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    General Hospital CAST - Laura Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Laura Spencer Played by Genie Francis on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Genie Francis (ABC)

    Birthday: 1962-05-26
    Birthplace: Englewood, NJ USA
    Marital Status: Married to actor/director/producer Jonathan Frakes, (two kids)
    Real Name: Genie Francis
    Height: 5'5


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    GH Recap: Jennifer tells Luke and Laura that she doesn't have Lucky

    Wednesday, June 24 2015

    At her place, Lulu calls her mom to find out what is happening. Laura says they made some headway, but she can’t tell her anything else as she's being followed. After she hangs up, Dante asks who Lulu was talking to. Lulu tells him Maxie. Dante has to head to work, and after he leaves Lulu leaves a message for Dillon to call her. She then takes off with Dante on her trail.

    Luke wakes up in bed with Jennifer Smith and finds his t-shirt is ripped and his hands are tied with pantyhose. Meanwhile Laura tries to barge into their room, but Jennifer’s goons keep her out. Jennifer ends up allowing her into the room, and Laura finds out that Luke didn’t sleep with Jennifer, only because they got too drunk to do anything. Luke feels they didn’t consummate things because neither wanted to do it. Jennifer asks if he ever cared for her. He tells her no, that he made a deal with her dad and he’s sorry for that, but it was thirty-five years ago. He begs her to move on and give them their son. Jennifer admits to them that she doesn’t have Lucky. She explains that someone called her and told her they had Lucky, and they gave her information to use to try and win Luke back. She swears she doesn’t know who has Lucky, and she leaves them.

    GH Recap: Nikolas comes out on top at the ELQ board meeting

    Tuesday, June 23 2015

    At the Triple L, Jennifer offers to return Lucky as long as Luke makes love to her. Luke tells her their relationship is over and she should move on. She says she has moved on, but lately she’s realized how her life has been one failed relationship after another. She explains that after years of therapy she realizes she can’t move on with her life until she has closure with Luke, the one who got away. Jennifer thinks of her offer as one similar to the movie “Incedent Proposal,” but Laura tells her its rape. Jennifer tells Laura to think of it as poetic justice and payback for what Luke did to her. Laura says she doesn’t believe in bloodlust or vengeance. Jennifer again states this is just a business transaction, so she asks Luke if they have a deal. Luke tells her that he’ll do it. Luke heads off with Jennifer, leaving Laura behind in the diner.

    GH Recap: Jennifer Smith wants a night with Luke

    Monday, June 22 2015

    Luke and Laura jump when the door of the Triple L diner opens. It's Jennifer Smith. She recalls when she tried to kill Laura, who points a gun at her. Smith calls in her goons and demands that Laura hand over her gun if she wants to see Lucky again. After Luke is disarmed, Jennifer teases them about the past few years of their lives. Following some gloating, she explains that Luke couldn't be married for what comes next. She's not out to marry him. "Why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free?" she asks. They think this is sick. Luke has to spend the night with her if they want to get Lucky back.

    GH Recap: Luke and Laura return to the Triple L

    Friday, June 19 2015

    Luke and Laura head to the Triple L diner in British Columbia. She finds an old family photo. They rehash their past there. He can't figure out why they've been lured there. She wonders if he resented their life at the diner. He probably did. He was happy enough but restless and terrified of destroying his family. Luke doesn't regret their life together and never will. He fills her in about what he did to Dante and how important it is that they keep the truth from him. Sitting down, he worries that he's lied to Tracy one time too many. They get a call. Suddenly, the door opens. "What the hell?" Luke wonders.

    GH Recap: The charges against TJ are dropped

    Tuesday, June 16 2015

    At the Haunted Star, Lulu tries to talk Dillon out of speaking to Tracy when Lucky's life is at stake. Tracy stalks in to return her ring to Luke. She accuses her son of conspiring with the enemy. Dillon covers for everyone and talks about what a 'slime' Luke is. "Good riddance," Tracy says, handing the ring off to Laura. She doesn't want it so Tracy shoves it into Luke's hand. Before she can storm out, Luke stops her to say how much he loves her. He'll always be sorry for this. That's not worth anything to her. She exits. Luke thanks Dillon for keeping his mouth shut. He did it for Lulu's sake. Luke is getting tired of waiting around for the kidnappers. Laura gets a text asking her to meet them in British Columbia. She swears Lulu and Dillon to silence. Lulu can't lie to Dante. Dillon and Luke talk her into it. Luke and Laura roll out.

    GH Recap: Lucky was abducted

    Monday, June 15 2015

    After Dillon lunges at Luke at the Haunted Star, Luke blurts out that everything he and Laura said last night was a lie. They aren't getting back together. Laura explains to Lulu that her brother is in trouble. Someone has abducted Lucky. Laura went to see him in Ireland but his place was ransacked. She got a call threatening to kill him unless she and Luke convinced everyone they were back together. This perplexes them. Luke tells them they have to wait until the next phone call. Dillon doesn't plan to keep this from his mother. Luke tries to talk him out of it and then Lulu takes her turn. Tracy strolls in.

    GH Recap: Luke has been lying

    Friday, June 12 2015

    Laura wanders into Wyndemere as Nikolas is barking at Sloane over the phone. He's surprised to see her. They chat about business and she recalls when his grandfather tried to take over ELQ. She breaks the news about breaking up Luke and Tracy. Her son thinks she could do a lot better than Luke but he gives her his blessing anyway. She advises him not to let work consume his life.

    Lulu joins her father for a drink at the Haunted Star. She wants to know why he has reunited with her mom and broken Tracy's heart. He hates what he's done to Tracy. She badgers him. He's about to say something when Dillon storms in, demanding answers. Luke can't say anything. This infuriates Dillon. As he lunges at him, Laura arrives and yells to stop it. Luke finally blurts out that everything he said to Tracy last night was a lie.

    GH Recap: Luke's Fool.

    Tuesday, June 09 2015

    Luke asks everyone on The Haunted Star to leave, but Dillon and Lulu both demand an explanation. Laura tells them that the news of what happened to Luke explained so much about their past, and she felt she had to reconnect with him. Tracy is furious at Luke, who admits he’s taken Laura back. Luke swears he thought his life with Laura was over, but now he realizes he still loves her. Tracy verbally attacks Luke, and tells Laura that Luke has been a drug to her since she was a teen. She says she’s an addict too, but she’s done being Luke’s fool. She tells Luke when Laura wakes up and leaves him, that he’ll realize what he blew with her. Dillon tells both Luke and Laura off, saying they deserve one another. Dillon and his mom leave, and Dante and Valerie also head out so that Lulu can talk to her parents. Lulu tells them if this is what they want then she’s happy for them, just not how they handled it.

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