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    General Hospital CAST - Laura Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Laura Spencer Played by Genie Francis on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Genie Francis (ABC)

    Birthday: 1962-05-26
    Birthplace: Englewood, NJ USA
    Marital Status: Married to actor/director/producer Jonathan Frakes, (two kids)
    Real Name: Genie Francis
    Height: 5'5


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    The Britch Knows.

    Wednesday, June 26 2013

    At the Metro Court, Anna and Duke can't get a hello from Luke who's distracted with his laptop. They leave him while he listens to Helena's DVD with headphones. Laura joins him wanting to know what has his interest. He pretends to be watching silly internet videos and inquires after her married life. He hears her mother is happy for her. She's surprised at that as he admits he is too. Laura mentions Lulu is worried about Tracy's health after seeing her at GH. She decides if Luke can be happy for her marriage, she can worry about Tracy's health. Tracy's fine and he brushes it off. Laura looks at Luke and becomes worried about him instead. Lucy interrupts and drags Laura to another table. Laura's distracted and watches Luke rush out. Lucy's afraid her distractions will come between them but Laura's only concerns are that their visions for Deception are different. She recommends they think bigger and Lucy likes the sound of that. On the terrace, Duke wonders if Anna is mixing business with pleasure to solve the shooting. She changes the subject and asks about ELQ. He gives Anna pause when he brings up the interesting visit he had with Ava Jerome. Anna's concerned that he believes something was dodgy about Ava and doesn't want him mixed up in the mob again. He kisses her hand in assurance that he won't. Mac and Felicia come by and split the couple up. Privately, Mac asks Duke to be his best man while Felicia asks Anna to be her maid of honor nearby. They both agree. The four gather together to toast the moment and Felicia asks when Duke and Anna are going to re-tie the knot.

    Bullet Points.

    Monday, June 24 2013

    At the Metro Court, AJ compliments Lucy Coe as being too pretty to pick up trash when he catches her with a piece of yellow police tape. She's happy Olivia's okay and that she can use the Metro Court for an event. Lucy's excited to see Scott and Laura when they arrive and leaves AJ to wait for Elizabeth. She takes Laura away from Scott to discuss once again partnering together on Deception Cosmetics. Laura isn't thrilled to start and is even less thrilled when she learns there are no investors. Scott rejoins them and Lucy promises to toast their marriage after they share a toast over her and Laura's renewed partnership. At the bar, AJ stops Carly and asks her not bother him and Elizabeth on their date there. She's too busy and meets Shawn on the terrace. They find Shawn's bullet casing. Inside, Elizabeth meets AJ at their table and plays the recording on Nik's phone of AJ's confession about sleeping with Carly.

    You're A Britch!

    Monday, June 10 2013

    Lulu is rolling meat balls at home when her mom drops by. Laura hears about how Dante helped her break through. Then they discuss Laura's honeymoon. Lulu's meat balls burn. She complains about how her whole life is a disaster. Dante arrives and his wife's mother heads out. He gives Lulu a kiss and assures her she will be a good cook one day.

    Since Always.

    Monday, May 20 2013

    At Wyndemere, Scott tells the wedding guests the mayor is unavailable. Lesley steps forward as a Wiccan ordained minister surprising the couple. The guests watch as Lesley marries Scott and Laura. For a moment after, Lulu stands alone having a flashback. Dante asks her what's wrong. She apologizes for not remembering and goes to congratulate the couple. Laura tells her it's okay if she wants to leave. Dante follows Lulu as she rushes into the hall. Lulu wants to go home and Dante is thrilled until he realizes she means Milo's. He offers to take her but she wants to find her own way. Inside Laura cuts the cake and Scott toasts his bride. Both AJ and Nikolas bring Elizabeth a slice of cake. She escapes the two of them. Nearby, Lesley tells Dante there may be a psychological aspect to Lulu's memory loss to forget something she doesn't want to remember.

    A Kiss Is Just A Kiss.

