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    General Hospital CAST - Laura Spencer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Laura Spencer Played by Genie Francis on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Genie Francis (ABC)

    Birthday: 1962-05-26
    Birthplace: Englewood, NJ USA
    Marital Status: Married to actor/director/producer Jonathan Frakes, (two kids)
    Real Name: Genie Francis
    Height: 5'5


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    GH Recap: Lucky and Jake return to Port Charles

    Friday, July 10 2015

    Luke, Laura and Lucky discover Jake on Cassadine Island. Luke says that Helena claims he’s been here the whole time with a governess. They wonder if Nikolas knew, but Laura is sure he wouldn’t have kept this a secret. Luke explains that he really did hit Jake that night, and Helena was in town messing with Aiden’s paternity tests when she decided to have Jake taken. Lucky tells his parents that he had to go along with Frank’s kidnapping plan because he knew there was a chance that Jake was alive. Laura and Jake go off to talk, as she preps him for the changes that are about to happen. Meanwhile, Lucky and Luke have a long talk about their lives and the choices they’ve made. Luke tells Lucky that he was never happier than when he was with Laura and raising him. Laura returns with Jake and says she’s explained to him how they are all going to Port Charles together. Lucky tells him that he has aunts, uncles, brothers and even a mom there. Jake says he doesn’t have a mom, but Lucky tells him that he does.

    GH Recap: Lucky rescues Luke and Laura

    Monday, July 06 2015

    Lucky rushes into the warehouse and shoots Frank Smith as well as all of his thugs. Luke and Laura finish them off. Lucky's parents embrace him. They tell him about his brother getting shot. Lulu and Dillon pop up. As they share a reunion, Frank rolls over a little and tries taking a shot at Luke. Luke shoots him. Before Frank can die, he tells Luke that Lucky was in on it. Spencer shoots him again. After Lulu and Dillon depart, Luke asks his son about what Frank said. Lucky explains that he was forced to play along to protect Jake's life. "My son isn't dead," he says. Meanwhile, Lulu calls her husband to tell him what happened.

    GH Recap: Frank Smith returns to kill Luke and his family

    Friday, July 03 2015

    Lulu, Luke, Dillon, Holly, Ethan and Laura are surrounded by thugs in a warehouse. Frank Smith wheels in. Luke recaps their history for everyone. He thought he'd killed him twenty years ago. Frank was shot in the spinal cord and had to drag himself away. He pulls out a gun. Luke begs him to let his family go. Dillon steps up for Lulu so the thugs knock him out. Luke pleads with Frank again. Smith shoots Ethan in the arm. He allows everyone to leave but Luke and Laura. While Ethan and Holly drive off, Lulu and Dillon circle back to the warehouse. When they get there, a gunshot goes off.

    GH Recap: Luke discovers Ethan standing on a bomb

    Thursday, July 02 2015

    Up in Canada, Holly and Laura scout the grounds while Luke heads into the warehouse. There he finds Ethan just standing in the middle of the room. Ethan warns him not to come any closer as he’s standing on a bomb. He says he’s been there for sixteen some hours and is getting woozy, so he tells his dad that Lucky is alive and managed to escape. Ethan is about to pass out and warns Luke to go, but Luke decides to disarm the bomb. Ethan feels he should go help Lucky, who could be injured, but Luke says he will save Ethan or die trying. Elsewhere, the guard offers to drive Lulu and Dillon to the hospital, so Lulu pretends to go into labor to avoid getting in the van. Unfortunately their scheme to distract the guard is revealed when her hay bundle baby falls to the ground. The other guard, who was knocked out by Holly and left behind, has come to and arrived. He grabs Lulu from behind and threatens to break her neck. Lulu elbows him to break free, and Dillon fights the other guy. They leave the men unconscious and head back to find Luke and the others. After they leave, one of the guards wakes up and makes a call. Back at the warehouse, Luke does what he can to disarm the bomb. Luke takes Ethan’s hand and pushes him off the bomb, which doesn’t explode. Before they can leave, the guards arrive with Lulu, Dillon, Laura and Holly at gunpoint. Luke demands to see their boss. Their boss walks in as Luke and Laura gasp in disbelief.

    GH Recap: Luke, Laura and Holly get a lead on the boys

    Wednesday, July 01 2015

    Up in Canada, Luke and the others try to figure out how to locate where Ethan and Lucky are. Luke studies the photo of the boys and sees that Ethan is making a sign with his hands. They are signals they used while scamming in card games. Lulu notices Lucky is pointing at himself. They decode the signs to mean three jacks son, or 3 Jackson Street. Lulu traces the address to a local lumberyard, so they take off.

    The gang makes their way to the warehouse at the lumberyard, which is heavily guarded. Lulu devises a plan which they put into motion. Lulu and Dillon pretend to be a couple whose car broke down and Lulu is in labor. One of the guards offers, after some debate, to take them to the hospital. After they leave, Luke, Laura and Holly get the drop on the other guard and knock him out. They decide to split up and scout the place out. Luke busts into the warehouse and exclaims, "I’ll be damned!"

    GH Recap: Dante goes after Lulu

    Tuesday, June 30 2015

    Luke lies in bed with Laura and Holly at the hotel in British Columbia. None of them slept. He's sick of sitting around. They all are. Holly points out that someone is obviously targeting Luke through his sons. He decides to go off and check on his daughter. The women rehash their past. Laura doesn't feel the urge to level the score. Holly explains how she got pregnant with Ethan. She never even knew that he was married and had a son. She apologizes for any pain she caused. They discuss Luke and Bill. The call comes in. They're instructed to look outside and discover a photo of their sons bound and gagged to chairs. Down the hall, Dillon wakes Lulu up She wants to call her parents. He talks her out of it and feeds her room service. He spent the night re-writing his script. She starts unloading about lying to her husband. Luke interrupts and fills them in about Ethan. Once he gets his sons back, he plans to make things up to Tracy. They head back down the hall. After Holly and Laura show them the photo, they vow to kill whoever did this. Later, Dante arrives and finds Lulu's room empty.

    GH Recap: Ethan has been kidnapped

    Monday, June 29 2015

    In British Columbia, Holly is surprised when she walks into Luke and Laura's hotel room and they have their guns out. She has her gun out too. Laura demands to know what she knows about Lucky. Holly says that someone has taken Ethan too. They put their guns away. Holly explains that she and her son were grifting some guy in South America when he went missing. After that, she found a matchbook for this hotel and came looking. They fill her in about Jennifer Smith. Laura gets a call. They offer to tell them all they need to know tomorrow. In her room down the hall, Lulu thinks of calling her husband but doesn't want to have to lie to him again. To waste time, they read one of Dillon's scripts. She mocks it and jokes around with the Quartermaine.

    GH Recap: Madeline takes Ric to bed

    Friday, June 26 2015

    When Lulu gets off the phone in Vancouver, she beats herself up. Dillon reassures her that she did the right thing. She thanks him from stopping her spiral into drama. They talk about Georgie and she searches the hotel registry. After finding an alias used by her parents, they head down the hall. They walk into a room and find Luke and Laura with their guns out. They fill their daughter in on still being in limbo and order her to go back to her room. After she and Dillon depart, Holly shows up.

    GH Recap: Jennifer tells Luke and Laura that she doesn't have Lucky

    Wednesday, June 24 2015

    At her place, Lulu calls her mom to find out what is happening. Laura says they made some headway, but she can’t tell her anything else as she's being followed. After she hangs up, Dante asks who Lulu was talking to. Lulu tells him Maxie. Dante has to head to work, and after he leaves Lulu leaves a message for Dillon to call her. She then takes off with Dante on her trail.

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