price or save herself. Lulu changes for the wedding. Luke has left. She picks up the bear. It’s 7:00 and the alarm rings. Lulu ends up passed out on the floor with the bear alarm ringing.

    I'm Leaving Port Charles.

    Tuesday, March 19 2013

    At Dante and Lulu’s, Laura considers Lulu’s question about Luke being free. Olivia enters with Bobbie’s gift. Lulu is excited but Luke interrogates Olivia about the origin of the package. Olivia doesn’t understand what’s wrong. Laura says they’ve made a lot of enemies. Luke shares recent events of the fake ice princess. While Luke and Laura argue about Scotty being involved, Olivia notices the bag is ticking. Luke tries to get them all out of the apartment but Lulu is busy. As they leave she returns to the bag and eagerly goes through it. Luke yells and there’s an altercation. The package spills. A bear with a big clock in the belly stares back at them. Lulu says it is a sleep aid for the baby. Olivia sees the clock and passes out. She recovers quickly and Dante takes her to the hospital. Lulu begins a conversation with Luke and Laura about him being available. Laura’s interrupted by a phone call and leaves to meet Scotty. Luke wonders what’s up with Laura. Lulu tells Luke the real reason Laura is here and why she agreed to marry Scott.

    Lucy and Scott arrive at the court house. An employee tells him it is quitting time and tries to leave. Scotty makes an attempt to sweet talk and bribe the clerk without success. He tells Lucy he needs a marriage license tonight. She runs off after the clerk, losses him, but wrangles the Mayor and her assistant into Scotty’s troubles. Lucy threatens the Mayor into helping Scotty. He jokes her job could be on the line and he could run for mayor.

    Laura meets Scott at the court house and he explains they can get married right now.

    Game Over.

    Monday, March 18 2013

    In their hotel room Scotty sees Laura looking at a photo of Luke. She closes her family album and explains how she will soon see the sonogram of her grandbaby. She thinks Lulu would like to see pictures of herself as a baby. Scott asks if she is going to keep what she saw between Duke and Anna to herself if she sees Luke. He wants to go with Laura but she wants to be alone with Lulu. Scott proposes, and this time produces a ring. He places it on her finger and she says yes.

    Dante visits his mom at Steve’s. He is worried about her as she wanders around in a robe. She tells him she’s waiting for a lawyer to call and tries to get him to take the cannoli. He talks her into getting dressed to come with him for his and Lulu’s big day.

    At Lulu’s, Luke asks if she has received any more surprise gifts. He indicates the ice princess fake might not have been from Helena. Luke suggests Scott is responsible. They agree Scott may still hold a grudge against her. Luke suspects Scotty is backing off because Luke is onto him. She says she will stay out of it. She has her own relationship to focus on. She thinks he does too. He tells her Anna broke it off. She asks if Laura knows. She thinks Laura will be interested in him now. Luke doesn’t understand how. Laura and Olivia arrive. Dante and Lulu unveil the picture of their baby. There are hugs all around. There is a pause as Luke and Laura turn to each other. They hug and smile at one another. Olivia leaves to get a gift from the car. Luke and Dante discuss Helena and he asks Dante to look into Scott Baldwin. Laura shares the family album with Lulu’s baby pictures. Laura confesses that Anna is cheating on Luke. Lulu tells her that Anna broke up with Luke and asks her if it matters to her. Olivia returns with a large gift bag addressed from Aunt Bobbi. Luke says don’t touch it.

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