    Friday, May 17 2013

    Scott waits for Lesley's blessing at Wyndemere. She hesitates and Laura reminds her Scott's the same man who always promised to take care of her. Lesley decides to give her blessing for Laura. Scott calls Lucy to get the mayor to the new wedding location. When Nik comes home, Scott asks if he rounded up family. Nik admits he did, but Elizabeth is someone else's date, not his. Later, Elizabeth arrives with AJ and the kids. Scott asks if Laura's ready to get married as Lulu and Dante arrive. She tells Scott she's ready now. Cameron rushes over to hug Lulu. She realizes this is her family and she isn't sure she can do this. Dante promises to stay with her for the duration. Lesley introduces herself. Lulu apologizes for saying, "Nice to meet you." Lulu asks Dante if it's weird that she doesn't like Scott. Dante tells her it would be weird if she did. Nearby Scott tells Laura they might not be getting married after all.

    No More Vendettas.

    Thursday, May 16 2013

    At Wyndemere, Nik leaves Liz a message checking up on her health. Laura arrives extending an invitation to her wedding. Nik admits talking to Scott when he was in the hospital and asks if Laura is sure she wants to marry Scott. Laura reminds him Lulu and Scott put what happened behind them and it's unfair to keep Scott waiting after saying goodbye to Luke. Nik inquires what saying goodbye to Luke means. She confesses feelings for him aren't there anymore. Nik gives his blessings as long as Scott can make her happy and opens an invitation to change the venue from the courthouse to Spoon Island. They're disappointed Lucky won't be there but will get what family together they can. Lesley comes in with Spencer and asks for a hug from her daughter. Alone, Lesley's relieved Lulu was found but Laura admits not everything turned out okay. Lesley believes Lulu and Laura will heal and create new memories. Spencer runs in to announce there is going to be a wedding. Lesley is surprised, thinking Nikolas is getting married. She's more surprised when Laura reveals she's marrying Scotty.

    Scott interrupts Lesley and Laura at Wyndemere as Lesley tells Laura she will marry Scotty over her dead body. Scott wants to know when things went south for them. Lesley screams, "When you killed my husband!" Laura reflects the past was all a misunderstanding while Scott remembers he was only protecting the woman he loved when he killed Lesley's husband.

    We Don't Fit Anymore.

    Tuesday, May 07 2013

    Luke finds Laura alone at Milo's. Luke asks if she's ready to banana-peel it down the aisle with Baldwin. She confirms it will happen after Lulu gets better. He blasts Scott. Laura reminds him that he's had worse reviews. They remember how great it was. She wonders if they still have something of if it's the adrenaline from their adventure. Luke thinks not and kisses her passionately. She comes up for air. It was familiar but different for her. Luke says it's not exactly the way he remembers it either. Luke asks if she remembers an old sweatshirt that Lucky wore all the time. They realize they don't fit anymore. Laura gasps when he adds, "It's time to move on." She cries that it is finally over, but asks if she has his blessing. They hug. Laura gives him a family photo from the album. They kiss goodbye. Outside Luke calls and tells Tracy he's going after Lauren Frank.

    At the Metro Court, Lucy asks Scott how she looks. He's worried about Luke and Laura. Lucy suggests some New Age remedies to cure their problems but believes Scott should want to know if Laura loves Luke now before they get married. Scott wonders if he lit a fire beneath them. Lucy finds out Kevin missed his flight. She's all dressed up with nowhere to go. Scott invites her to dinner while he waits for Laura. He and Laura return to Metro Court later. He's sorry Lulu didn't remember anything. She confesses she and Luke said goodbye and wants to set a wedding date.

    In The Closet.

    Thursday, May 02 2013

    Laura visits Nikolas at Wyndemere and asks where Elizabeth is. He explains she left after he kissed her. She thought Elizabeth was seeing AJ. Nik is hoping he and Elizabeth are working their way towards each other after AJ's jealous rage. Laura thinks it's all a bad idea for the same reasons Elizabeth does. Nikolas claims it has nothing to do with Lucky. He doesn't want Elizabeth with AJ. Nik doesn't know what's fair anymore. Laura advises Nik to stay out of it if Elizabeth chooses AJ.

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